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"Is it dead yet?"

"Writing A Compiler Front End" for GCC now available in HTML on new site

(define_address ...) suggestions needed

(lack of) Thread-safe exceptions on AIX (gcc-2.95.1)

-fcheck-memory-usage usage?

-malign-double missing on ppc from g77?

-pedantic and typedef inheritance.

-Wuninitialized and DoS

... discard qualifiers ...

64-bit or 32-bit HP-UX 11.00 Dynamically Linked Binary (gzipped) [HTTP] [FTP] ?

64-bit PowerPC SCC instruction generation

Re: >> Just released...the "updated" Seven Steps to the "New" You program << irowermbmb

[Fwd: configure issues: can not guess host type]

[Fwd: gcc-2.95.2 build query]

[off topic] WANTED: procmail rule for filing gcc mailing list traffic

Re: [off topic] WANTED: procmail rule for filing gcc mailing listtraffic

[PATCH]: All unused functions and variables could be removed...

Re: `shorten_branches' and length of `asm' without operands

Accept All Major Credit Cards!!!

Accept Credit Cards Today!


aliasing nastiness

Announcement: showasm 1.0

Apology/explanation, Re: Converting the gcc backend to a library?

Re: Arbitrary precision representation for numeric constants?

Re: Are egcs optimizations safe for conservative GC?

Arraysizes in g77 (gcc-2.95.2)

as unrecognized option -b

Asking for advice on gcc/config/{pa/pa,rs6000/rs6000}-protos.h


Assignement from int to bool gives no warning


assuming maintainership of cpplib

backslash-newline, trigraphs, and the C standard

Re: Berkeley Regex - was: fixincludes jumbo patch 2


binutils is released

bounds-check intentionally undocumented?

Re: bounds-check mixed with unbounded

Re: bounds-check mixed with unbounded (was: Re: bounds-check intentionally undocumented?)

bss section not getting zero-initialised vars

Re: bug in internal PUSH expanding (splitting)

Building binary tarballs

C++ compiler doesn't work

C++ Error

C++: Warning for const integral return types?

C99 floating point pragmas

Re: cccp.c compile error in 2.95.2

Re: change to regclass in regclass.c

comments in Fortran

Compile Problems on HP relating to Apache Web

compiler error

Re: Compiling old source code

Complimentary Y2K Software

Condition Code Status, cc_status

confidential information

Re: Converting the gcc backend to a library?

Copyright assignment

Copyright dates

Creating cross compiler for SCO

cse optiming

Cutting over to cpplib as default preprocessor

dead code in loop.c:insert_loop_mem

Different versions of libgcc.a

Distibuting GCC with a commercial program

Distribution of GNU tools with commercial packages


Download C for HPUX 11.00

Draft document "Writing a new Front End for GCC" available for comments

A dumb question from an ignorant user (no sarcasm, either!)

egcs vs. gcc


EH in C (was: Re: (lack of) Thread-safe exceptions on AIX (gcc-2.95.1)

Re: EH in C (was: Re: (lack of) Thread-safe exceptions on AIX(gcc-2.95.1)

ELF/DWARF for ARM targets

endianness of host

error in include file (streambuf.h)

Estimated SPEC2000 results for gcc+alpha

Exception handling

Extending and Contributing to GCC

Failed attempt to improve FP register allocation on alpha

re: failed build

re: failed on Solaris2.6

fine-grain bounds checking for egcs-20000110

Fire the Boss and Break the Alarm Clock!

Re: fix for execute/991221-1.c -O1 failure

Re: FIXINCL goes into an infinite loop on alpha-osf4

Fixincludes - upstream

fixincludes bug?

freebsd-aout.h missing from 2.95.2

From India

function name in printf()

FW: g++

g++ Problems


Re: G++: division by zero in store_split_bit_field

g77 help wanted

g77 Help Wanted


gcc 2.95 won't compile, x86

GCC 2.95.2

gcc 2.95.2 on rs6000-ibm-aix4.3.3.0

gcc and Altivec (was: gcc for MacOS X)

gcc and coff


GCC build failure from today's snapshot

gcc configureing

GCC developers

Re: GCC For Embedded!?

gcc for MacOS X

gcc for qnx


gcc for transmeta's cpu?

gcc incremental linking

GCC Installation

GCC Invokation, Specifically the -m switch with regard to ix86

gcc mailing list archives

GCC Manual for Warnings & Errors

gcc optimization improvement?

gcc successfully compiled on early release version of Solaris 8 (sparc-sun-solaris2.8)

gcc-2.95.2 build query

gcc-2.95.2 make depend question

gcc-2.96 compile failure.

Re: gcc-announce and our News/Announcements

gcc-ss-20000103 is now available

gcc-ss-20000110 is now available

gcc-ss-20000117 is now available

gcc-ss-20000124 is now available

gcc-ss-20000131 is now available

get a full line with ifstream

GNU C compiler

GNU Checker



HEADS UP: Web Pages under Construction

Re: Help

HELP - Urgent

Help for old GNU C compiler

help novice user on Linux

Help/suggestions for conservative gc problems


How To Get The Best Home Loan

How to solve this error?

IA32 redundant stack adjusts


Increasing Precision/Range in g77

Install error

installation Procedure

internal error --insn does not satisfy its constraints

ISO C++ standart support?

Java frontend question: Purpose of DECL_END_SOURCE_LINE?

killing gcc2@cygnus.com


Language-specific libraries and `gcc' driver

lib path

libiberty Makefile not created

link question

linux->a29k-coff compiling error

Re: Loop patch update (Was: Re: Autoincrement examples)

Lose weight, order now and save!

Mail list archives for 2000 missing

Mailing list

major & minor macros?!?!?


MIPS port and fixincludes

mips-sgi-irix6.5 libstdc++-v3 problem.

mixing code compiled with different options

Re: More on type sizes

Multilib blues

Multiple `-print-file-name=' options

Multiple set insns reload problem.

Re: multipy-defined function

need help

new -O0 jump optimization causes SH regressions

new port contributing (ATMEL AVR)

newbie question, where is a list of defines like __sparc and __linux ?

newbie/ gcc/linker bizarro error

nightly i386 RPMs of gcc snapshots available

No link to gcc-patches mailing list archive for january 2000


Offshore Wealth!

Open Source Software Showcase

operator as friend to template class

OS question

OS X port help

Outdated stuff in gcc.texi

PA casesi questions

Paradoxical subreg questions

PATCH: gcc-2.95/features.html (was: GCC and ISO C9X)

Re: PATCH: install/binaries.html

Pentium III SSE Intrinsics


Please commend a stable snapshot version for 68k

Please new versions and features

Porting GCC to 8051-Microcontroler: memory layout

Porting GCC to MMIX

Porting the GCC: order of registers

Pre-compiled headers

Re: Precompiler headers

Predicated execution


problem in put_var_into_stack

Problem w/PIC and C++ exceptions in 2.95 on IA-32

Problem with GCC

problem with installation gcc

problem with my gcc install or with ld?

Problems compiling gcc 2.95.

Problems compiling gcc 2.95.2 on HP-UX B.10.20


Publishing Company for Sale!

pure virtual problems with dlopen()

Q: Is it possible to create FORTRAN->Java compiler using GCC/EGCS

Q: What makes code whose copyright has been assigned stay GPL'd?

Q: What's the difference between EGCS and GCC releases?

Question on -mips switch for MIPS processor

Question regarding C++ and inline assembler...

reaching...your-internet-clients...the Internet

Real Time E-Commerce $39.95/mo!!!

Recent libgcc2 changes broken

REG_EQUIV question

Regression testing...

Remaining warnings report

Reverse Aging 10 To 20 Years

rfc: build system

Re: Save Up To 75% on International Calling


section type conflict error [Fwd: PATCH Replace Via support for ACPI]

Re: SED is ugly stuff...

Re: Segment register support for the i386

SEH on win32

sh undefined

Should this be an error (SPEC2000 source)?

sparc-sun-solaris2.5 build and install successful

Stack cleared function?

STL + pthreads on AIX4.3.2 causes SEGV (gcc-2.95.1)

Stock Holders an Investors Dream, please read

Strange g++ problem: HELP!

String functions: strupr & strlwr

Successful build & install of gcc on i386-univel-sysv4.2MP

successful built and installed gcc-2.95.2 on alphaev5-dec-osf4.0f

Successful Compile of 2.95.2 on AIX

Successful Compile of GCC 2.95.2

successful gcc build/install: gcc-2.95.2

Successful: i386-pc-sco3.2v5.0.5

Successfully compiled gcc

Sucessful Compile

Suggestion for the GCC lists

Suggestions for more built-ins.

Re: Super Lint (was: Unexecutable Stack / Buffer Overflow Exploits...)

Re: Super Lint (was: Unexecutable Stack / Buffer OverflowExploits...)


Symbols, type_info, and name mangling.

Template Generation on AIX4.2 (gcc-2.95.2)

Template instanciation of AIX targets

Templates instanciation on AIX targets


Test Suite

Tru 64

Tru 64 alpha

TV De-scambler 4 under $13 (Please take Advantage)

Unable to build GCC on PA-2.0 system

University Degree !!

unresolved symbol terminate__Fv and __throw

unsubscribe help?

upcoming bounded pointers patches

Urgent Message! [lwhjw]

Using ELF symbol visibility feature for libgcc?

Using ggc-page with plain malloc

va_list problems on NetBSD.

VAX support in 2.95.2

Vector: at() member function

Version 2.7.2

Warning: use of old-style cast

web page documenting micro-optimizations GCC should perform

Weren't C++ references added to GNU C as a language extention?

What is the difference of target ?

What is the difference of target?

What's the exact meaning of "volatile_ok" ?

Where's ../fixinc/fixtests on m68k-next-nextstep3 ?

Re: Which list(s)?

why no stacktrace?

x86 g77 performance vs f2c-gcc, recent snapshot

XPASSes in ieee tests, x86

Y2K issues in disclaim.future

Your ad emailed to 25 million people $99

Your Confirmation is Required! -- Request Number 323144

Your Past Revealed

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