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Re: MIPS port and fixincludes

Zack Weinberg wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 18, 2000 at 01:24:29PM -0500, Gavin Romig-Koch 
> >
> > I think fixincludes should do as little as resonably possible
> > (for some definition of reasonable).
> I'm looking through the machine_name fixes applied on this machine
> (bleeding edge linux distribution) and all of them are unnecessary,
> or at least questionable.  Examples: [[deleted]]
> I'm half tempted to say we should discard this fix entirely and say
> that if your vendor provides broken headers, -ansi may not work, sorry.

Since most vendors distribute broken headers,
that would mean that -ansi is broken for everything
except Linux and the latest SVR4.2+.  I really think
it is useful to be able to get an answer to the question

  What names are pre-defined for a given target?

Once that question is easily answered, then set up a
table of broken ways of spelling each such name.
Fixincludes would then fix such misspellings in those headers
where the correct spelling is absent.  In other words,
"sparc" would not be corrected on IA86.  It would also
not be corrected in files that also contain "__sparc__",
on the assumption that someone had to know what they were
doing if they had both spellings.  (That may be an incorrect
assumption 8-O, but a reasonable one without a counter example.)

> The offending substitutions are:  [[deleted]]
> I think these were all intended to match the symbol with zero or one
> leading underscores, not two or more.  Unfortunately, sed doesn't have
> [[a complete regex capability]] - comments?

It sure is ugly.
Do it.

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