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Re: Regression testing...

  In message <>you write:
  > > I would like to see advancement made in terms of the testsuite.  In
  > > particular, I would like to add back the infrastructure that was
  > > appropriately donated to the FSF (testsuite/lib and old-deja.exp), and
  > > then work on a list of known clean testcases.
  > Actually, we can use probably 95% or more of the current testsuite (maybe
  > 99%) based on an email discussion I had with Eben Moglen a while back
  > (he's the FSF's lawyer).  We've been remiss on pushing forward the
  > testsuite sanitization project (I'd forgotten all about it).
  > The SC's going have to do some work on this, and we should bump up the
  > priority.  There may be a delay if we have to run the guidelines past
  > Prof. Moglen (he's a busy man).
Actually, I already did a pass through the testsuite based on Moglen's
guidelines and zapped everything that was even close to violation.  In
all a dozen or two tests got zapped.

  > > Then, I would like to see the release and snapshot process include the
  > > clean version of the testsuite.  The unclean portions we can migrate
  > > to unclean directories.
  > This seems right.
The snapshots already do as will the next major release.

Having one or more folks go over the tests again would be greatly appreciated.


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