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Continued: egcs-971201: testsuite results for i586-pc-linux-gnulibc1

	..  the typename5.C failure has left :-) 

Nevertheless, programs I have that are heavily relying on templates still 
make the system run out of memory depending on the optimization level. I'm 
trying to narrow down the problem to a simple testcase, but :^( .. 

Anyway, this is a _severe_ limitation for large programs :-(. or even 
small programs... {:-((

For example, the following testcase quoted from "egcs-bugs/1997-Nov/0235.html" 
still crash at compile time with the current 971201-snapshot on my box:

// --- ---
#include <iostream.h>
#include <list>
#include <algorithm>
using namespace std;

int main()
    int daten [16] = { 1, 4, 4, 6, 1, 2, 2, 3, 6, 6, 6, 5, 7, 5, 4, 4};
    list<int> menge;
    copy (daten, daten+16, back_inserter(menge));

    return 0;
// --- cc.tset ---

$g++ -Wall -O In function `int main()': virtual memory exhausted

This happens in the call to copy; this let's me wonder if this is not 
related to non-trivial template instantiations of functions arguments. 
That's my 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000002cts guess.

(Note that I use to (I have to) call the compiler with no warning flags 
for my programs, therefore there is in my case no warning/optimization flags 

Anyhow, thanx a lot for the job !-) 

Best Regards, Max.

libc.5.39 & & binutils-
./configure --enable-shared


Test Run By lawson on Tue Dec  2 13:45:33 1997
Native configuration is i586-pc-linux-gnulibc1

		=== gcc Summary ===

# of expected passes		4883
# of expected failures		5
# of unsupported tests		7
/tmp/egcs-971201/gcc/xgcc version egcs-2.90.20 971201 (gcc2-970802 experimental)

		=== g++ tests ===

XPASS: g++.jason/destruct3.C - (test for bogus messages, line 38)
XPASS: g++.mike/dyncast1.C  Execution test
XPASS: g++.mike/dyncast2.C  Execution test

		=== g++ Summary ===

# of expected passes		3400
# of unexpected successes	3
# of expected failures		80
# of untested testcases		6
/tmp/egcs-971201/gcc/testsuite/../xgcc version egcs-2.90.20 971201 (gcc2-970802 experimental)

		=== libio Summary ===

# of expected passes		40

		=== libstdc++ Summary ===

# of expected passes		30

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