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Re: enough! (was Re: Intel+Cygnus+Optimized Compilers)

Mike Stump writes:
> I propose that we do not offer egcs as un unlimited place for people
> to post irrelevant off-topic posts that annoy the larger body of
> contributors.

All members of the egcs list should remember that the purpose of the list
is to provide a means for the compiler developers and serious testers to
communicate, so that the compiler can be improved.  The list is not
intended to duplicate other forums, to teach people C or C++, to debate
free software politics, or to insult the volunteers or accuse them of
duplicity.  Please, everyone, try to keep the list on topic and be civil
to each other.  If serious developers start to unsubscribe because reading
egcs is too unpleasant or burdensome, the result will be that egcs will be
a lower-quality compiler than it could have been.

> I propose that <someone> be limited to read only
> access for a period of 6 months.  I propose that we vote on it in 14
> days, and do what the vote suggests.

Unfortunately, Mike, your proposal is likely to cause more heat than light
as everyone argues over whether this is an appropriate action.  I do
sympathize with your feelings, but if we now have a big free-speech
flamewar, things will only get worse.  So please everyone, let's not
fill up the list with a big argument.

If it turns out that it is necessary to limit someone's posting privileges
(yes, sending mail to egcs is a privilege, not a right), the steering
committee will decide the issue (see

I really don't want to have to kick anyone off.  Ideally, people who have
been a problem will now clean up their acts (hi, Paul) so that we don't
have to do anything we really don't care to do.

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