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Re: egcs-1.1.1 issues

Jeffrey A Law wrote:

> Do we have specific fast-fixincludes bugs we need to fix?


> egcs-1.1.1 is for critical bugfixes only, if you have some in fast
> fixincludes, then we should consider them.

Sorry for any panic.  I was really meaning to ask when it mightbecome the
default.  So far, in the past several months there have
been about two complaints.  One was not related to fast fix, the
other required adding a couple of files to the file list for the
"avoid bool" fix.  This means either:

1.  Fast fix works flawlessly (well, as well as fixincludes does...)


2.  Nobody uses it.

Since I know the following:

a.  The generated shell script produces the identical commands to fixincludes
b.  All of the variations of fix types that I can think of have produced
    identical results for both the script output and the program output
c.  A couple of people have raised questions

I am therefore inclined to think that there are no serious bugs.
I would, however, get more warm and fuzzies if I were to get a number
of emails saying, "it worked on my cpu-platform-os".


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