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Fortran BoF at LinuxExpo.

[ With our apologies to non-Fortran users on this mailing list ]

Fellow Fortraners,

It is our pleasure to invite you for a Birds-of-a-Feather session at
LinuxExpo (18th to 22nd of May 1999, in Raleigh, NC - see entitled "Fortran: Whither g77 ?"

As is made painstakingly clear from the title, we are seeking guidance
in enhancing g77 in ways to provide maximum benefit to its users.

For a long time now, the GNU Fortran manual accompanying g77 has had a
section on "Missing Features" (see  In it, a rather
unsorted list of features, found in some other Fortran 77
implementations or the newer Fortran 90/95 Standards, are listed as "not
supported by g77 yet".

The purpose of this BoF session is to focus our attention on those
features most wanted by g77 users (or potential users, if the absence of
a feature prohibits your use of g77) and the bugs most urgently to be

We hope you are willing to contribute your experience in the Fortran
sphere to help us augment g77.  Specific actions we would like you to
take (whether you are able to attend the BoF session or not), are to
write us:

- A top-3 list of features (from the "Missing Features" chapter, or
  based on your own experience) hindering your use of g77 most.

- The reasons for wanting these features, focusing on:
  1. Why you can't proceed without them (if that is so).
  2. What effort you have to expend to work around them (type of work,
     estimate of manmonths involved).
  3. Other reasons.

- Why you think you are not the only casualty of this particular missing

- How much funding you or your organization / company are willing to
  provide to people and/or charitable organizations to provide this

We intend to use this information publicly during the BoF, so if you
want to keep something confined to "private communication", please
indicate so precisely.

The exact place and time of the BoF session will be communicated when we
know them.  Do not forget to mention whether you are able to attend the
BoF in person - we've secured a room for 30 people - if significantly
more turn up, we might have to ask for a different venue.

Thanks in advance,

Toon Moene                      Craig Burley

Please send all contributions to <>

Keep up-to-date on our progress organizing this BOF by watching

Toon Moene (
Saturnushof 14, 3738 XG  Maartensdijk, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 346 214290; Fax: +31 346 214286
g77 Support:; egcs: