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Re: for 3.4-bi 20021213 (experimental) testsuite on

> Steve, I was wondering how this works on ia64 hpux.  Do undefined weaks
> work?  If they do, do you think there is any chance that HP would consider
> upgrading the linker and dynamic loader to support undefined weak on
> hppa64.  ia64 and hppa64 are presumably using similar code.  If you
> think this should already work, I would be interested in how the symbol
> table values and dynamic relocations look for __gcov_init on ia64.
> Dave

I tried this on ia64 hpux and pa64 hpux using the HP linker on both
systems and both give an "Unsatisfied symbol" error message.  I doubt
that HP would consider changing this unless the ELF standard were clear
that it should work as part of the standard.

I made some changes on IA64 so that functions that are declared but
never used are not required.  I did this by not putting out extern's for
them unless I see a use.  See ia64_asm_output_external (with
TARGET_HPUX_LD set to true), ia64_hpux_add_extern_decl, and
ia64_hpux_asm_file_end in config/ia64 for this solution.  I have a
version for PA that I could submit.

This doesn't affect your example because the function __gcov_init is

Steve Ellcey

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