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2000-06-30 Re: c++/367 loewis
2000-06-30 c++/367: Re: OB-Users digest, Vol 1 #234 - 14 msgs Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-30 Re: c++/365 Martin von Loewis
2000-06-30 Re: c++/365 Ken Herron
2000-06-30 c/366: gcc gives "Internal compiler error" in minGW port if __attribute__((dllimport)) put on fcn definition jph
2000-06-30 Re: c++/10 nathan
2000-06-30 Re: c++/365 loewis
2000-06-29 c++/365: Turn off 'ANSI C++ forbids declaration `%D' with no type' warnings kherron
2000-06-29 re: fortran/329 Billinghurst, David \(CRTS\)
2000-06-29 re: fortran/329 Billinghurst, David \(CRTS\)
2000-06-29 c/364: error 'initializer element is not constant' and
2000-06-29 fortran/363: ICE in 20000626 ss with "-O2 -funroll-loops" David.Billinghurst
2000-06-29 c++/362: Internal Compiler error colsen
2000-06-29 c++/361: ICE on leaving out right > in template class definition brussee
2000-06-29 libstdc++/360: string erase aborts when string length over certain (very small) limit. mvirtan
2000-06-29 Re: c++/359 Jean-Francois Panisset
2000-06-29 Re: c++/359 loewis
2000-06-28 c++/359: g++ incorrectly grants access to private members to nested classes panisset
2000-06-28 c++/358: Re: C++ bug, appearantly template related. Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-28 c/357: Internal error is generated compiling libglade-0.13 from GNOME on Linux tom.williams
2000-06-28 Re: c++/34 nathan
2000-06-28 c++/356: Re: Bug report Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-27 c/355: Compiler takes up an extra 4 bytes when using double in an union in a structure gheydon
2000-06-27 c++/354: Re: Internal compiler error Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-27 Re: c++/302 loewis
2000-06-27 Re: c++/292 loewis
2000-06-27 Re: c++/281 loewis
2000-06-27 Re: c++/278 loewis
2000-06-27 Re: c++/55 loewis
2000-06-27 Re: c++/49 loewis
2000-06-27 Re: c++/276 loewis
2000-06-27 Re: c++/274 loewis
2000-06-27 Re: c++/250 loewis
2000-06-27 Re: c++/249 loewis
2000-06-27 Re: c++/264 loewis
2000-06-27 c++/353: gcc reports both existence and non existence of constructor of template class.correct error message for legal template code with method pointer brussee
2000-06-27 c/352: Digraphs should not be enabled with -std=iso9899:1990 Joseph Myers
2000-06-27 c/351: gcc 20000626 C tree-checking ICE with -pedantic Joseph Myers
2000-06-26 c++/350: out-of-line definitions of specialized template methods rejected. llewelly
2000-06-26 Re: c++/19 nathan
2000-06-26 Re: c++/18 nathan
2000-06-26 Re: c++/69 nathan
2000-06-26 Re: c++/69 nathan
2000-06-26 Re: c++/262 nathan
2000-06-26 Re: c++/34 Nathan Sidwell
2000-06-26 c++/349: Re: dynamic cast bug. Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/245 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/242 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/241 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/240 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/234 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/232 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/231 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/228 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/226 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/224 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/218 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/217 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: target/214 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/213 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/212 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/210 loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/34 Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-25 Re: c++/208 loewis
2000-06-25 c++/348: Re: g++ 2.95.2 doesn't recognize explicit instantiation outside namespace Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-24 Re: c/341 loewis
2000-06-23 libstdc++/347: [v2] libio cannot deal with _G_fpos_t != _G_off_t tv
2000-06-23 other/346: gcc install clobbers files that it shouldn't touch tv
2000-06-23 c++/345: forward declaration in template classes not working correctly ssm
2000-06-23 Re: c++/34 nathan
2000-06-23 Re: c++/30 nathan
2000-06-23 c++/344: Passing >1 buffer created in parm list with alloca seg faults on x86 ben.sander
2000-06-23 Re: c++/10 nathan
2000-06-22 c++/343: gcc reports internal compiler error #98 green
2000-06-22 Re: c++/262 nathan
2000-06-22 Re: c++/164 nathan
2000-06-22 Re: c++/216 nathan
2000-06-22 Re: c++/304 nathan
2000-06-22 Re: c++/284 nathan
2000-06-22 Re: c++/315 nathan
2000-06-22 Re: c++/317 nathan
2000-06-22 Re: c++/322 nathan
2000-06-22 Re: c++/338 nathan
2000-06-22 Re: c++/271 nathan
2000-06-22 Re: c++/307 nathan
2000-06-22 Re: c++/136 nathan
2000-06-22 Re: c++/63 nathan
2000-06-21 c++/342: Internal compiler error rodrigc
2000-06-21 Re: c++/13 nathan
2000-06-21 Re: c/341: error compiling egcs on ia64 Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-20 c/341: error compiling egcs on ia64 krishnam
2000-06-20 Re: c/340 loewis
2000-06-20 c/340: compiling gcc on IA64 krishnam
2000-06-20 c++/339: Parse error on constructor call matt_conway
2000-06-20 c++/338: static_cast and reinterpret_cast failing matt_conway
2000-06-20 Re: c++/143 nathan
2000-06-20 optimization/337: Illegal %sp offset on Solaris 8 chr.breitkopf
2000-06-20 Re: c++/314 loewis
2000-06-20 c/336: Superfluous instructions generated from bit-field operations thomasl
2000-06-19 c++/335: gcc accepts assignment in read-only structures strub_p
2000-06-19 c++/334: ICE at -O2 petter
2000-06-18 optimization/333: cvs g++ compile error with -O2 siegler
2000-06-18 c++/332: Re: typename bug, gcc hangs (Internal compiler error) Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-18 c++/331: Re: curried template arg bug Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-18 Re: c++/314 loewis
2000-06-18 Re: c++/312 loewis
2000-06-18 Re: c++/311 loewis
2000-06-18 Re: c++/308 loewis
2000-06-18 libstdc++/330: Re: Bug in g++ version 2.95.2 Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-16 fortran/329: g77 2.95.2 and the latest egcs snapshot got an internal error trond.bo
2000-06-16 c++/328: Wrong warning: choosing 'conversion operator' over 'const conversion operator' Ruediger.Franke
2000-06-15 c/327: solaris gcc-2.95 does not handle union of ULL datatype dbowman
2000-06-15 Re: c++/224 and c++/301 Steven Michael ROBBINS
2000-06-15 c/326: -L path has lower priority than built-in path mtsirkin
2000-06-15 c++/325: string::find("\0") gives wrong result heiko.scheit
2000-06-14 c++/324: ICE in stage1 compile of gcc/cp/new1.cc branko.cibej
2000-06-14 optimization/323: optimized code gives strange floating point results mirtich
2000-06-14 c++/322: Internal Compiler Error benoit.orihuela
2000-06-14 c/321: gcc 2.95 x86 backend produces incorrect code with -O2 johan
2000-06-14 c++/320: initializing char/wchar_t array with { "string" }; does not work jakub
2000-06-14 c++/319: duplicate typedef removed DECL_ORIGINAL_TYPE and results in ICE jakub
2000-06-14 c++/318: Crash due to unpaired EH_REGION notes jakub
2000-06-14 c++/317: Defining a pointer-to-(function-returning-pointer-to-function) rejected rovf
2000-06-13 c/316: Internal compiler error when compiling Linux kernel peterb
2000-06-13 c++/315: spurious error messages siegler
2000-06-13 c++/314: Internal compiler error 19990828 siegler
2000-06-13 c++/313: GCC 2.95.2, c++ Two structure mutual reference failure brad.king
2000-06-13 c++/312: Internal Compiler Error when using private static const int as size of array kevin
2000-06-12 c++/311: Gnu assembler gives error while compiling yacc generated big c-files with gcc 2.95 on HP-UX 10.20 platform dineshm
2000-06-12 c++/310: Internal compiler error in `fix_lexical_addr' (IA-64 only) cljanss
2000-06-12 middle-end/309: Unrecognizable insn during -Os bootstrap zack
2000-06-12 c++/308: g++ internal error - sporadically strauss
2000-06-10 c++/307: internal error in varasm.c dave
2000-06-10 Re: c++/305 loewis
2000-06-10 Re: c++/283 loewis
2000-06-10 c++/306: Re: Internal compiler error in gcc-2.95.2 Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-10 Re: c++/305 loewis
2000-06-09 c++/305: ICE instead of error, template explicit instantiation bjbrew
2000-06-09 c++/304: ICE on explicit template instantiation bjbrew
2000-06-09 c/303: Address arithmetics in initializers josephr
2000-06-09 Re: c++/295: Missing pthread_* with g++ on HP-UX Matt Bonner
2000-06-09 c++/302: ICE on STL 'transform' using template function as parameter pau.estalella
2000-06-09 c++/301: gcc 2.95.2 ice-on-legal-code daniel.lashua
2000-06-09 c++/300: Re: g++ 2.96 bug handling 'extern'. Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-09 c++/299: Re: Internal compiler error Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-09 c++/298: Re: nested template definition fails Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-09 c++/297: Re: Internal Compiler Error 56 on Template instantantiaon Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-09 c++/296: Re: templates and function attributes don't play well together Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-08 c++/295: Missing pthread_* with g++ on HP-UX mattb
2000-06-08 c/294: assembler error message in egcs-20000605 mchapman
2000-06-08 c++/293: Re: -fomit-frame-pointer breaks correct exception handling Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-08 c++/292: typename use causes internal compiler error caustin
2000-06-08 c++/291: typename use causes internal compiler error Chad
2000-06-07 c++/290: Re: Incorrect warning Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-07 c++/289: Re: Internal compiler error Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-07 c++/288: Re: internal compiler error 990505 Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-07 c++/287: Re: internal error Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-07 optimization/286: optimizer uses 530mb in egcs-20000605 (barfs in 2.95.2) mchapman
2000-06-07 c/285: Incrementing pointer in *p++ style does not work ren
2000-06-06 c++/284: Internal Compiler Error in g++ snapshot 20000604 (including .ii .gz attachment) matt_conway
2000-06-06 Re: c++/283 loewis
2000-06-06 Re: libstdc++/282 loewis
2000-06-06 c++/283: Getting internal compiler error alec
2000-06-06 libstdc++/282: internal compiler error on #pragma implemention or #pragma interface nneul
2000-06-06 c++/281: With `-fsyntax-only' g++ fails on `iostream' (std lib). schimmel
2000-06-06 c++/280: Re: g++ 2.95.2 overload resolution does not follow ANSI standard Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-06 c++/279: Re: g++ internal compiler error w/test case Martin v. Loewis
2000-06-05 c++/278: problem with static initialization of C++ data from C main() fjeske
2000-06-05 c/277: C function calling C++ exception handler which does a throw causes core dump. tmackey
2000-06-05 c++/276: using declaration inside templates are ignored. sxking
2000-06-04 fortran/275: ICE in `change_address', at emit-rtl.c:1589 David.Billinghurst
2000-06-02 c++/274: internal compiler error in for loop initialization cburger
2000-06-02 c/273: Internal compiler error 980715 lmcibha
2000-06-01 c++/272: Build of gcc 2.95.2 fails on Motorola m88k svr3 platform internal error--unrecognisable insn rich
2000-05-31 c++/271: Compilation differs depending on location of include file john
2000-05-31 c/270: gcc 2.95.2 -mpcrel switch does not work for m68k cross-compiler Mark_Golden
2000-05-31 optimization/269: layout of structure changes during program execution steve
2000-05-31 c++/268: Re: Bug report: internal compiler error on (incorrect) array initialization Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-31 c++/267: Re: ICE 980422 - member class template template template parameter Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-30 c++/266: Re: possible pedantic bug Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-30 Re: c++/263 loewis
2000-05-30 c++/265: Re: Member Template Instantiation bug in g++ 2.95.2 Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-30 c++/264: access to private template member functions possible r.spatschek
2000-05-30 c++/263: Continuation lines for #defines don't like CR/LF line endings john
2000-05-29 c++/262: Re: c++ template bug Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-29 other/261: gcc with gas compilation bug on Solaris 8/Intel fmajid
2000-05-29 Re: c++/258 Mark-Oliver Wolter
2000-05-28 c++/260: Re: internal (c++) compiler error for unbound friend class template in a namespace Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-27 c++/259: Re: Strange input makes gcc to have an internal error Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-27 c++/258: Re: Exception handling bug Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-27 c++/257: Re: Internal compiler error with g++-2.95.2 Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-27 c++/256: Re: ICE while taking address of member function Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-27 c++/255: Re: Internal compiler error. Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-27 c++/254: Re: ICE with gcc-2.95.2 and gcc-2.96 20000510 [WAS Re: possible bug Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-27 c++/253: Re: `foo' is not a member of type `test<int>'...but it is!! Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-27 c++/252: Re: member template partial specialisation Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-27 c++/251: Re: Internal compiler error on short matrix routine:uufiled and gzipped Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-26 c++/250: Global scoping operator fails in template class matt_conway
2000-05-26 c++/249: Internal compiler error on nested template class declaration ian
2000-05-26 c++/248: Template instantiation problems under aix matt_conway
2000-05-25 java/247: gcj ICE compiling VisualNumerics.math.ComplexCholesky with -O2 Greg Warnes
2000-05-25 other/246: Can't build cross compiler for SCO 3.2v4.2 on Solaris 2.5.1 jrugen
2000-05-25 c++/245: ICE on erroneous use of template in namespace brussee
2000-05-25 c++/244: Incomplete comment in RS6000 AIX XmStrDefs.h file David.Thornley
2000-05-25 c/243: gcc build error:: 2.95.2 libgcc2.c:3649: Internal compiler error at dwarf2out.c:657 arg
2000-05-24 c++/242: ICE in cvs g++ (heap corruption?) snyder
2000-05-24 c++/241: cannot compile current ddd with gcc 2.96 20000501 willard.dawson
2000-05-24 c++/240: problems with element templates, incl ICE r.spatschek
2000-05-24 c++/239: Unable to build 2.95.2 on AIX 4.3.1 PowerStation370 Mike.Hubbard
2000-05-24 re: fortran/86 Billinghurst, David \(CRTS\)
2000-05-23 c++/238: Internal compiler error in `schedule_block', at haifa-sched.c:6903 kenta
2000-05-23 c/237: Memory chunks > 64 KB mirrors tolf
2000-05-23 c/236: GCC hangs tolf
2000-05-23 c++/235: Internal compiler error when compiling on SGI machine msingh
2000-05-23 c++/234: internal compiler error in libgcj:libgcj/libjava/jni.cc Greg Warnes
2000-05-22 c/233: loop unrolling generates duplicate assmebler labels -> gas rejects code ingo.oeser
2000-05-22 c++/232: ICE 980711 when function in class w/same name as another class pmk
2000-05-22 c++/231: Not allowing use of private typedef for static initialization matt_conway
2000-05-22 other/230: CVS GCC fails to build on Sparc-solaris-2.7 anthony_w.geo
2000-05-18 c/229: 'gcc: Internal compiler error: program cc1 got fatal signal 11' while compiling c file jean.wolter
2000-05-18 c++/228: unnamed union causes internal compiler error niemayer
2000-05-18 java/227: mips-tfile:internal error (when compiling java code) Michel.Kern
2000-05-18 c++/226: Internal compiler error 19970302 on bad class definition danielh
2000-05-17 Re: c++/225 loewis
2000-05-17 Re: c++/225 Matthew Conway
2000-05-17 c++/225: using declaration doesn't take into account member overloading matt_conway
2000-05-17 c++/224: gcc 2.95.2 crashes with internal compiler error when compiling ddd 3.2.1 rogier.goossens
2000-05-16 c/223: internal compiler error, unknown instruction Matt Keenan
2000-05-16 c++/218: gcc/g++ internal compiler error [gcc 2.96/2000501] Michael Fuller
2000-05-16 c++/217: Compiler not following standards on templated constructor resolution hubert
2000-05-16 c++/216: parse error when using option '-pedantic' on templated code hubert
2000-05-16 preprocessor/215: Problem when generating depencies with -MD and -MMD hubert
2000-05-16 c++/214: Compile error due to unistd.h and pthread.h anand
2000-05-16 c++/213: -Woverloaded-virtual is incorrect bjorn_hellander
2000-05-15 c++/212: Cannot call function with parameters whose type is a class nested within a template class. llewelly
2000-05-15 c/211: Cannot build gcc 2.95.2 due to error internal error in __divdi3 dbaggett
2000-05-14 c++/210: Internal compiler error on ropeimpl.h panisset
2000-05-14 c++/209: egcs-2.91.66 aborts with internal error on template instantiation lutter
2000-05-14 c++/208: gcc internal error in STL's for_each vladimir.kondratiev
2000-05-12 c++/207: Internal compiler error compiling ORBacus-4.0 (from www.ooc.com) Mark Borges
2000-05-12 c/206: Internanal Compiler error in 'acan_region', at except.c:2566 matts
2000-05-12 optimization/205: gcc 2.95.2 ICE: output_operand_lossage `invalid expression as operand' nomura
2000-05-12 optimization/204: gcc 2.95.1 ICE in `purge_addressof_1', at function.c:3172 nomura
2000-05-12 c++/203: Internal compiler error markp
2000-05-12 c/202: incorrect code generated without -O jas
2000-05-11 c/201: Switch statement will not accept constant integer variable as case label tron.thomas
2000-05-10 c++/200: Re: bug report Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-10 c++/199: Re: Namespace-/Template-/Friend-Bug Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-09 c++/198: Re: Previously reported g++ bug (dated March 28th 2000) Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-09 c++/197: Re: C++ bug in asm() statements Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-07 c++/196: Re: problem with: namespace N { class N {...}; } Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-04 c++/195: Re: g++ error Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-03 c++/194: Re: inner class bug in g++ Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-02 optimization/193: Automaticly eliminating redundant zero initialisers greyham
2000-05-02 optimization/192: String literals don't obey -fdata-sections greyham
2000-05-02 c/191: String literals from unused inline functions are still generated greyham
2000-05-02 c/190: Re: bug report Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-01 c++/189: Re: g++ 2.95.2 parse error in qualified member name lookup Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-01 c++/188: Re: Internal compiler error with improperly specified member pointer Martin v. Loewis
2000-05-01 c++/187: Re: Bug report Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-28 c++/186: Re: bug report: explicit template instantiation Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-28 c++/184: Re: [g++] erroneous `ambiguous baseclass' report. Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-28 c/185: Re: "Internal compiler error in `fixup_var_refs_1', at function.c:207" Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-28 c++/183: Re: problem with "typeof" extension (C++) Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-27 c/182: Re: gcc Warnings. Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-26 c++/181: Re: g++ bug with optimization, destructor not call, invalid code Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-26 c++/180: Re: Internal compiler error with nested template. Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-25 Re: c++/133 loewis
2000-04-24 Re: c++/98 loewis
2000-04-24 Re: c++/84 loewis
2000-04-22 c/179: Re: gcc -O2 -Wuninitialized bug with &var under 2.95.2 Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-20 c++/178: Re: GCC Bug ? Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-20 c++/177: Re: C++ automatic template instantiation? Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-20 c++/176: Re: C++ automatic template instantiation? Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-19 c++/175: Re: Internal compiler error in GCC snapshot for syntactically-incorrect input Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-17 c++/174: Re: ugg Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-14 c++/173: Re: Internal compiler error 390 Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-12 c++/172: Re: internal error reported by gcc 2.95.2 Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-12 c++/171: Re: GCC 2.95.2 bug report Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-12 c++/170: Re: internal compiler error Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-12 c/169: Re: alloca in function arguments (2.95.2) Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-12 c++/168: Re: Spurious warning in 2.95.2 Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-09 c/167: Re: Internal Compiler Error [2.95.1/i386/linux] Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-09 c/166: Re: C syntax problem in gcc Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-05 c++/165: Re: Bug in g++ 2.95.2: "Internal compiler error" Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-03 c++/164: bogus error throwing class with inaccessible base nathan
2000-04-01 c++/163: Re: internal compiler error Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-01 c++/162: Re: Seems like an exception bug in GCC 2.95.2 Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-01 c/161: Re: Optimization bug on Redhat Linux 5.1 with gcc Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-01 c++/160: Re: Reference variables not initialized correctly in constructor initializer list using , operator Martin v. Loewis
2000-04-01 c++/159: Re: internal compiler error in gcc 2.95.2 Martin v. Loewis
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