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2000-03-30 c++/158: Re: weird stuff with pointers to members, casts Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-29 c++/157: Re: Internal compiler error for invalid method decl/defn Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-29 c/156: Re: Spurious scanf("%zu") warning Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-29 c++/155: Re: g++ bug? (Internal compiler error) Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-28 other/154: Re: GCC_EXEC_PREFIX doesn't work Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-28 target/153: Re: g++ bug Internal compiler error 323 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-28 c++/152: Re: g++ 2.95.2 rejects linkage specification in typedefs Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-28 c++/151: Re: g++ internal compiler error on i686 Linux system Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-28 c++/148: Re: internal compiler error Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-28 c/150: Re: dead code elim && div-by-0 warnings Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-28 optimization/149: Re: dead code elim && div-by-0 warnings Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-27 Re: c++/147 loewis
2000-03-27 c++/147: g++ internal compiler failure 373 matthias.andree
2000-03-26 target/146: Re: bug in g++ of gcc-2.95.2 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-26 c++/145: Re: G++ 2.95.1 (RH6.0): bad name mangling, invalid assembly results. (2/3) Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-26 c++/144: Re: Exception handling bug (2): gcc-2.95.2 (unfixed from gcc-2.95.1) Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-26 c++/143: Re: dynamic_cast bugs Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-26 c++/142: Re: Anonyous unions prevent proper linking. Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-26 c++/141: Re: C++: Is this a bug with throw and -fomit-frame-pointer? Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-26 c++/140: Re: array initializer problem Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-26 Re: c/121 loewis
2000-03-26 Re: c/122 loewis
2000-03-26 target/139: Re: g++ 2.95 seg faults on SCO UnixWare 2.1 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-26 debug/138: Re: egcs internal compiler error Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-26 c/137: Re: Inconsistency in -Wconversion Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-26 c++/136: Re: Internal compiler error Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-25 Re: c/132 loewis
2000-03-25 c++/135: Re: typename bug Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-25 c++/134: Re: Internal Compiler Error in templated member fn handling Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-25 c++/133: Re: GCC v.2.95.2 Bug Report on Solaris 2.6 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-25 c/132: Re: Feature-request: Possibility of transparent unions in structs Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-24 c++/131: Re: Internal compiler error at declaring non-template as template-friend Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-23 c++/130: Re: Unsolicited warnings Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-23 c++/129: Re: Unsolicited warnings Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-23 c/128: Re: gcc 2.95.2 doesn't fully zero-initialize character arrays Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-21 c++/127: Re: Bug Report Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-20 c++/126: Re: GCC 2.95.2 bug report Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-19 target/124: Re: gcc internal error Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-19 c++/125: Re: Internal compiler error 191 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-19 c++/123: Re: g++-2.95.2: internal compiler error (with testcase) Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-18 c/121: ice when trying to compile CVS glibc 2.1.90 pthomas
2000-03-17 c++/120: Re: Switching 'cast to union' off? Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-17 c++/119: Re: Apparant C++ bug in gcc 2.95.2 and latest egcs snapshot Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-16 c++/118: Re: spurious warning on increment of bitfield Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-16 c++/117: Re: Internal compiler error 19970302 on SCO_SV 3.2 2 i386 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-15 Re: c++/77 nathan
2000-03-15 c++/116: Re: g++ generates faulty code when casting member function pointer after function call Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-15 optimization/115: Re: horrible bug in gcc 2.95 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-15 c++/114: Re: constructor attribute doesn't work in g++ 2.95 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-15 c++/113: Re: egcs c++ bug report Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-15 c++/112: Re: typeid() problems (Internal compiler error 252 / Assembler errors) Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-15 c++/111: Re: Member of virtual classes incorrectly accessed in methods with no objet specification Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-15 c++/110: Re: casting to char arrays produces strange effects Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-15 c++/109: Re: g++ 2.95.2 can't handle dependent friend member functions Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-14 Re: c++/105 nathan
2000-03-14 optimization/108: code generation bug in current CVS Martin Reinecke
2000-03-14 optimization/107: Re: Internal error when compiling BigWig on Alpha/Digital Unix Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-14 c++/106: Re: template bug: internal error. Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-14 c++/105: Re: Bug in exception handling and virtual inheritance Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-13 c++/104: Re: C++ optimization error Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-13 c++/103: Re: egcs-19990714 C++ -O Creates Wrong Code on SPARC Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-12 c++/102: Re: C++ bug in __builtin_apply() Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-12 c/101: Re: gcc 2.95.2, bug in gcse? Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-12 c++/100: Re: confusing name lookup diagnostic (cvs g++ 20000306) Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-12 c++/99: Re: Bug in type in error message. Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-12 c++/98: Re: Simple: Hope it helps Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-11 c++/97: Re: union bug Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-10 c++/96: Re: No warning with uninitialised reference... Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-10 target/95: Re: Template Instantiation problem Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-09 web/94: Do not update the "last modified" dates when there are no actual changes pfeifer
2000-03-09 c++/93: Re: statement expressions implement incorrect copy semantics Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-09 c/92: Re: labelled initializers Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-09 c++/91: Re: implicit assignment operator and copy constructor Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-09 Re: c++/90 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c/89 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c/85 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/87 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/88 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/84 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/82 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c/83 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/81 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/80 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/79 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/78 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/77 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/75 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: other/74 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/73 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/72 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/70 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/69 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/71 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/68 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/58 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/67 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/57 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/66 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/64 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/65 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/61 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/63 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/62 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/59 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/60 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: target/56 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/55 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/53 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/54 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/50 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/51 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/49 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/48 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/45 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/44 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/46 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/47 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/43 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/42 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/41 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/40 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: optimization/31 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/38 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/39 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/37 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/36 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/35 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/34 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/33 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/30 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/32 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/24 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/29 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/27 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/26 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: optimization/22 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/21 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/20 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/18 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/16 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/15 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/19 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/14 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/12 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/13 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/10 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/11 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/9 loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/8 loewis
2000-03-08 c/89: Re: %zd not recognised correctly Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-08 c++/90: Re: funny syntactical error message Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/7 nathan
2000-03-08 c++/88: Re: GCC do not honor casting when calling constructors from constructors Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-08 Re: c++/52 nathan
2000-03-08 Re: c++/7 nathan
2000-03-08 Re: c++/7 nathan
2000-03-08 Re: c++/76 nathan
2000-03-08 Re: c++/52 nathan
2000-03-08 Re: c++/28 nathan
2000-03-08 Re: c++/17 nathan
2000-03-07 c++/87: Re: C++: member template assignment operator Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-06 fortran/86: Wrong number of loop iterations David.Billinghurst
2000-03-06 Re: c++/17 nathan
2000-03-06 c/85: Re: casting const aways shouldn't be an error even with -pedantic-errors Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-06 c/83: Re: g++ 2.95.2 warning: ANSI C does not support the `L' length modifier Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-06 c++/84: Re: Internal Compiler Error Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/82: Re: g++ 2.95.2 fails to reject an ambiguous overload Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/81: Re: g++ Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/78: Re: Problem with namespaces, templates, and friend functions. Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/79: Re: incorrect "no match" diagnostic Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/80: Re: g++ enum bug Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/77: Re: Reporting an error in catching exceptions Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/76: Re: g++ 2.95.2 bug report Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/75: Re: Bug concerning using-declarations in gcc-2.95.1 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 other/74: Re: preprocessor bug... Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/73: Re: g++ template bug Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/72: Re: gcc-2.95.2, g++, Solaris 7 SPARC, aggressive type analysis in template-class's template-member-function Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/71: Re: C++ typedef redefinitions and templates Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/69: Re: Multiple inheritance bug Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/70: Re: template bug Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/68: Re: GCC 2.95.2, Next 3.3; explicit specialization loses default Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/67: Re: Bug report for GNU C++ 2.95.1 on constant expression eval. in templates Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/66: Re: gcc gives bogus errors for classes wrapped in 'extern "C"' Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/65: Re: Infinite compilation! Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/64: Re: anonymous union member is not hidden by gcc 2.95.2 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/63: Re: 2.96: templated varargs Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/62: Re: 2.95.2 namespace bug persists Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/61: Re: Language bug in static initializers? Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/60: Re: g++ bug: partial template specialization prevents gcc from seeingordinary template of the same class. Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/59: Re: Template problem: Is it me, or is it the compiler? Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/58: Re: Unwarranted non-void return warning Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/57: Re: g++ 2.95.2 bug Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 target/56: Re: [C++]: Error definiting static member in templates with initialization Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/55: Re: namespace bug using function templates Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/54: Re: template, static const int and overloading Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/52: Re: user defined conversion to void Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/53: Re: inner template classes as friends? Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/51: Re: g++ reports error for ISO C++ example Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/50: Re: gcc-2.95.1: problem calling destructor on typedef of int within a namespace Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/49: Re: error with templates and namespaces Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/48: Re: New bad bug in initialization of static arrays Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/47: Re: 2.95.1 nested classes broken Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/46: Re: assuming & on overloaded member function incorrectly reported Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/45: Re: Template Specialization Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-05 c++/44: Re: gcc bug? Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/43: Re: C++ gcc-2.95. bug/problem Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/42: Re: templated friend Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/41: Re: Is this a template bug in gcc-2.95.1 ? Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/40: Re: Result naming doesn't work for functions defined in a class Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/39: Re: Problem with gcc-2.95 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/38: Re: C++, 2.95: Problem with matching of function signatures Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/37: Re: Bug report, egcs-2.91.66 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/35: Re: gcc-2.9[56] lookup problem Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/36: Re: Problem/Bug in g++ 2.95? Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/34: Re: Bug in g++ name mangling with const pointers? Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/33: Re: Wrong delete being called. Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/32: Re: templated friend ostream & operator << Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/31: Re: Optimizer bug in gcc-2.95.2 C++ Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/30: Re: bug2 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/29: Re: Possible bug in the template instanciation machinery Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/28: Re: bug in "operator ?:" Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/27: Re: bug in overloading resolution in egcs-1.1.1 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-04 c++/26: Re: g++ 2.95.2 internal compiler error Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-03 Re: c++/25 loewis
2000-03-03 Re: c++/23 loewis
2000-03-03 c++/24: Re: Uncomplete template Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-03 c++/23: Testing attachments Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-03 optimization/22: can_reach_end incorrectly computed Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-03 c++/21: [not accepted] Bug in function template specialization? martin
2000-03-03 c++/20: [not accepted] using declarations in templates Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-03 c++/19: [not accepted] pointer to shadowed member with namespaces martin
2000-03-02 c++/18: [bad code] bad ctor/dtor call ordering Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-02 Re: c++/17 nathan
2000-03-02 c++/17: __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ et al have wrong type nathan
2000-03-01 c++/16: -Wshadow vs 'struct stat stat' et al Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-01 c++/15: [bad code] template template arguments Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-01 c++/14: [internal] template template parameters Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-01 c++/13: [internal] error in `const_hash' Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-01 c++/12: [internal] more about template bugs in 2.95.2 and an ICE in 20000228 Martin v. Loewis
2000-03-01 c++/11: bogus instantiation during template deduction nathan
2000-02-29 c++/10: [not accepted] handling of non-type template parameters Martin v. Loewis
2000-02-29 c++/9: local class and -O1 Martin v. Loewis
2000-02-28 Re: c++/6 loewis
2000-02-10 Re: c++/5 jason
2000-02-10 c++/5: C++ sucks, can't you make it better? jsm
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