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Re: Exceptions on Openserver, Egcs 1.1.2-pre2

> > I need the MICO library and configure there gives me complaints about
> > exceptions not working with shared libraries....
> You'll just have to debug it.  Product a minimal test case (and
> 'minimal' means a tiny self-contained bag of bytes that shows what MICO
> things is wrong, not an ftp site for it :-) and let us see what's going
> on.

OK, here we go. What is so wrong with this? (I am just learning C++,
but have some 15 years of C experience, so it is a real question, not
meant to provoke anyone.)

OS: Openserver 5.0.5 with /usr/ccs/bin/lef/ld "downgraded" to the original
  5.0.5, the rest is rs505a upgraded
Compiler: EGCS 1.1.2-prerelease2 (2.91.62), with A.Montes' patch to make global
  constructors work with shared libraries

Here are the files simplified from the MICO configure script :

===== lib.C =====
#include <iostream.h>

struct Global {
        Global () { cout << "Constructing Global\n"; }

Global gbl;

class Ex {};
void bar ()
        cout << "in bar\n";
        throw Ex();

===== exception.C ======
extern "C" void exit(int);

class Ex {};
extern void bar ();
int main ()
  try {
  } catch (Ex &e) {
    return 0;
  } catch (...) {
    return 1;
  return 1;

And here is the script I used to compile them:

g++ -g -DHAVE_EXCEPTIONS -fPIC -c lib.C
g++ -g -shared -o lib.o
g++ -g -o exception -L. -lshex exception.C

And here is my output:

dag:Ctest <ena> 744 % ./exception 
Constructing Global
in bar



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