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[00/13] Pass an argument descriptor to target hooks

[01/13] Add pass_va_arg_by_reference

[02/13] Add must_pass_va_arg_in_stack

[03/13] Use function_arg_info for TARGET_ARG_PARTIAL_BYTES

[04/13] Use function_arg_info for TARGET_PASS_BY_REFERENCE

[05/13] Use function_arg_info for TARGET_SETUP_INCOMING_ARGS

[06/13] Use function_arg_info for TARGET_FUNCTION_(INCOMING_)ARG

[07/13] Use function_arg_info for TARGET_FUNCTION_ARG_ADVANCE

[08/13] Use function_arg_info for TARGET_CALLEE_COPIES

[09/13] Use function_arg_info for TARGET_MUST_PASS_IN_STACK

[10/13] Add a apply_pass_by_reference_rules helper

[11/13] Make function.c use function_arg_info internally

[12/13] Make calls.c use function_arg_info internally

[13/13] Add a pass_by_reference flag to function_arg_info

[AArch64] Add a "y" constraint for V0-V7

[AArch64] Make <perm_insn> the complete mnemonic

[AArch64] Make aarch64_classify_vector_mode use a switch statement

[aarch64] PR target/91386 Use copy_rtx to avoid modifying original insns in peep2 pattern

[AArch64] Remove redundant SVE FADDA pattern

[AArch64] Split built-in function codes into major and minor codes

[AArch64] Tweak handling of fp moves via int registers

[Ada] Adapt GNATprove expansion for slices with access prefix

[Ada] Adapt new extended traversal of AST to have optional part

[Ada] Add ability to list compiler switches with gnatcmd

[Ada] Add conformance check on actual subp. in instance of child unit

[Ada] Add formal function parameter equality to SPARK containers

[Ada] Add special bypass for obsolete code pattern

[Ada] Alignment may be specified as zero

[Ada] Avoid crash in GNATprove due to inlining inside type

[Ada] Avoid crash in GNATprove_Mode on allocator inside type

[Ada] Avoid spurious error in GNATprove mode on non-null access types

[Ada] Avoid spurious errors on dimensionality checking in GNATprove

[Ada] Buffer reading overflow in dispatch table initialization

[Ada] Build full derivation for private concurrent type

[Ada] Check SPARK restriction on Old/Loop_Entry with pointers

[Ada] Compiler may blow up on array aggregates whose size is very large

[Ada] Compiler speedup with inlining across units

[Ada] Complete the more extended AST traversal used in GNATprove

[Ada] Conversion routines between GNAT.OS_Lib.OS_Time and long integer

[Ada] Crash on a Storage_Size aspect depending on attr. of another type

[Ada] Crash on illegal left-hand side in assignment of renamed variable

[Ada] Crash on Loop_Entry for while_loop involving substrings

[Ada] Crash on object initialization that is call to expression function

[Ada] Crash on precondition involving quantified expression

[Ada] Crash on quantified expression in disabled assertion

[Ada] Disable anonymous allocator warning for library-level objects

[Ada] Do full name qualification of local exception names for LLVM

[Ada] Do not remove side-effects in an others_clause with function calls

[Ada] Do not rewrite argument of pragma Entry_Queue_Length in analysis

[Ada] Do not skip non-aliasing checking when inlining in GNATprove

[Ada] Do not suppress checks in instances of internal generics

[Ada] Efficiency improvement in bounded ordered containers

[Ada] Eliminate redundant range checks on conversions

[Ada] Enable delta_aggregate only in Ada 2020 mode

[Ada] Enable use of GNAT.Sockets for VxWorks RTP

[Ada] Equality for nonabstract type derived from interface treated as abstract

[Ada] Expose part of ownership checking for use in GNATprove

[Ada] Extended traversal subprograms for GNATprove

[Ada] Factor out the "size for& too small..." error message

[Ada] Fix assertion failure on derived private protected type

[Ada] Fix bogus compilation error with Elaborate_Body and -gnatN

[Ada] Fix bogus style check failure with pragma Style_Checks (Off)

[Ada] Fix discrepancy in mechanism tracking private and full views

[Ada] Fix failing assertions on SPARK elaboration

[Ada] Fix incorrect binding to MapViewOfFile in s-win32.ads

[Ada] Fix incorrect Do_Range_Check on type conversion

[Ada] Fix incorrect stub generation for types in instances

[Ada] Fix internal error on comparison of unaligned slices

[Ada] Fix internal error on inlined subprogram instance

[Ada] Fix internal error on subprogram instantiation with -gnatzc

[Ada] Fix IPv6 numeric address detection

[Ada] Fix leak of Do_Range_Check flag in -gnatVa mode

[Ada] Fix missing range check for In/Out parameter with -gnatVa

[Ada] Fix spurious error on nested instantiation with inlining

[Ada] Fix spurious instantiation error on private record type

[Ada] Fix spurious ownership error in GNATprove

[Ada] Fix thinko in Acc_Loop_to_gnu

[Ada] Fix type mismatch in extended return statement expansion

[Ada] Further cleanup in inlining machinery

[Ada] Generate ada_target_properties

[Ada] Get rid of linear searches in Lib

[Ada] Hang on loop in generic with subtype indication specifying a range

[Ada] Ignore subprogram address in ownership checking

[Ada] Illegal limited function call accepted in a type conversion

[Ada] Illegal selection of first object in a task type's body not detected

[Ada] Implement Ada.Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names

[Ada] Implement pragma Max_Entry_Queue_Length

[Ada] Improve detection of end of the process by GNAT.Expect

[Ada] Improve efficiency of aggregates with <>

[Ada] Improve error message for Object_Size clause on dynamic array

[Ada] Improve generated code for initialization of atomics

[Ada] Improve performance of Containers.Functional_Base

[Ada] Improve placement of warning on formals of generic subprograms

[Ada] Improve speed of discriminated return types

[Ada] Improve warnings about "too few elements" and "too many elements"

[Ada] Inconsistent compile time Constraint_Error warning

[Ada] Inconsistent scope chain due to quantified expression

[Ada] Incorrect code for -gnateV switch

[Ada] Incorrect error on inline protected function

[Ada] Legality of protected subp. implementing interface operations

[Ada] Legality rule on ancestors of type extensions in generic bodies

[Ada] Lift restriction on instantiations that are compilation units

[Ada] Max_Entry_Queue_Length aspect for protected entries

[Ada] Missing attribute update in new_copy_tree

[Ada] Missing check on outbound parameter of a non-null access type

[Ada] More complete information level for -gnatR4 output

[Ada] More precise handling of Size/Object_Size in GNATprove

[Ada] More precise propagation of Size attribute in generic instances

[Ada] New aspect/pragma No_Caching for analysis of volatile data

[Ada] New parameter Quiet for procedure GNAT.Command_Line.Getopt

[Ada] New pragma Aggregate_Individually_Assign

[Ada] Object_Size clause specifying 0 bits is illegal

[Ada] Pragma Warning_As_Error works for style warnings

[Ada] Prevent crash in Is_Reachable

[Ada] Prevent crash in Put_Scaled

[Ada] Process type extensions for -gnatw.h

[Ada] Remove doc for language version switches

[Ada] Representation clause for derived enumeration type is mishandled

[Ada] Revert change for gnatprove that is no longer needed

[Ada] Set GNAT.OS_Lib.GM_Split's granularity back to 1 second

[Ada] Show Bit_Order and Scalar_Storage_Order in -gnatR4 output

[Ada] Small cleanup and improvement in inlining machinery

[Ada] Spurious error in discriminated aggregate

[Ada] Spurious error in dispatching call with class-wide precondition

[Ada] Spurious error on nested instantiation

[Ada] Strengthen Locked flag

[Ada] Suppress Initialize_Scalars for Persistent_BSS

[Ada] Suppress warnings on unreferenced parameters of dispatching ops

[Ada] Suppress_Initialization not respected for private subtypes

[Ada] Undefined master in task with limited class-wide aliased entry formal

[Ada] Warn about unknown condition in Compile_Time_Warning

[Ada] Warn on Unchecked_Conversion to zero-sized array

[Ada] Warning for out-of-order record representation clauses

[Ada] Wrong dispatching call in type with aspect Implicit_Dereference

[Ada] Wrong initialization of Offset_To_Top in secondary DT

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 03/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Force FDPIC related options unless -mno-fdpic is provided

Re: [ARM/FDPIC v5 04/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Add support for FDPIC for arm architecture

[Arm] Add 16-bit thumb alternatives to iorsi3_compare0[_scratch]

[arm] Recognize thumb2 16-bit variants of the add and compare instructions

[C++ PATCH] Implement P0848R3, Conditionally Trivial Special Member Functions.

[C++ PATCH] PR c++/90393 - ICE with thow in ?:

[C++ PATCH] PR c++/91378 - ICE with noexcept and auto return type.

[C++ PATCH] Adjust -Wsequence-point for C++17 changes (PR c++/91415)

[C++ Patch] Do not warn about [[nodiscard]] applied to a constructor

[C++ Patch] Fix finish_switch_cond location

Re: [C++ Patch] Improve delete_sanity locations

[C++ Patch] Improve grok_array_decl location

[C++ Patch] Improve start_function and grokmethod locations

[C++ Patch] More grokdeclarator locations fixes

[C++ Patch] One more cp_expr_loc_or_input_loc

Re: [C++] Don't fold __builtin_constant_p prematurely

[C++] Protect call to copy_attributes_to_builtin (PR91505)

[C] Fix bogus nested enum error message

Re: [committed, wwwdocs] OpenACC status for GCC 9

[Committed,Fortran] errmsg is intent(inout)

[COMMITTED] [testsuite][arm] Add missing quotes to expected warning messages.

[committed] add C++ test for PR60517

[committed] Add support for use_device_addr clause

[committed] add test for PR 50476

[committed] declare target tweaks + device_type clause parsing

[committed] Fix dist_schedule clause duplication diagnostics (PR c/91401)

[committed] Fix mmx usadv8qi expander (PR target/91408)

[COMMITTED] Fix pr89330_0.C test

[committed] Fix SH test compromised by recent forwprop changes

[COMMITTED] function.c (assign_parm_setup_reg): Handle misaligned stack arguments

[committed] Handle C++ random access iterators in loop construct, other C++ loop construct fixes

[committed] Improve test coverage of duplicated clauses, fix whatever it found (PR c/91401)

Re: [Committed] PR fortran/54072 -- More fun with BOZ

[Committed] PR fortran/87991 -- Pointer data object requires a target

[Committed] PR fortran/90297 -- Don't issue EQUIVALENCE syntax error

[Committed] PR fortran/90985 -- DATA must be followed by whitespace

[Committed] PR fortran/91359 -- Fix testcases that were munged

[Committed] PR fortran/91372 -- Fix parsing of DATA with implied do-loop

[COMMITTED] Remove unused data members from assign_param_data_one

[COMMITTED] Revise STRICT_ALIGNMENT check in assign_parm_adjust_stack_rtl

[COMMITTED] Set memory alignment in expand_builtin_init_descriptor

[committed] Support map + use_device_{addr,ptr} clauses for the same var on the same construct

[committed] Update quadmath M_*q constants

[committed][AArch64] Add a "GP strictness" operand to SVE FP unspecs

[committed][AArch64] Add a aarch64_sve_mode_p query

[committed][AArch64] Add a commutativity marker to the SVE [SU]ABD patterns

[committed][AArch64] Add more SVE FMLA and FMAD /z alternatives

[committed][AArch64] Add more unpredicated MOVPRFX alternatives

[committed][AArch64] Add MOVPRFX alternatives for SVE EXT patterns

[committed][AArch64] Add support for SVE [SU]{MAX,MIN} immediate

[committed][AArch64] Add support for SVE absolute comparisons

[committed][AArch64] Add support for SVE CLS and CLZ

[committed][AArch64] Add support for SVE CNOT

[committed][AArch64] Add support for SVE F{MAX,MIN}NM immediate

[committed][AArch64] Add support for SVE HF vconds

[committed][AArch64] Add SVE conditional conversion patterns

[committed][AArch64] Add SVE conditional floating-point unary patterns

[committed][AArch64] Add SVE conditional integer unary patterns

[committed][AArch64] Canonicalise SVE predicate constants

[committed][AArch64] Commonise some SVE FP patterns

[committed][AArch64] Don't rely on REG_EQUAL notes to combine SVE BIC

[committed][AArch64] Fix INSR for zero floats

[committed][AArch64] Fix predicate alignment for fixed-length SVE

[committed][AArch64] Handle more SVE predicate constants

[committed][AArch64] Improve SVE constant moves

[committed][AArch64] Make more use of SVE conditional constant moves

[committed][AArch64] Make simd_immediate_info INDEX explicit

[committed][AArch64] Make SVE UNSPEC_COND_*s match the insn mnemonic

[committed][AArch64] Merge SVE FMAXNM/FMINNM patterns

[committed][AArch64] Merge SVE FP unary patterns

[committed][AArch64] Merge SVE reduction patterns

[committed][AArch64] Merge SVE ternary FP operations

[committed][AArch64] Optimise aarch64_add_offset for SVE VL constants

[committed][AArch64] Pass a pattern to aarch64_output_sve_cnt_immediate

[committed][AArch64] Prefer FPRs over GPRs for CLASTB

[committed][AArch64] Prefer FPRs over GPRs for INSR

[committed][AArch64] Rearrange SVE conversion patterns

[committed][AArch64] Remove unneeded FSUB alternatives and add a new one

[committed][AArch64] Remove unused commutative attribute

[committed][AArch64] Reorganise aarch64-sve.md

[committed][AArch64] Rework SVE FP comparisons

[committed][AArch64] Rework SVE INC/DEC handling

[committed][AArch64] Rework SVE integer comparisons

[committed][AArch64] Rework SVE PTEST patterns

[committed][AArch64] Rework SVE REV[BHW] patterns

[committed][AArch64] Tweak operand choice for SVE predicate AND

[committed][AArch64] Use "x" predication for SVE integer arithmetic patterns

[committed][AArch64] Use simd_immediate_info for SVE predicate constants

[committed][AArch64] Use SVE [SU]ABD in conditional arithmetic

[committed][AArch64] Use SVE ADR to optimise shift-add sequences

[committed][AArch64] Use SVE BIC for conditional arithmetic

[committed][AArch64] Use SVE binary immediate instructions for conditional arithmetic

[committed][AArch64] Use SVE FABD in conditional arithmetic

[committed][AArch64] Use SVE MLA, MLS, MAD and MSB for conditional arithmetic

[committed][AArch64] Use SVE MOV /M of scalars

[committed][AArch64] Use SVE reversed shifts in preference to MOVPRFX

[committed][AArch64] Use SVE UXT[BHW] as a form of predicated AND

[committed][AArch64] Use unspecs for remaining SVE FP binary ops

[committed][AArch64] Use unspecs for SVE conversions involving floats

[committed][MSP430] Add "cleanup-saved-temps" directive to gcc.target/msp430/pr80993.c

[committed][MSP430] Fix non-GNU style in gcc/config/msp430/*{c,h} files

Re: [Contrib PATCH] Add scripts to convert GCC repo from SVN to Git

[Darwin, committed] There is no need to distinguish PIC/non-PIC symbol stubs.

[Darwin, fixincludes, committed] Fix PR83531

[Darwin, PPC, committed] Fix fail of cpp/assert4.c

Re: [doc PATCH] document variable attribute alias

[doc] Adjust links to the FSF's why-not-lgpl article

[doc] install.texi - remove reference to age-old Tcl bug

[doc] install.texi and bfin "end of life"

[doc] Re: install.texi and alpha

[doc] Update reference to elm-lang.org quote in ux.texi

Re: [EXT] Re: [PATCH 1/3] C++20 constexpr lib part 1/3

Re: [EXTERNAL]Re: [PATCH 1/2][MIPS] Emit .note.GNU-stack for soft-float linux targets.

[ira,reload] Invalid assert in reload1.c::finish_spills?

[libsanitizer, comitted] Fix PR bootstrap/91455

[libsanitizer, committed] Reapply r272406.

[libstdc++,doc] A final(?) doxygen link fixed

[MSP430][PATCH 0/2] Improve and extend MCU data handling

[MSP430][PATCH 1/2] Consolidate handling of hard-coded MCU data

[MSP430][PATCH 2/2] Read MCU data from external file

Re: [objective-c/c++, testsuite, committed, 1/3] Workaround for PR90709.

[PATCH 0/2] [MIPS] Emit .note.GNU-stack for linux targets.

[PATCH 0/2] Fix dangling pointer in next_nested.

Re: [PATCH 0/2] PR libstdc++/41861 Add full steady_clock support to condition_variable

[PATCH 0/2] RISCV: Reduce code size when compiling with -msave-restore

[PATCH 0/2][vect] Improve vectorization of epilogues

[PATCH 0/3] [og9] Initial OpenACC fixes for AMD GCN

[PATCH 0/3] [og9] OpenACC async fixes for AMD GCN

Re: [PATCH 0/3] add support for POD struct convention (PR 61339)

[PATCH 0/3] Libsanitizer: merge from trunk

[PATCH 0/3] mklog improvements

[PATCH 0/3] Simplify wrapped binops.

[PATCH 0/4] True IPA reimplementation of IPA-SRA (v4)

[PATCH 0/8] [og9] AMD GCN offloading support

[PATCH 0/8] eBPF support for GCC

[PATCH 0/8] Use signaling FP comparison instructions

[PATCH 0/9] Improve icvt "convert multiple"

[PATCH 0/9] IPA ICF overhaul

Re: [PATCH 02/10, OpenACC] Add OpenACC target kinds for decomposed kernels regions

Re: [PATCH 04/10, OpenACC] Turn OpenACC kernels regions into a sequence of, parallel regions

Re: [PATCH 06/10, OpenACC] Adjust parallelism of loops in gang-single parts of OpenACC kernels regions

[PATCH 1/2] Add ::verify for cgraph_node::origin/nested/next_nested.

[PATCH 1/2] gcc/riscv: Include more registers in SIBCALL_REGS

[PATCH 1/2] Introduce gcc_sort_r

[PATCH 1/2] PR c++/91436 fix C++ dialect for std::make_unique fix-it hint

Re: [PATCH 1/2] rs6000: Debug regnums for TM registers

[PATCH 1/2] rs6000: Move various non-vector things out of altivec.md

[PATCH 1/2] rs6000: Use iterators in more DFP patterns

[PATCH 1/2][MIPS] Emit .note.GNU-stack for soft-float linux targets.

[PATCH 1/2][vect]PR 88915: Vectorize epilogues when versioning loops

[PATCH 1/3] [og9] Add missing exec_params libgomp plugin entry points

[PATCH 1/3] [og9] Wait at end of OpenACC asynchronous kernels regions

Re: [PATCH 1/3] add -Wstruct-not-pod, -Wclass-is-pod, -Wmismatched-tags (PR 61339)

Re: [PATCH 1/3] C++20 constexpr lib part 1/3

[PATCH 1/3] Libsanitizer merge from trunk r368656.

[PATCH 1/3] Perform fold when propagating.

[PATCH 1/3] Use argparse.ArgumentParser for mklog.

[PATCH 1/4] Remove old IPA-SRA, introduce tree-sra.h

[PATCH 1/8] [og9] Add support for constructors and destructors on GCN

[PATCH 1/8] Document signaling for min, max and ltgt operations

[PATCH 1/8] Update config.sub and config.guess.

[PATCH 1/9] ifcvt: Store the number of created cmovs.

[PATCH 1/9] Replace int with boolean in predicate functions.

[PATCH 10/N] Use const_tree more in IPA ICF.

[PATCH 2/2] Add more entries to the C++ get_std_name_hint array

[PATCH 2/2] Clean next_nested properly.

Re: [PATCH 2/2] Extend DCE to remove unnecessary new/delete-pairs (PR c++/23383).

[PATCH 2/2] gcc/riscv: Add a mechanism to remove some calls to _riscv_save_0

[PATCH 2/2] rs6000: Rename DFP iterator and attr to DDTD and q

[PATCH 2/2] rs6000: Use unspec_volatile for darn (PR91481)

Re: [PATCH 2/2] Use gcc_sort_r in domwalk

[PATCH 2/2][MIPS][RFC] Emit .note.GNU-stack for hard-float linux targets.

[PATCH 2/2][vect]Make vect-epilogues-nomask=1 default

[PATCH 2/3] [og9] Fix configury for AMD GCN testing

[PATCH 2/3] [og9] Use temporary buffers for async host2dev copies

[PATCH 2/3] Add simplify rules for wrapped binary operations.

[PATCH 2/3] C++20 constexpr lib part 2/3 - swappish functions.

[PATCH 2/3] mklog: parse PR references from new test files

[PATCH 2/3] Reapply all revisions mentioned in LOCAL_PATCHES.

[PATCH 2/4] New parameter manipulation infrastructure

[PATCH 2/8] [og9] Create GCN-specific gthreads

[PATCH 2/8] bpf: new GCC port

[PATCH 2/8] Introduce vcond_supported_p hook

[PATCH 2/9] ifcvt: Use enum instead of transform_name string.

[PATCH 2/9] operand_equal_p: add support for FIELD_DECL

[PATCH 3/3] [og9] Use a single worker for OpenACC on AMD GCN

[PATCH 3/3] [og9] Wait on queue-full condition in AMD GCN libgomp offloading plugin

[PATCH 3/3] Add new test cases for wrapped binop simplification.

[PATCH 3/3] Fix a test-case scan pattern.

[PATCH 3/3] mklog: Do not print changed functions in testsuite

[PATCH 3/4] New IPA-SRA implementation

[PATCH 3/8] [og9] Stub implementation of unwinding for AMD GCN

[PATCH 3/8] bpf: new libgcc port

[PATCH 3/8] S/390: Implement vcond_supported_p hook

[PATCH 3/9] ifcvt: Only created temporaries as needed.

[PATCH 3/9] operand_equal_p: add support for OBJ_TYPE_REF.

Re: [PATCH 4/4] Modifications to the testsuite

[PATCH 4/8] [og9] Enable full GFortran library for AMD GCN

[PATCH 4/8] bpf: gcc.target eBPF testsuite

[PATCH 4/8] S/390: Implement vcond expander for V1TI,V1TF

[PATCH 4/9] ifcvt: Estimate original costs before convert_multiple.

[PATCH 4/9] Strengthen alias_ptr_types_compatible_p in LTO mode.

[PATCH 5/8] [og9] AMD GCN offloading support

[PATCH 5/8] bpf: make target-supports.exp aware of eBPF

[PATCH 5/8] S/390: Remove code duplication in vec_unordered<mode>

[PATCH 5/9] Come up with an abstraction.

[PATCH 5/9] ifcvt: Allow constants operands in noce_convert_multiple_sets.

[PATCH 6/8] [og9] Make OpenACC function-parameter explosion optional

[PATCH 6/8] bpf: adjust GCC testsuite to eBPF limitations

[PATCH 6/8] S/390: Remove code duplication in vec_* comparison expanders

[PATCH 6/9] ifcvt: Extract cc comparison from jump.

[PATCH 6/9] Integrate that for IPA ICF.

[PATCH 7/8] [og9] NVPTX GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_construct arg fix and gomp_print_* support

[PATCH 7/8] bpf: manual updates for eBPF

[PATCH 7/8] S/390: Use signaling FP comparison instructions

[PATCH 7/9] ifcvt: Emit two cmov variants and choose the less expensive one.

[PATCH 7/9] IPA ICF: remove dead code

[PATCH 8/8] [og9] Update parallel-dims.c and serial-dims.c warning line numbering.

[PATCH 8/8] bpf: add myself as the maintainer for the eBPF port

[PATCH 8/8] S/390: Test signaling FP comparison instructions

[PATCH 8/9] ifcvt: Handle swap-style idioms differently.

[PATCH 8/9] Remove comparison for polymorphic types.

[PATCH 9/9] ifcvt: Also pass reversed cc comparison.

[PATCH 9/9] Remove alias set comparison.

[PATCH PR d/91339] Committed merge with upstream dmd b37a537d3

[PATCH resend 1/2] PR c/65403 - Ignore -Wno-error=<some-future-warning>

[PATCH resend 2/2] PR c/65403 - Add tests for -Wno-error=<some-future-option>

[PATCH V2 0/8] eBPF support for GCC

[PATCH v2 0/9] S/390: Use signaling FP comparison instructions

[PATCH v2 01/18] Fix CONST_DOUBLE_AS_FLOAT_P comment.

[PATCH v2 02/18] Use CONST_INT_P macro. Autogenerated patch by running ../contrib/rtl-pred.sh CONST_INT

[PATCH v2 03/18] Use CONST_INT_P macro.

[PATCH v2 04/18] Use CONST_WIDE_INT_P macro. Autogenerated patch by running ../contrib/rtl-pred.sh CONST_WIDE_INT_P

[PATCH v2 05/18] Use CONST_FIXED_P macro. Autogenerated patch by running ../contrib/rtl-pred.sh CONST_FIXED

[PATCH v2 06/18] Use CONST_DOUBLE_P macro. Autogenerated patch by running ../contrib/rtl-pred.sh CONST_DOUBLE

[PATCH v2 07/18] Add CONST_VECTOR_P rtx_code predicate.

[PATCH v2 08/18] Use CONST_VECTOR_P macro. Autogenerated patch by running ../contrib/rtl-pred.sh CONST_VECTOR

[PATCH v2 09/18] Add CONST_STRING_P rtx_code predicate.

[PATCH V2 1/8] Update config.sub and config.guess.

[PATCH v2 1/9] Document signaling for min, max and ltgt operations

[PATCH v2 10/18] Use CONST_STRING_P macro. Autogenerated patch by running ../contrib/rtl-pred.sh CONST_STRING

[PATCH v2 11/18] Use REG_P macro. Autogenerated patch by running ../contrib/rtl-pred.sh REG

[PATCH v2 12/18] Use SUBREG_P macro. Autogenerated patch by running ../contrib/rtl-pred.sh SUBREG

[PATCH v2 13/18] Use MEM_P macro. Autogenerated patch by running ../contrib/rtl-pred.sh MEM

[PATCH v2 14/18] Use LABEL_REF_P macro. Autogenerated patch by running ../contrib/rtl-pred.sh LABEL_REF

[PATCH v2 15/18] Use LABEL_REF_P macro.

[PATCH v2 16/18] Use SYMBOL_REF_P macro. Autogenerated patch by running ../contrib/rtl-pred.sh SYMBOL_REF

[PATCH v2 17/18] Use SYMBOL_REF_P macro.

[PATCH v2 18/18] Use DEBUG_INSN_P macro. Autogenerated patch by running ../contrib/rtl-pred.sh DEBUG_INSN_P

[PATCH V2 2/8] bpf: new GCC port

[PATCH v2 2/9] hash_traits: split pointer_hash_mark from pointer_hash

[PATCH V2 3/8] bpf: new libgcc port

[PATCH v2 3/9] Introduce can_vector_compare_p function

[PATCH V2 4/8] bpf: gcc.target eBPF testsuite

[PATCH v2 4/9] S/390: Do not use signaling vector comparisons on z13

[PATCH V2 5/8] bpf: make target-supports.exp aware of eBPF

[PATCH v2 5/9] S/390: Implement vcond expander for V1TI,V1TF

[PATCH V2 6/8] bpf: adjust GCC testsuite to eBPF limitations

[PATCH v2 6/9] S/390: Remove code duplication in vec_unordered<mode>

[PATCH V2 7/8] bpf: manual updates for eBPF

[PATCH v2 7/9] S/390: Remove code duplication in vec_* comparison expanders

[PATCH V2 8/8] bpf: add myself as the maintainer for the eBPF port

[PATCH v2 8/9] S/390: Use signaling FP comparison instructions

[PATCH v2 9/9] S/390: Test signaling FP comparison instructions

[PATCH v2] [MIPS] Add machine mode to get_fcsr pattern operand

[Patch v2] Enable math functions linking with static library for LTO

[PATCH v2] RISC-V: Promote type correctly for libcalls

Re: [PATCH v2] Use edge->indirect_unknown_callee in cgraph_edge::make_direct (PR ipa/89330).

Re: [PATCH v3] Missed function specialization + partial devirtualization

[PATCH V5, rs6000] Support vrotr<mode>3 for int vector types

[PATCH v6 3/3] PR80791 Consider doloop cmp use in ivopts

Re: [PATCH v6][C][ADA] use function descriptors instead of trampolines in C

Re: [PATCH, Ada, Darwin, PPC] PPC Darwin has stack check probes.

Re: [PATCH, Ada] Push -shared-libgcc where needed.

[PATCH, alpha]: Update baseline_symbols.txt

[PATCH, c-family] Fix a PCH thinko (and thus PR61250).

[PATCH, committed] Fix comment about pcrel_external_address

[PATCH, contrib]: Do not escape "=".

[PATCH, d] Committed merge with upstream dmd 375ed10aa

[Patch, DWARF] Ignore address spaces for get_nearest_type_subqualifiers

[patch, fortran, committed] Fix PR 90563, error while warning about do subscripts

[Patch, Fortran] CO_BROADCAST for derived types with allocatable components

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 90561

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 91390 - treatment of extra parameter in a subroutine call

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 91443

[patch, fortran] Some corrections for DO loop index warnings

[PATCH, i386]: Add *vec_extractv16qi_zext insn pattern

[PATCH, i386]: Add missing *mmx_pextrb and *mmx_pextr{b,w}_zext patterns

[PATCH, i386]: Add missing *mmx_pinsr{q,d} patterns

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 91323, LTGT rtx produces UCOMISS instead of COMISS

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 91385, Zero-extended negation is not generated

[PATCH, i386]: Fix recent STV testsuite failures

[PATCH, i386]: Improve V2SI extractions

[PATCH, i386]: Introduce uavg<mode>3_ceil for 64bit MMX modes

[PATCH, i386]: Introduce usadv8qi

[PATCH, i386]: Use *mmx_pinsrb some more

[Patch, ira] Invalid assert in reload1.c::finish_spills?

[PATCH, libphobos] Committed merge with upstream druntime 5bb8ce19

[PATCH, libphobos] Committed merge with upstream druntime 94686651

[PATCH, libphobos] Committed merge with upstream phobos 66ae77ac3

[PATCH, OpenACC, 1/3] Non-contiguous array support for OpenACC data clauses (re-submission), front-end patches

[PATCH, OpenACC, 2/3] Non-contiguous array support for OpenACC data clauses (re-submission), compiler patches

[PATCH, OpenACC, 3/3] Non-contiguous array support for OpenACC data clauses (re-submission), libgomp patches

[PATCH, PR d/88722] Partially fix ICE: in register_moduleinfo, at d/modules.cc:40

[PATCH, PR d/90444] Committed fix for ICE in d_init_builtins, at d/d-builtins.cc:1121

[PATCH, PR d/90445] Committed fix for ICE in d_build_c_type_nodes, at d/d-builtins.cc:783

[PATCH, PR d/90446] Committed fix for segfault in build_function_type at gcc/tree.c:8539

[PATCH, PR d/90601] Committed fix for ICE: gimplification failed (gimplify.c at 13436)

[PATCH, PR d/90893] Committed fix for ODR violation in d/runtime.cc

[PATCH, PR d/91238] Committed fix for ICE in add_expr, at tree.c:7794

Re: [PATCH, sanitizer] Wrap rethrow_primary_exception (PR 87880).

[Patch, testsuite, committed] Fix bogus gcc.dg/torture/ssa-fre-6.c failure for avr

[Patch, testsuite, committed] Fix bogus gcc.dg/torture/ssa-fre-{5,7}.c failures for avr

[PATCH,Fortran] -- Tidy up the BOZ rewrite

[PATCH,fortran] PR 91413 Generate warning when making array static

[PATCH,i386] Don't use errno when freestanding (was: config/i386/xmmintrin.h: Only #include <mm_malloc.h> if __STDC_HOSTED__)

[PATCH] [LRA] Fix wrong-code PR 91109

[PATCH] [LRA] Fix wrong-code PR 91109 take 2

[PATCH] [LTO] Avoid path name with // when installing lto-dump

Re: [PATCH] [MIPS] Add missing const qualifier in MSA ld intrinsic documentation

[PATCH] [MIPS] Fix handling of MSA SUBREG moves on big-endian targets

[PATCH] [PR81810] unused strcpy to a local buffer not eliminated

[PATCH] Add --with-static-standard-libraries to the top level

[PATCH] Add _mm256_{load,store}u2_m128{,d,i} intrinsics (PR target/91341)

[PATCH] Add future.md placeholder to PowerPC

Re: [PATCH] Add generic support for "noinit" attribute

[patch] Add guard to build_reconstructed_reference

[PATCH] Add MD Function type check for builtin_md vectorize

[PATCH] Add missing _mm{256,512}_zext* intrinsics (PRs target/83250, target/91340)

[PATCH] Add missing popcount simplifications (PR90693)

[PATCH] Add noexcept-specifier to std::apply and std::make_from_tuple

[PATCH] Add operator new/delete to cgraph_node::dump.

Re: [PATCH] Adding _Dependent_ptr type qualifier in C part 1/3

[PATCH] Amend vec interface with qsort_r style methods

Re: [PATCH] Automatics in equivalence statements

[PATCH] BOZ Documentation update

[PATCH] builtin fadd variants implementation

Re: [PATCH] Builtin function roundeven folding implementation

Re: [PATCH] Check -shared is available for pr87906's tesstcase

[PATCH] Check -shared is available for tesstcases

Re: [PATCH] Come up with json::integer_number and use it in GCOV.

Re: [PATCH] Deduce automatically number of cores for -flto option.

[PATCH] Deprecate std::__is_nullptr_t type trait

[PATCH] Detect not-cloned new/delete operators in DCE.

[PATCH] Do not try to process deleted headers with Doxygen

Re: [PATCH] don't trim empty string initializers for pointers (PR 90947)

Re: [PATCH] Enable GCC support for AVX512_VP2INTERSECT.

[PATCH] enable gcc.dg/struct-ret-1.c on all targets

[PATCH] Fix -MF clash for LTO.

Re: [PATCH] Fix 2 clang warnings.

[PATCH] Fix 300.twolf regression caused by STV

[PATCH] fix and improve strlen conditional handling of merged stores (PR 91183, 91294, 91315)

[PATCH] Fix file descriptor existence of MinGW.

[PATCH] Fix invalid RTL sharing caused by STV changes

[PATCH] Fix markdown in Doxygen comments for std::reduce

[patch] Fix minor SLSR pessimization

[PATCH] Fix PR37242

[PATCH] Fix PR91375

[PATCH] Fix PR91445

[PATCH] Fix PR91469

[PATCH] Fix PR91482

[PATCH] Fix PR91522

Re: [PATCH] Fix simd attribute handling on aarch64 (version 2)

[patch] Fix tree-optimization/91169


Re: [PATCH] fixincludes breaks mingw64 build

[PATCH] fold constant flexarrays to strings (PR 91490)

[PATCH] fold more string comparison with known result (PR 90879)

[patch] handle casesi dispatch insns in create_trace_edges

[PATCH] Handle new operators with no arguments in DCE.

Re: [PATCH] i386: Expand roundeven for SSE4.1+

Re: [PATCH] i386: Roundeven expansion for SSE4.1+

Re: [PATCH] i386: Separate costs of pseudo registers from hard registers

Re: [PATCH] Implement "P0631R4 Math Constants" for C++20

[PATCH] Implement -fopt-info support for IPA ICF.

[PATCH] Improve documentation of target hooks for libc functions

[PATCH] Improve DSE to handle redundant zero initializations.

[PATCH] Improve QImode extraction without SSE4.1 (PR tree-optimization/91201)

Re: [PATCH] integrate sprintf pass into strlen (PR 83431)

[PATCH] Intrinsic documentation for DIM, MOD and MODULO.

[PATCH] issue a correct fix-it hint for bad argument in GCC diagnostics (PR 80619)

[PATCH] issue consistent warning for past-the-end array stores (PR 91457)

[PATCH] libgcc/crtstuff.c: Fix incorrect alignment of entries in CRT data structures (PR target/91306)

[PATCH] Make -flto=jobserver parallel again.

Re: [PATCH] Make BITMAP_WORD more easily configurable

[PATCH] Make cdtor names stable for LTO (PR lto/91307).

[PATCH] make clear TYPE_SIZE may be non-constant or null

[PATCH] Make GIMPLE forwprop DCE dead stmts

[PATCH] Mark DECL_SET_IS_OPERATOR_DELETE for user-provided delete operators.

[PATCH] mklog: parse PR references from new test files

Re: [PATCH] More fixes for update_web_docs_svn for jit docs (PR jit/64257)

[PATCH] Move is_valid_fd to filedescriptor.c file.

[PATCH] or1k: Fix issue with set_got clobbering r9

[PATCH] P0325R4 to_array from LFTS with updates

[PATCH] P1651R0 bind_front should not unwrap reference_wrapper

[PATCH] Port value profiling to -fopt-info infrastructure.

[PATCH] PR 53796 Make inquire(file=, recl=) conform to F2018

[PATCH] PR fortran/42546 -- ALLOCATED has 2 mutually exclusive keywords

[PATCH] PR fortran/68401 Improve allocation error message

[PATCH] PR fortran/78719 -- Check for a CLASS

[PATCH] PR fortran/78739 -- detect statement function name conflict

[PATCH] PR fortran/82992 -- Check for conflicting symbols

[PATCH] PR fortran/87993 -- An array can have a kind type inquiry suffix

[PATCH] PR fortran/88072 -- Don't point to a pointer that ought not be point at

Re: [PATCH] PR fortran/88227 -- Revenge of the BOZ

[PATCH] PR fortran/89647 -- Allow host associated procedure to be a binding target

[PATCH] PR fortran/89943 -- BIND(C) procedures in submodules

[PATCH] PR fortran/91359 -- A function should return something

[PATCH] PR fortran/91414: Improved PRNG

[PATCH] PR fortran/91471 -- Remove a gfc_internal_error()

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/90361 add missing macro definition

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/91371 make std::is_function handle other calling conventions

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/91456 make INVOKE<R> work with uncopyable prvalues

[PATCH] PR other/91396 Fix static link error with -fvtable-verify

[PATCH] PR target/91441 - Turn off -fsanitize=kernel-address if TARGET_ASAN_SHADOW_OFFSET is not implemented.

Re: [PATCH] PR91195: fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning for conditional store optimization

[PATCH] Prevent LTO section collision for a symbol name starting with '*'.

[PATCH] Properly detect working jobserver in gcc driver.

[PATCH] Properly register dead cgraph_nodes in passes.c.

Re: [PATCH] Provide proper error message for -flto=abcd.

[PATCH] Reapply missing patch for libsanitizer.

[PATCH] Refactor SCEV DFS finding

Re: [PATCH] Remove a pointless global var

Re: [PATCH] Restrict LOOP_ALIGN to loop headers only.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Add testcase for testing li pseudo instruction

[PATCH] RISC-V: Fix C ABI for flattened struct with 0-length bitfield.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Handle extensions combination correctly in multilib-generator.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Handle g extension in multilib-generator

[PATCH] RISC-V: Promote type correctly for libcalls

[PATCH] rs6000: Add ordered compares (PR58684)

[PATCH] rs6000: vec-rotate-*.c fixes

[PATCH] Sanitizing the middle-end interface to the back-end for strict alignment

[PATCH] Schedule another update_address_taken late

Re: [patch] Set TREE_THIS_NOTRAP throughout tree-nested.c

[PATCH] Simplify and generalize rust-demangle's unescaping logic.

[patch] Small tweaks to profile parameters

[PATCH] Sync MIPS support from libffi master repository

[PATCH] Teach mklog to reference PRs.


[PATCH] Use tail-recursion in SCEV SCC finding where possible

[PATCH], Add future cost placeholder to PowerPC

[PATCH], Fix V1TI in Altivec regs on old systems

[PATCH], Patch #1 of 10, Add instruction format enumeration

[PATCH], Patch #1 replacement (fix issues with future TLS patches)

[PATCH], Patch #10 of 10, Add pc-relative tests

[PATCH], Patch #2 of 10, Add RTL prefixed attribute

[PATCH], Patch #3 of 10, Add prefixed addressing support

[PATCH], Patch #4 of 10, Adjust costs based on insn sizes

[PATCH], Patch #5 of 10, Make -mpcrel default for -mcpu=future

[PATCH], Patch #6 of 10, Add 'future' support to function attributes

[PATCH], Patch #7 of 10, Add support for PCREL_OPT

[PATCH], Patch #8 of 10, Miscellaneous future tests

[PATCH], Patch #9 of 10, Add tests with large memory offsets

[PATCH]: Fix PR c++/88095, class template argument deduction for literal operator templates per P0732 for C++2a

[PATCH][1/2][i386] STV changes, DImode chain cost

[PATCH][2/2][i386] STV changes, reg-copy as vector

[PATCH][AArch64] Add Linux hwcap strings for some extensions

[PATCH][AArch64] Add support for missing CPUs

[PATCH][AArch64] Don't split 64-bit constant stores to volatile location

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Expand DImode constant stores to two SImode stores when profitable

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix PR81800

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix symbol offset limit

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Increase default function alignment

Re: [PATCH][aarch64] Use neoversen1 tuning struct for -mcpu=cortex-a76

Re: [patch][aarch64]: add intrinsics for vld1(q)_x4 and vst1(q)_x4

[PATCH][Arm] Add support for missing CPUs

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Cleanup DImode shifts

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Cleanup logical DImode operations

[PATCH][ARM] Deprecate -mneon-for-64bits

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Remove remaining Neon DImode support

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Switch to default sched pressure algorithm

[PATCH][arm][committed] Fix use of CRC32 intrinsics with Armv8-a and hard-float

[PATCH][c++] Do not warn about unused macros while processing #pragma GCC optimize

[PATCH][COMMITTED] RISC-V: Fix testcase on rv64

Re: [PATCH][DOC] Define email limit for gcc-patches mailing list.

[PATCH][GCC] Complex division improvements in Libgcc

[PATCH][GCC][AARCH64] Add effective-target check to b key execution tests

[PATCH][gensupport] PR 91255: Do not error out immediately on set_attr_alternative with define_subst

[PATCH][GIMPLE-FE] Expose 'sizetype' to the GIMPLE FE

[PATCH][i386] Fix PR91454, unrecognized insn

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Add missed to a opt-info dump.

Re: [PATCH][RFC][x86] Fix PR91154, add SImode smax, allow SImode add in SSE regs

[PATCH][testsuite] Fix PR91419

Re: [PATCHv3] Fix not 8-byte aligned ldrd/strd on ARMv5 (PR 89544)

[PATCHv4] Fix not 8-byte aligned ldrd/strd on ARMv5 (PR 89544)

[PATCHv5] Fix not 8-byte aligned ldrd/strd on ARMv5 (PR 89544)

[PING] [PATCH] Sanitizing the middle-end interface to the back-end for strict alignment

[PING] [PATCHv4] Fix not 8-byte aligned ldrd/strd on ARMv5 (PR 89544)

Re: [PING][AArch64] Use scvtf fbits option where appropriate

[POC PATCH] rough prototype of __builtin_warning

Re: [PR other/79543] Fix GNU ld --version scanning to conform to the GNU Coding Standards

Re: [range-ops] patch 01/04: types for VR_UNDEFINED and VR_VARYING

[RFA] [PR tree-optimization/80576] Handle strcpy and strcpy_chk in DSE

[RFA] [tree-optimization/80576] Handle non-constant sizes in DSE

[RFC PATCH, i386]: Improve STV pass by correcting the cost of moves to/from XMM reg

[RFC] [AARCH64] Add support for new control bits CTR_EL0.DIC and CTR_EL0.IDC

[RFC] Enable math functions linking with static library for LTO

[RFC] Some questions on aarch64 feature about IDC and DIC

Re: [RFC][tree-vect]PR 88915: Further vectorize second loop when versioning

[RFC][vect]PR: 65930 teach vectorizer to handle SUM reductions with sign-change casts

[SVE] [aarch64] Add "@" in vcond_mask pattern

[SVE] PR86753

[SVE] PR88839

[testsuite, i386] Fix gcc.target/i386/minmax-4.c etc. on 32-bit Solaris/x86

[testsuite] use rand instead of random

[wwwdocs PATCH] for Re: autovectorization in gcc

[wwwdocs] Add missing C++20 feature

[wwwdocs] Another C++20 table update

[wwwdocs] bugs/index.html - remove a last reference to Java/libgcj

[wwwdocs] Document C++ news in GCC 10 Release Notes

[wwwdocs] Further tweaks to C++2a status

[wwwdocs] gcc-4.3/porting_to.html - remove obsolete reference to Brian M. Carlson's blog

Re: [wwwdocs] gcc-9/changes.html - Mention new OpenRISC backend

Re: [wwwdocs] nds32 documentation - remove broken reference

[wwwdocs] readings.html - www.xilinx.com has moved to https

[wwwdocs] Remove dysfunctional mirrors-usa.go-parts.com

[wwwdocs] Remove reference to G77 bugs from bugs/index.html

[wwwdocs] Reverting your own patches (was: [PATCH] Revert 2 ::get to ::get_create for IPA summaries (PR ipa/86279))

[wwwdocs] Rotate news

[wwwdocs] Update C++ DR table

[wwwdocs] Update C++2a status

[wwwdocs] www.sandpile.org has moved to https

Add a gimple_move_vops helper function

Re: Add ARRAY_REF based access patch disambiguation

Add IFN_COND functions for shifting

Add line returns in RTL dump file

Add missing check for BUILT_IN_MD (PR 91444)


address change

Backports to gcc-9-branch

C++ PATCH for c++/79817 - attribute deprecated on namespace

C++ PATCH for c++/81429 - wrong parsing of constructor with C++11 attribute

C++ PATCH for c++/81676 - bogus -Wunused warnings in constexpr if

C++ PATCH for c++/87519 - bogus warning with -Wsign-conversion

C++ PATCH for c++/90473 - wrong code with nullptr in default argument

C++ PATCH for c++/91230 - wrong error with __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ and generic lambda

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/91264 - detect modifying const objects in constexpr

C++ PATCH for c++/91304 - prefix attributes ignored in condition

C++ PATCH for c++/91338 - P1161R3: Deprecate a[b,c]

C++ PATCH for c++/91346 - Implement C++2a P1668R1, allow unevaluated asm in constexpr

C++ PATCH for c++/91391 - bogus -Wcomma-subscript warning

C++ PATCH for c++/91416 - GC during late parsing collects live data

C++ PATCH for DR 2413 - typename in conversion-function-ids

C++ PATCH for more checking of DECL_MUTABLE_P

C++ PATCH for P1152R4: Deprecating some uses of volatile (PR c++/91361)

C++ PATCH to add test for c++/53009

C++ PATCH to add test for c++/56428

C++ PATCH to add test for c++/77575

C++ PATCH to add test for c++/79520

C++ PATCH to add test for c++/85827

Re: C++ PATCH to detect narrowing in case values (PR c++/90805)

C++ PATCH to implement C++20 P1143R2, constinit (PR c++/91360)

Canonicalization of compares performed as side-effect operations

Darwin backports commited for 9.2

Re: Don't use integer "FMA" for shifts

dwarf2out suspicious code

enforce canonicalization of value_range's

Fix Ada comparison failure on SPARC

Fix crash with -fdump-ada-spec

Fix libstdc++ lstat missing return type for Windows target

Fix minor issues in branch prediction code

Fix PR rtl-optimization/91347

Re: Fix up -fexcess-precision handling in LTO (was Re: [GCC][middle-end] Add rules to strip away unneeded type casts in expressions (2nd patch))

Fold MASK_LOAD/STORE with an all-true mask

Re: GCC 9 backports

Go patch committed: allocate defer records on the stack

Go patch committed: Don't use pkgpath for fieldtrack of unexported field

Go patch committed: If hidden function referenced by inline, don't hide descriptor

Go patch committed: Implement shifts by signed amounts

Go patch committed: New debugging functions

Go patch committed: Print runtime.hex in hex

Go patch committed: Support new numeric literal syntax

i386/asm-4 test: use amd64's natural addressing mode on all OSs

Implement C++20 p1424 - 'constexpr' feature macro concerns.

libgo patch committed: Scan write barrier buffer conservatively

libgo patch committed: Stricter GC checking

Make function_code a 32-bit field

match ld besides collect2 in gcov test

Merge from trunk to gccgo branch

Monotonically increasing counter (was Re: [Contrib PATCH] Add scripts to convert GCC repo from SVN to Git)

New Chinese (simplified) PO file for 'gcc' (version 9.1.0)

Optimise constant IFN_WHILE_ULTs

Patch ping (Re: Fix up -fexcess-precision handling in LTO (was Re: [GCC][middle-end] Add rules to strip away unneeded type casts in expressions (2nd patch)))

Patch ping: C++17 experimental status

Patch RFA: [C family frontend]: avoid weird constant values in libgo/sysinfo.go

Patch to support extended characters in C/C++ identifiers

PC-relative TLS support

PING^1 [PATCH] i386: Separate costs of pseudo registers from hard registers

PING^2 [PATCH v2] S/390: Improve storing asan frame_pc

PowerPC 'future' patches introduction

Re: PR 90409 Deque fiil/copy/move/copy_backward/move_backward/equal overloads

PR driver/91130 Use CL_DRIVER when handling of COLLECT_GCC_OPTIONS in lto-wrapper.c

Re: PR90724 - ICE with __sync_bool_compare_and_swap with -march=armv8.2-a

PR91349, powerpc64*-*-freebsd* defines _GNU_SOURCE

Proposal to patch libiberty.a for controlling whether pathnames on Windows are converted to lower case

Protect some checks of DECL_FUNCTION_CODE

Protect tree_to_shwi call in unmodified_param_1

Re: r273969 - in /trunk/gcc/lto: ChangeLog Make-lan...

Reject tail calls that read from an escaped RESULT_DECL (PR90313)

Remove pointless global var


require trampolines for pr85044

Re: rework Ada EH Machine_Occurrence deallocation

Re: Rework constant subreg folds and handle more variable-length cases

Re: Rewrite some jump.c routines to use flags

RFC: Help with updating LTO documentation

Run the combine part of combine_and_move_insns even if -fsched-pressure

skip Cholesky decomposition in is>>n_mv_dist

Re: Start implementing -frounding-math

types for VR_VARYING

Re: Update x86-tune-costs.h for znver2

use __builtin_alloca, drop non-standard alloca.h

Use checking forms of DECL_FUNCTION_CODE (PR 91421)

Use predicates for RTL objects

Re: Using gcc/ChangeLog instead of gcc/testsuite/ChangeLog?

What to do with argument mismatches in Fortran (was: [patch, fortran] Fix PR 91443)

Re: wrap math.h for M_PI et al in target/i386 tests

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