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Re: [PATCH] Automatics in equivalence statements

On 14/08/2019 18:10, Jeff Law wrote:
On 8/14/19 2:45 AM, Mark Eggleston wrote:
I now have commit access.


     Jeff Law <>
     Mark Eggleston <>

     * gfortran.h: Add gfc_check_conflict declaration.
     * symbol.c (check_conflict): Rename cfg_check_conflict and remove
     * symbol.c (cfg_check_conflict): Remove automatic in equivalence
     conflict check.
     * symbol.c (save_symbol): Add check for in equivalence to stop the
     the save attribute being added.
     * trans-common.c (build_equiv_decl): Add is_auto parameter and
     add !is_auto to condition where TREE_STATIC (decl) is set.
     * trans-common.c (build_equiv_decl): Add local variable is_auto,
     set it true if an atomatic attribute is encountered in the variable
     list.  Call build_equiv_decl with is_auto as an additional parameter.
     flag_dec_format_defaults is enabled.
     * trans-common.c (accumulate_equivalence_attributes) : New subroutine.
     * trans-common.c (find_equivalence) : New local variable dummy_symbol,
     accumulated equivalence attributes from each symbol then check for


     Mark Eggleston <>

     * gfortran.dg/auto_in_equiv_1.f90: New test.
     * gfortran.dg/auto_in_equiv_2.f90: New test.
     * gfortran.dg/auto_in_equiv_3.f90: New test.

OK to commit?

How do I know that I have approval to commit?
Yes, this is OK to commit.  Steve acked it in a private message to me.
Committed as revision 274565.
Normally you'll get an ACK/OK on the public list.  But private ACKs or
ACKs on IRC also count as approval :-)



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