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Re: ssh often hangs where pserver succeeds

Absolutely NO import for gcc, but sorry, I can't let this pass.

In article <8etb60$sq7$2@post.home.lunix> you write:
>I never contributed my patch to ssh since I stopped helping them after they
>unfreed their copyright (thereby stealing the code of mine already in it).

They did NOT steal your code. The latest free release of ssh was still free,
and available.

In fact, openssh is originally based on that latest free release, so your 
code is probably still out there (I haven't checked, maybe it was rewritten
out of existence six months ago).

On the other hand, bummer, your new patches have little chance of being
integrated into openssh (hint: BSD copyright).

[redirect flames about this to /dev/null]

About cvs hanging on ssh: I experienced all kinds of problems with the
port of openssh to linux, when I have to use linux... it seems that there
are indeed some hanging problems, which I never had with OpenBSD. So there's
a chance there is something screwy with the way openssh groks linux.
Since the port of openssh to other OSes is actively maintained, I'd suggest
more tests. What does Cygnus run anyway ? I'd assume openssh. There might
be some cause to upgrade.  This can be subtle, since this is 
mostly interoperation bugs.  So far, 

ssh 1.27 	ssh 1.27 	good
ssh 1.27 	openbsd openssh	good
openbsd openssh	openbsd openssh	good
linux openssh	openbsd openssh screwy

care to complete that list ?

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