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Re: Q: -fhonor-std / how to include "gas"

  In message <>you write:
  > In a message dated 3/30/99 8:30:02 AM Pacific Standard Time,
  > writes:
  > > cc1plus: warning: -g is only supported when using GAS on this processor,
  > >  cc1plus: warning: -g option disabled.
  > In the first stage of a bootstrap, you are building temporary compilers
  > which use HP-as, so these warnings are normal.  If your configuration
  > --with-gnu-as took hold, these warnings should not occur in the later
  > stages, and the gnu -as should be used exclusively.
No no no no.

Please don't respond to stuff you know nothing about.  All it does is confuse


That message indicates that the compiler was not configured to use gas.  When
that is the case the compiler will issue a warning if you try to use -g since
the HP assembler does not understand the output from gcc when the -g option
is enabled.

See the installation page for instruction on how to configure the compiler to
use gas.  I would also recommend reading the FAQ entry about ways to ensure
that the compiler is able to find gas instead of the system assembler.


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