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GCC 3.0 Release Criteria

As you know, we're beginning to prepare for the next major release of
GCC.  This release will contain many new features including a
standard-conforming C++ library, a much-better Java compiler and lots
of new optimizations.  In addition, I believe this will be the most
reliable release of GCC to date.  I'm excited about this release.

I have checked in a preliminary version of a document providing the
minimal GCC 3.0 release criteria.  This document is intended to
express the minimum standards required for releasing GCC 3.0; there
will (hopefully) be lots of other improvements as well. 

The Steering Committee has commented extensively on the draft I
circulated, and I have attempted to incorporate many of the
suggestions.  At this juncture, public comment would be welcome and
very helpful.  I would like to finalize the contents of this document
within the next couple of weeks.  

Comment from people who maintain particular portions of the compiler
would be especially welcome: are their features to implement, bugs to
fix, or usability improvements to be made, that are of import to your
user community?  If those things are already being worked on, and are
likely to be complete in the next few months, we should try to
incorporate them in GCC 3.0.

Please bear in mind that we will be unable to accomodate all requests.
It is important to keep the list of minimum criteria relatively short
so that we are actually able to ship GCC 3.0 in a reasonably short
amount of time.  I view this document as a public contract between, on
the one hand, the GCC development team, and, on the other, the GCC
user community.  When we commit to the criteria in this document, we
should feel honor-bound to do what's detailed therein.

The release criteria document is available at:

I look forward to your comments.

We'll soon create additional documents to provide a schedule, task
assignments, a wishlist (i.e., non-essential features, etc.).
Obviously, volunteers will be required in order to make the release a
success, and I look forward to working with all of you!

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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