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Re: Upgrading a Redhat 5.2 system

Bill Currie wrote:

> Pablo Frank wrote:
> >     The programs that are seg-faulting are ones that I compiled (stuff from
> > work).  Other than Linuxthreads and the standard C and C++ libraries, it
> > doesn't depend on any particular library.  The other thing that started seg
> > faulting was make 1.77 that I compiled against the new libraries.
> Hmm, this sounds a lot like the problems I was having when I tried to
> upgrade my RH 4.2 (4.0?) system to egcs/glibc2*.  I believe my solution
> was to make sure all my C++ linking was done using g++ rather that gcc
> as g++ got the libs right while gcc didn't.

    Turns out that it was my fault.  I didn't build my compiler properly.  Now,
everything's working fine.  The make problem is a known bug (see the FAQ --
thanks whoever pointed that out).

> BTW, where can I get recent binutils RPMs?  Is
> mirrored anywhere (I can't get it recently)?

    Don't know.  You can get the source from

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