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Re: preprocessor/7962: -traditional's handling of unbalanced " in unused #if blocks

The following reply was made to PR preprocessor/7962; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Neil Booth <>
Subject: Re: preprocessor/7962: -traditional's handling of unbalanced " in unused #if blocks
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 08:50:11 +0100 wrote:-
 > ash-2.05a$ gcc t3.c -traditional-cpp -E | grep case
 > t3.c:15:40: warning: multi-line string literals are deprecated
 >   case 0:
 >   case 2:
 Hmm.  tradcpp.c doesn't even have this error message so I'm confused.
 You're clearly using the ISO preprocessor somehow or other.
 How is cpp or tradcpp invoked if you specify -v?
 > bash-2.05a$ gcc t3.c -E | grep case
 > case 0 : 
 > case 1 : 
 > case 2 : 
 I find this hard to believe too: it looks like this is going through
 tradcpp rather than CPP, as CPP will warn about multi-line deprecation
 and would have sucked up case 1 in the first multi-line literal.
 -v please.
 Are you sure Apple hasn't removed a "!" from specs by accident?
 > :-(  Very confusing to people that `know' that the insides of unused #if blocks are totally discarded.
 I am indeed confused.  I don't have a 3.1/3.2 binary around, but I can say
 it works in HEAD (3.3).

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