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Re: [OFFTOPIC] Info files vs Man pages

>  Joe> Note that this is only the same as info for texi2html when run
>  Joe> in the one file per node mode, which is probably not optimal for
>  Joe> use over a network.
> I doubt those of us who want info features (or better) are talking
> about using it over a wide area network (even though the Network was
> the Computer long before it was a trademark, of course).

Any extensions to web browsers should be generally useful features.
And why *shouldn't* you be able to read info files over a wide area
network?  Why does everyone on the net have to have a local copy of
every manual?

>  Joe> However, apparently the Mozilla guys are looking into using the
>  Joe> <link ... rel=next> tag for prefetching.
> Blimey.  It registers at last.  But that's no help to you using the
> thing to read tree-structured Texinfo output.

Reading Texinfo output is only one use.  Other documents prepared in other
ways also often have a tree structure.  Up to now, no one has done much
with the LINK directives because browsers haven't done anything with them.
Once the Mozilla people get everyone thinking about what "link" means,
we'll start seeing the good applications.  Anyway, if browsers are
enhanced to make reading Texinfo manuals better, it should be done in a
general manner.

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