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problem w/glibc 2.1 and egcs 1.1.1

This isn't sexy problem--I think I've just screwed up some libs. If it looks
like it's worth a bug report I'll be happy to gather all the required
information and submit it.

A short problem description:

Red Hat 5.0
Linux 2.2.1
make 3.77, built with gcc against glibc 2.0.7
(I know I need to re-build make, but can't get on rawhide
to get the patch.)

Started with almost stock RH 5.0 and
  Built Linux 2.2.1 (upgraded everything required--2.2.1 has no complaints)
  Built glibc 2.0.7pre6

Built and installed egcs 1.1.1
  Re-built Linux 2.2.1 with egcs 1.1.1 (no problems)
  Built and installed glibc 2.1

  Attempted to re-build egcs 1.1.1, after
  installing glibc 2.1 and make failed.
    'gencodes' segfaults during 'make bootstrap.'
    Any program compiled with egcs segfaults.
I've run 'gencodes' with LD_DEBUG set and captured the output. The only thing
that sticks out is:

07619:  checking for version `GLIBC_2.1' in file /lib/ required by
file ./gencodes                             
07619:  checking for version `GLIBC_2.0' in file /lib/ required by
file ./gencodes                             

Is this a problem? Am I trying to link against two different sets of libs?

I've been pouring over the docs and searching the web (and emailing
Zack--thanks, Zack) all day and am clueless. I've gone over the files in /lib
and /usr/lib and everything seems Ok to me, but I'm probably missing something.

David Wollmann
DST / DST Data Conversion

ICQ: 10742063

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