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*ping* [patch, fortran] Fix PR 60355, missing error for BIND(C) outside module scope

*ping* [patch, fortran] Fix PR 79312, find invalid typespec for empty array constructors

*ping* [patch, fortran] Fix PR 81116, missing dependency handling for allocatable character


0002-Part-2.-Document-finstrument-control-flow-and-notrack attribute

0003-Part-3.-Add-tests-for-finstrument-control-flow-and-notrack attribute







Re: Add support to trace comparison instructions and switch statements

[PATCH v2] Python testcases to check DWARF output

Re: [01/77] Add an E_ prefix to mode names

Re: [02/77] Add an E_ prefix to mode names and update case statements

Re: [03/77] Allow machine modes to be classes

Re: [04/77] Add FOR_EACH iterators for modes

Re: [05/77] Small tweak to array_value_type

Re: [06/77] Make GET_MODE_WIDER return an opt_mode

Re: [07/77] Add scalar_float_mode

Re: [08/77] Simplify gen_trunc/extend_conv_libfunc


Re: [1/2] PR 78736: New warning -Wenum-conversion

Re: [10/77] Make assemble_real take a scalar_float_mode

Re: [11/77] Add a float_mode_for_size helper function

Re: [12/77] Use opt_scalar_float_mode when iterating over float modes

Re: [13/77] Make floatn_mode return an opt_scalar_float_mode

Re: [14/77] Make libgcc_floating_mode_supported_p take a scalar_float_mode

Re: [15/77] Add scalar_int_mode

Re: [16/77] Add scalar_int_mode_pod

Re: [17/77] Add an int_mode_for_size helper function

Re: [18/77] Make int_mode_for_mode return an opt_scalar_int_mode

Re: [19/77] Add a smallest_int_mode_for_size helper function

Re: [20/77] Replace MODE_INT checks with is_int_mode

Re: [21/77] Replace SCALAR_INT_MODE_P checks with is_a <scalar_int_mode>

Re: [22/77] Replace !VECTOR_MODE_P with is_a <scalar_int_mode>

Re: [23/77] Replace != VOIDmode checks with is_a <scalar_int_mode>

Re: [24/77] Replace a != BLKmode check with is_a <scalar_int_mode>

Re: [25/77] Use is_a <scalar_int_mode> for bitmask optimisations

Re: [26/77] Use is_a <scalar_int_mode> in subreg/extract simplifications

Re: [27/77] Use is_a <scalar_int_mode> before LOAD_EXTEND_OP

Re: [28/77] Use is_a <scalar_int_mode> for miscellaneous types of test

Re: [29/77] Make some *_loc_descriptor helpers take scalar_int_mode

Re: [30/77] Use scalar_int_mode for doubleword splits

Re: [31/77] Use scalar_int_mode for move2add

Re: [32/77] Check is_a <scalar_int_mode> before calling valid_pointer_mode

Re: [33/77] Add a NARROWEST_INT_MODE macro

Re: [34/77] Add a SCALAR_INT_TYPE_MODE macro

Re: [35/77] Add uses of as_a <scalar_int_mode>

Re: [36/77] Use scalar_int_mode in the RTL iv routines

Re: [37/77] Use scalar_int_mode when emitting cstores

Re: [38/77] Move SCALAR_INT_MODE_P out of strict_volatile_bitfield_p

Re: [39/77] Two changes to the get_best_mode interface

Re: [40/77] Use scalar_int_mode for extraction_insn fields

Re: [41/77] Split scalar integer handling out of force_to_mode

Re: [42/77] Use scalar_int_mode in simplify_shift_const_1

Re: [43/77] Use scalar_int_mode in simplify_comparison

Re: [44/77] Make simplify_and_const_int take a scalar_int_mode

Re: [45/77] Make extract_left_shift take a scalar_int_mode

Re: [46/77] Make widest_int_mode_for_size return a scalar_int_mode

Re: [47/77] Make subroutines of nonzero_bits operate on scalar_int_mode

Re: [48/77] Make subroutines of num_sign_bit_copies operate on scalar_int_mode

Re: [49/77] Simplify nonzero/num_sign_bits hooks

Re: [50/77] Add helper routines for SUBREG_PROMOTED_VAR_P subregs

Re: [51/77] Use opt_scalar_int_mode when iterating over integer modes

Re: [52/77] Use scalar_int_mode in extract/store_bit_field

Re: [53/77] Pass a mode to const_scalar_mask_from_tree

Re: [54/77] Add explicit int checks for alternative optab implementations

Re: [55/77] Use scalar_int_mode in simplify_const_unary_operation

Re: [56/77] Use the more specific type when two modes are known to be equal

Re: [57/77] Use scalar_int_mode in expand_expr_addr_expr

Re: [58/77] Use scalar_int_mode in a try_combine optimisation

Re: [59/77] Add a rtx_jump_table_data::get_data_mode helper

Re: [60/77] Pass scalar_int_modes to do_jump_by_parts_*

Re: [61/77] Use scalar_int_mode in the AArch64 port

Re: [62/77] Big machine_mode to scalar_int_mode replacement

Re: [63/77] Simplifications after type switch

Re: [64/77] Add a scalar_mode class

Re: [65/77] Add a SCALAR_TYPE_MODE macro

Re: [66/77] Use scalar_mode for constant integers

Re: [67/77] Use scalar_mode in fixed-value.*

Re: [68/77] Use scalar_mode for is_int_mode/is_float_mode pairs

Re: [69/77] Split scalar-only part out of convert_mode

Re: [70/77] Make expand_fix/float check for scalar modes

Re: [71/77] Use opt_scalar_mode for mode iterators

Re: [72/77] Pass scalar_mode to scalar_mode_supported_p

Re: [73/77] Pass scalar_mode to scalar_mode_supported_p

Re: [74/77] Various small scalar_mode changes

Re: [75/77] Use scalar_mode in the AArch64 port

Re: [76/77] Add a scalar_mode_pod class

Re: [77/77] Add a complex_mode class

[AArch64 obvious] Fix register constraints for aarch64_ml[as]_elt_merge<mode>

[AArch64, committed] Fix label mode

[AArch64, PATCH] Improve Neon store of zero

Re: [AARCH64] Disable pc relative literal load irrespective of TARGET_FIX_ERR_A53_84341

[AArch64] Remove use of wider vector modes

[AArch64] Rename cmp_result iterator

[AArch64] Tighten address register subreg checks

[AArch64] Tweak aarch64_classify_address interface

Re: [AArch64], patch] PR71727 fix -mstrict-align

Re: [ARM, VXworks] Fix build

[C++ committed] Fix ICE with -Wshadow=compatible-local (PR c++/81640)

[C++ Patch Ping] Re: [C++ Patch] PR 79790 ("[C++17] ICE class template argument deduction")


[C++ PATCH] class member lookup

[C++ PATCH] Commonize function-version checking

[C++ PATCH] excise search stats

[C++ PATCH] Find conv ops by name

[C++ PATCH] finish-member-decl cleanups


[C++ PATCH] Make taking the address of an overloaded function a non-deduced context

[C++ PATCH] METHOD_VEC sorting

[C++ PATCH] move class lookup fns

[C++ PATCH] Move field_vec creation

[C++ PATCH] move template_info field

[C++ Patch] PR 70621 ("[6/7/8 Regression] ICE on invalid code at -O1 and above on x86_64-linux-gnu in record_reference, at cgraphbuild.c:64")

[C++ Patch] PR 71440 ("ICE on invalid C++ code in instantiate_type, at cp/class.c...")

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 79790 ("[C++17] ICE class template argument deduction")

[C++ PATCH] put all conv-ops onto single overload


[C++ PATCH]: Dead code-ectomy

[c++/81899] bound tpl-tpl-parm ICE

Re: [committed, nvptx] Add nvptx_override_options_after_change

[committed, v3] C/C++: show pertinent open token when missing a close token

[Committed/AARCH64] Fix gcc.target/aarch64/vect-xorsign_exec.c testcase

[Committed/AARCH64] Fix rdma for -mcpu=native

[committed] Add support for OpenMP atomics on bitfields (PR c/69389)

[committed] Diagnose invalid #pragma omp simd even for -fopenmp-simd (PR middle-end/81052)

[committed] diagnostic-show-locus.c: remove unused field from class colorizer

[committed] Fix bogus CONST_WIDE_INT hash

[Committed] Fix gcc.target/aarch64/_Float16_*.c when supplied a -mcpu= option

[Committed] Fix gcc.target/aarch64/atomic_cmp_exchange_*.c for supplied -mcpu=/-march=

[Committed] Fix testsuite/gcc.target/aarch64/target_attr*.c testcases when -mcpu= or -march= supplied

[committed] hpux: Fix testsuite/17_intro/names.cc failure

[committed] jit: add gcc_jit_type_get_vector

[committed] jit: fix segfault with autovectorization (PR tree-optimization/46805)

[committed] jit: make simpler reproducers

[committed] Pass rtx and index to read-md.c iterator routines

[COMMITTED] PR46932: Fix unresolved in testsuite

[committed] remove stray space from a warning message (PR 79998)

[committed] testsuite: add param-type-mismatch.c/C testcases as a baseline

[committed] Xfail gcc.dg/ipa/ipcp-cstagg-7.c on 32-bit hppa targets

[COMMITTED][AArch64] PR81643: Fix longbranch test

[GCC RFC]Expensive internal function calls.

[GCC][AArch64][PATCH][Committed] Fix failing dbl_mov_immediate_1.c test on big-endian

[GCC][AArch64][PATHC] Only allow 0s unconditionally for floating point values.

[GCC][PATCH][mid-end][Version 3] Optimize x * copysign (1.0, y) [Patch (1/2)]

[GCC]][AArch64][PATCH] Fix big endian float immediate moves.

[i386] Document a dozen of IA-32 builtins

[libcc1] Improve detection of triplet on compiler names

Re: [Libgomp, Fortran] Fix canadian cross build

RE: [libgomp] Doc update - TASKLOOP/GOMP_doacross_ description

[nvptx, committed] Add missing probabilities in nvptx_lock{less,full}_update

[nvptx, PR 81662, committed] Error out on nvptx for fpatchable-function-entry

[og7] Adjust k80 resources

[og7] dynamic num_workers

[og7] Fix libgomp.oacc-c/asyncwait-2.c

[openacc, committed] Add missing edge probability in expand_oacc_for

[openacc, PR78266, committed] Fix diff_type in expand_oacc_for char iter_type

Re: [PATCH #4, cleanup, committed] Remove PowerPC -mvsx-small-integer

Re: [Patch (preapproved)] Guard Copy Header pass on flag_tree_loop_vectorize

Re: [PATCH 0/13] D: Submission of D Front End

Re: [PATCH 0/2] add unique_ptr class

[PATCH 0/2] backport c++ header fixes to gcc-5-branch

Re: [patch 0/2] PR49847: Add hook to place read-only lookup-tables in named address-space

Re: [PATCH 0/2] Python testcases to check DWARF output

[PATCH 0/3 v2] C/C++: show pertinent open token when missing a close token

[PATCH 0/3] improve detection of attribute conflicts (PR 81544)

[PATCH 0/5] RFC, WIP: RTL cost improvements

Re: [PATCH 0/6] [i386] PR80969 Fix ICE with -mabi=ms -mavx512f

Re: [PATCH 00/19] cleanup of memory stats prototypes

[PATCH 00/22] RFC: integrated 3rd-party static analysis support

[PATCH 01/22] Expose assert_loceq outside of input.c; add ASSERT_LOCEQ

[PATCH 02/22] libcpp: add linemap_position_for_file_line_and_column

[PATCH 03/22] Add JSON implementation

[PATCH 04/22] Add firehose.h/cc

[PATCH 05/22] diagnostic.c/h: add support for external tools

[PATCH 06/22] Makefile.in: hack in -lpthread

[PATCH 07/22] Add minimal version of Nick Clifton's annobin code


[PATCH 09/22] Add selftest::read_file (..., FILE *, ...)

[PATCH 1/1] sparc: support for -mmisalign in the SPARC M8

Re: [PATCH 1/1] sparc: support for -mmisalign in the SPARC M8

[PATCH 1/2] (header usage fix) remove unused system header includes

Re: [PATCH 1/2] [ARM] Refactor costs calculation for MEM.

[PATCH 1/2] [GCC] Improve regexp handling on libc[cp]1::compiler_triplet_regexp::find

Re: [PATCH 1/2] add unique_ptr header

[PATCH 1/2] c-family/c/c++: pass optional vec<location_t> to c-format.c

[PATCH 1/2] Don't warn function alignment if warn_if_not_aligned_p is true

Re: [PATCH 1/2] Introduce testsuite support to run Python tests

Re: [PATCH 1/2] simplify-rtx: The truncation of an IOR can have all bits set (PR81423)

Re: [PATCH 1/3] c-family: add name_hint/deferred_diagnostic

[PATCH 1/3] improve detection of attribute conflicts (PR 81544)

[PATCH 1/3] matching tokens: c-family parts

[PATCH 1/3] optabs: ensure mem_thread_fence is a compiler barrier

Re: [PATCH 1/3] Use BUILD_PATH_PREFIX_MAP envvar for debug-prefix-map

[PATCH 1/4] [i386] Correct comments, add assertions to sp_valid_at and fp_valid_at

[PATCH 1/4] enhance overflow and truncation detection in strncpy and strncat (PR 81117)

[PATCH 1/5] Rename existing insn_cost to insn_sched_cost

Re: [PATCH 1/7] [ARC] Improves and fixes for small data support.

[PATCH 10/22] Add checkers.h/cc

[PATCH 11/22] Add checkers/test-sources

[PATCH 12/22] Add -Wrun-analyzers= to common.opt, toplev.c, and invoke.texi

[PATCH 13/22] Add checkers/checker.py

[PATCH 14/22] Add checkers/always_fails.py

[PATCH 15/22] Add checkers/clang_analyzer.py

[PATCH 16/22] Add checkers/coverity.py

[PATCH 17/22] Add checkers/cppcheck.py

[PATCH 18/22] Add checkers/flawfinder.py

[PATCH 19/22] Add checkers/ianal.py

[PATCH 2/2] (header usage fix) include c++ headers in system.h

Re: [PATCH 2/2] [ARM] Add table of costs for AAarch32 addressing modes.

[PATCH 2/2] [GDB] Add trailing dash on triplet regexp

[PATCH 2/2] C: use full locations within c_parser_expr_list's vec<location_t>

[PATCH 2/2] Update expected alignment in pr53037-1.C/pr53037-1.c

[PATCH 2/3] improve detection of attribute conflicts (PR 81544)

[PATCH 2/3] Matching tokens: C parts (v2)

[PATCH 2/3] retire mem_signal_fence pattern

[PATCH 2/4] [i386] Modify ix86_compute_frame_layout

[PATCH 2/4] enhance overflow and truncation detection in strncpy and strncat (PR 81117)

[PATCH 2/5] Replace insn_rtx_cost with insn_cost and pattern_cost

Re: [PATCH 2/7] [ARC] Use -G option to control sdata behavior

[PATCH 20/22] Add checkers/splint.py

[PATCH 21/22] Add checkers/Makefile

[PATCH 22/22] Add contrib/get-static-analysis.py

[PATCH 3/3] diagnose attribute aligned conflicts (PR 81566)

[PATCH 3/3] matching tokens: C++ parts (v2)

[PATCH 3/3] optabs: ensure atomic_load/stores have compiler barriers

[PATCH 3/4] [i386] Modify SP realignment in ix86_expand_prologue, et. al.

[PATCH 3/4] enhance overflow and truncation detection in strncpy and strncat (PR 81117)

[PATCH 3/5] combine: Use insn_cost instead of pattern_cost everywhere

Re: [PATCH 3/7] [ARC] Update can_follow_jump hook helper.

[PATCH 4/3] improve detection of attribute conflicts (PR 81544)

[PATCH 4/4] [i386, testsuite] Add tests, fix bug in check_avx2_hw_available

[PATCH 4/4] enhance overflow and truncation detection in strncpy and strncat (PR 81117)

[PATCH 4/5] Add targetm.insn_cost hook


[PATCH 5/3] C++ bits to improve detection of attribute conflicts (PR 81544)

[PATCH 5/5] rs6000: Implement insn_cost hook

[PATCH 5/6 v2] [i386] Modify SP realignment in ix86_expand_prologue, et. al.

Re: [PATCH 5/7] [ARC] Update various patterns

[PATCH 6/6 v2] [i386, testsuite] Add tests, fix bug in check_avx2_hw_available

Re: [PATCH 6/6] qsort comparator consistency checking

Re: [PATCH 6/7] [ARC] Reimplement ZOL support.

Re: [PATCH 7/7] [ARC] Fix errors in arc_ifcvt.

[PATCH committed][AArch64] Fix dbl_mov_immediate_1.c test

[PATCH GCC][01/06]New interface returning all adjacent vertices in graph

[PATCH GCC][02/06]New field in struct dependence_info indicating fixed length access

[PATCH GCC][03/06]Dump dependence information

[PATCH GCC][04/06]Add copying interface for dependence_info

[PATCH GCC][05/06]An interface clear all dependence_info with fixed access length tag

[PATCH GCC][06/06]Record runtime alias info in struct dependence_info and pass it along

Re: [PATCH GCC][5/5]Enable tree loop distribution at -O3 and above optimization levels.

[PATCH GCC][OBVIOUS]Handle boundary case for last iv candidate

[PATCH GCC]A simple implementation of loop interchange

Re: [PATCH GCC]Make pointer overflow always undefined and remove the macro

Re: [PATCH gfortran] PR53542 USE-associated variables shows original instead of renamed symbol name

Re: [PATCH PING] Write dependency information (-M*) even if there are errors

Re: [PATCH PR81228]Fixes ICE by adding LTGT in vec_cmp<mode><v_cmp_result>.

Re: [PATCH PR81267]Rewrite into loop closed ssa form in case of any store-store chain

Re: [PATCH PR81620]Don't set has_max_use_after flag for store-store chain

[PATCH PR81744]Fix ICE by deep copying expression of loop's number of iterations

[PATCH PR81799]Fix ICE by forcing to is_gimple_val

[PATCH PR81832]Skip copying loop header if inner loop is distributed

[PATCH PR81913]Skip niter analysis if either IV in exit condition can wrap

Re: [PATCH v12] add -fpatchable-function-entry=N,M option

[PATCH v2 3/3] Add RISC-V port for libgloss

Re: [PATCH v2 9/13] D: D2 Testsuite Dejagnu files.

[PATCH v2, rs6000] Fix PR81833

Re: [PATCH v2] Simplify pow with constant

Re: [PATCH v2][RFC] Canonize names of attributes.

[PATCH v3] Fix PR81503 (SLSR invalid fold)

Re: [PATCH v3][AArch64] Fix symbol offset limit

[PATCH v4 0/4] [i386] PR80969 Fix ICE with -mabi=ms -mavx512f

Re: [PATCH v5] aarch64: Add split-stack initial support

[PATCH, AArch64] Add falkor pipeline description.

[PATCH, alpha]: If trap is the last insn in the function, emit NOP after the insn

[PATCH, ARM] fix .cfi inconsistency out of builtin_eh_return

[PATCH, ARM] Handle DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO in arm_except_unwind_info

[PATCH, DWARF] Add DW_CFA_AARCH64_negate_ra_state to dwarf2.def/h and dwarfnames.c

[patch, fortran, docs] Document sequential unformatted file structure

[patch, fortran] Bug 81296 - derived type I/o problem

Re: [PATCH, Fortran] Correctly set -fd-lines-as-comments with -fdec

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 60355, missing error for BIND(C) outside module scope

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 81116, missing dependency handling for allocatable character

[patch, fortran] Fix regression with inline matmul

Re: [patch, fortran] Generate C prototypes from Fortran code

[Patch, Fortran] PR 81770: [5/6/7 Regression] Bogus warning: Pointer in pointer assignment might outlive the pointer target

Re: [PATCH, Fortran] Support for legacy %FILL fields in STRUCTUREs

[patch, fortran] Warn about suspicious assignment to contiguous pointers

[patch, gcc doc + fortran] Make -Ofast honor -fmax-stack-var-size

[PATCH, GCC, RFC] Fix broken MinGW build

[PATCH, gcc-7-branch] Backport PR80038

Re: [PATCH, GCC/ARM, ping] Remove ARMv8-M code for D17-D31

Re: [PATCH, GCC/ARM] Remove ARMv8-M code for D17-D31

[PATCH, gcc/Makefile.in] Fix typo on ref to multi_dir variable in install-mkheaders

Re: [PATCH, GCC/testsuite/ARM, ping2] Fix coprocessor intrinsic test failures on ARMv8-A

[PATCH, i386]: Allow memory operands for btr/bts and btc (PR target/46091)

[PATCH, i386]: Cleanup option handling a little bit

[PATCH, i386]: Convert *load_tp_<mode> and *add_tp_<mode> to address space

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 81995, error: unrecognizable insn

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR46091, missed optimization: x86 bt/btc/bts instructions

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR81639, ICE in rtl_verify_bb_insns with a naked function

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR81641, assemble failure with named address spaces and -masm=intel

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR81644, ICE in rtl_verify_bICE in rtl_verify_bb_insn, BBRO pass duplicates BB that ends with flow control insnb_insn, BBRO pass duplicates BB that ends with flow control insn

[PATCH, i386]: Make stack canary location customizable (PR target/81708)

[PATCH, i386]: Remove TARGET_ROUND ...

[PATCH, i386]: Remove UNSPEC_STACK_CHECK ...

[PATCH, i386]: Simplify setting of opts->x_flag_entry.

[PATCH, i386]: Use btr/bts/btc some more (PR target/46091)

[patch, libgfortran] PR78387 OpenMP segfault/stack size exceeded writing to internal file

[PATCH, Makefile] improve default cpu selection for e500v2

[PATCH, PR81844] Fix condition folding in c_parser_omp_for_loop

[PATCH, rs6000] (v2) Testcase coverage for vec_perm built-ins

[PATCH, rs6000] (v2) enable early debug and disable switch for gimple folding

[PATCH, rs6000] 1/3 Add x86 SSE <xmmintrin,h> intrinsics to GCC PPC64LE taget

[PATCH, rs6000] 2/3 Add x86 SSE <xmmintrin.h> intrinsics to GCC PPC64LE taget

[PATCH, rs6000] 3/3 Add x86 SSE <xmmintrin.h> intrinsics to GCC PPC64LE taget

[PATCH, rs6000] Add testcase coverage for vec_msum built-in

[PATCH, rs6000] Add testcase coverage for vec_sums built-in

[PATCH, rs6000] altivec_resolve_overloaded_builtin fixes (PR target/81622)

[PATCH, rs6000] Clean up capitalized diagnostic messages

[PATCH, rs6000] enable early debug and disable switch for gimple folding

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix diagnostic fallout for 32-bit

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix endianness issue with vmrgew and vmrgow permute constant recognition

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR target/72804: Poor code gen with -mvsx-timode

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR target/80210: ICE in extract_insn

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR81504 (vec_ld / vec_st bug)

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR81833 (incorrect code gen for vec_msum)

[PATCH, rs6000] fold-vec testcase fix-ups

[PATCH, rs6000] More diagnostic cleanup, addressing PR79845

[PATCH, rs6000] Move vec_mulo() and vec_mule() builtin test cases to P8 test file.

[PATCH, rs6000] Remove TARGET_VSX_TIMODE and -mno-vsx-timode usage

[PATCH, rs6000] Stop non-volatile CR usage from killing shrink-wrap

[PATCH, rs6000] testcase coverage for vec_cntlz

[PATCH, rs6000] testcase coverage for vec_madd built-in functions

[PATCH, rs6000] testcase coverage for vec_pack builtin

[PATCH, rs6000] testcase coverage for vec_perm built-ins

[PATCH, testsuite]: Adapt c-c++-common/patchable_function_entry-*.c for alpha

[PATCH, testsuite]: Cleanup dg-options in gcc.target/i386/ a bit

[PATCH, testsuite]: Group together target-dependant checks

[PATCH, vxworks] simplify configuration selection for powerpc vxworks variants

[PATCH,AIX] 2nd part of support for DWARF debug sections in XCOFF.

RE:[PATCH,AIX] Cleanup in libiberty for AIX.

[PATCH,AIX] Initial support for DWARF debug sections in XCOFF.

[patch,avr,committed] Fix PR81754

[patch,avr] Fir PR91910: ICE for bad attribute "address".

Re: [patch,avr] Fix PR20296 / PR81268: Better ISR prologues / epilogues

[PATCH/AARCH64] Generate FRINTZ for (double)(long) under -ffast-math on aarch64

[PATCH] -fftz-math: assume that denorms _must_ be flushed to zero optimizations

[PATCH] 386: Disallow naked attribute with interrupt attribute

[PATCH] [Aarch64] Optimize subtract in shift counts

[PATCH] [docs] Explain how to use multiple file-name patterns in RUNTESTFLAGS

[PATCH] [i386, testsuite] [PR 71958] Error on -mx32 with -mabi=ms

[PATCH] [i386,testsuite] [PR 71958] Error on -mx32 with -mabi=ms

[PATCH] [i386] PR 81850 Don't ignore -mabi=sysv on Cygwin/MinGW

[PATCH] [MSP430] [PR78554] Prevent SUBREG from referencing a SYMBOL_REF

[PATCH] [MSP430] [PR80993] Prevent lto removing interrupt handlers

[PATCH] [MSP430] Pass -mcode/data-region to the linker and assembler

[PATCH] [MSP430] Read mcu data from file instead of hardcoded data

[PATCH] [PR target/81861] Save target specific options after ix86_stack_protector_guard_reg was changed

Re: [PATCH] [PR79542][Ada] Fix ICE in dwarf2out.c with nested func. inlining

[PATCH] Add 'short_call' attribute for MIPS targets

[PATCH] Add --enable-static-pie to build static PIE

Re: [PATCH] Add -nolibc option

[PATCH] Add -static-pie to GCC driver to create static PIE

Re: [PATCH] Add -std=c++2a

[PATCH] Add libgcc support for cache clearing on ARM VxWorks


[PATCH] Add missing edge probability in simd_clone_adjust

[PATCH] Add optab checks to vector extraction path in vectorizable_store

[PATCH] Adjust function name dumping

[PATCH] Allow fpmath differences in inlining when callee doesn't use FP math

[PATCH] Asm memory constraints

[PATCH] Avoid messing up DECL_ABSTRACT_ORIGIN in lto_symtab_prevail_decl

[PATCH] Avoid re-allocating PHIs in split_edge

[PATCH] C++: use an optional vec<location_t> for callsites

Re: [PATCH] C/C++: add fix-it hints for various missing symbols

[PATCH] C: fix logic within c_expr::get_location

[PATCH] Changes for v3 of the C++ patch

Re: [PATCH] Convert character arrays to string csts

[PATCH] copy_n for input iterator, avoid in-loop jumps

[PATCH] correct documentation of attribute ifunc (PR 81882)

[PATCH] detect incompatible aliases (PR c/81854)

[PATCH] Do not instrument void variables with MPX (PR tree-opt/79987).

[PATCH] don't confuse user when OOM happens

[PATCH] Don't override user alignment with the same value

[PATCH] Early LTO debug TODO

[PATCH] Enable libitm DLL build on Cygwin/Mingw

Re: [PATCH] enhance overflow and truncation detection in strncpy and strncat (PR 81117)

[PATCH] Expand switch statements with a single (or none) non-default case.

[PATCH] Factor out division by squares and remove division around comparisons (1/2)

[PATCH] Factor out division by squares and remove division around comparisons (2/2)

[PATCH] Fix always true condition in gimplify_adjust_omp_clauses

[PATCH] Fix ancient wrong-code with ?: (PR middle-end/81814)

[PATCH] Fix bug in simplify_ternary_operation

[PATCH] Fix build of --enable-gather-detailed-mem-stats (PR bootstrap/81864).

[PATCH] Fix building of cross compiler (PR target/81753).

[PATCH] Fix df-related ICE due to bbpart pass bug (PR target/81621)

[PATCH] Fix failing gcc.dg/compare2.c

[PATCH] Fix failing objc.dg/proto-lossage-4.m

[PATCH] Fix fallout from VRP strict-overflow changes

[PATCH] Fix file find utils and add unit tests (PR driver/81829).

[PATCH] Fix fortran tests to not print out non-ascii characters

[PATCH] Fix fortran vector tests on powerpc and aarch64, PR tree-optimization/80925

[PATCH] Fix gcc.dg/tree-ssa/reassoc-23.c

Re: [PATCH] Fix ifunc and resolver (PR ipa/81213).

[PATCH] Fix inliner assert with free-lang-data

[PATCH] Fix IPA ICF with ASM statements (PR inline-asm/82001).

[PATCH] Fix last dwarf2out change with pubnames

[PATCH] Fix middle-end/81737

[PATCH] Fix OpenMP/OpenACC/Cilk+ issues with forced/non-local labels (PR c/81687)

[PATCH] Fix PR bootstrap/81638

Re: [PATCH] Fix pr80044, -static and -pie insanity, and pr81170

[PATCH] Fix PR81148

[PATCH] Fix PR81181

[PATCH] Fix PR81297

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR81354 (rewrite gimple_split_edge)

[PATCH] Fix PR81354 (SLSR, insert on edges)

[PATCH] Fix PR81488

[PATCH] Fix PR81503 (SLSR invalid fold)

[PATCH] Fix PR81633

[PATCH] Fix PR81705

[PATCH] Fix PR81719

[PATCH] Fix PR81723

[PATCH] Fix PR81766

[PATCH] Fix PR81790

[PATCH] Fix PR81827

[PATCH] Fix PR81878

[PATCH] Fix PR81884

[PATCH] Fix PR81900

[PATCH] Fix PR81921

[PATCH] Fix PR81936

[PATCH] Fix PR81940

[PATCH] Fix PR81968 some more

[PATCH] Fix PR81977

[PATCH] Fix PR81987 (SLSR dominance issue)

[PATCH] Fix PR81993

[PATCH] Fix PR82011, early LTO debug fallout

[PATCH] Fix PR82054

Re: [PATCH] Fix reassoc var_bound range test optimization (PR tree-optimization/81588)

[PATCH] Fix s390x-linux bootstrap against glibc 2.12

Re: [PATCH] Fix segfault in gcov.c (PR gcov-profile/81561).

[PATCH] Fix switch expansion (PR middle-end/81698)

Re: [PATCH] Fix target attribute handling (PR c++/81355).

Re: [PATCH] fix the handling of string precision in pretty printer (PR 81586)

[PATCH] Fix thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns (PR middle-end/79499)

Re: [PATCH] Fix when -lssp is added by driver (PR middle-end/81400).

[PATCH] Fold (int *)&a + 4 to a[1] using offset_int (PR middle-end/81695)

[PATCH] Forbid section anchors for ASan build (PR sanitizer/81697)

[PATCH] Further driver signal cleanup

[PATCH] handle pathological anti-ranges in gimple_fold_builtin_memory_op (PR 81908)

[PATCH] Harden variably_modified_type_p

[PATCH] i386: Add some naked attribute tests

[PATCH] i386: Don't use frame pointer without stack access

[PATCH] i386: Replace frame pointer with stack pointer in debug insns

[PATCH] i386: Require MMX for builtins with MMX register

RE: [PATCH] i386: Rewrite check for AVX512 features

[PATCH] i386: Set priority to P_AES for Westmere

Re: [PATCH] i386: Update naked-1.c for PIC

[PATCH] ICF: properly handle LABEL_DECLs (PR tree-opt/81696).

[PATCH] Improve -Ofast vectorization of std::sin etc. (PR libstdc++/81706)

Re: [PATCH] Improve alloca alignment

Re: [PATCH] Improve extraction of changed file in contrib/mklog

[PATCH] Improve on PR81968

[PATCH] Improve var_bound range test opt (PR tree-optimization/81655)

[PATCH] ira-costs: avoid missing base registers in record_address_regs

[PATCH] istream_iterator: unexpected read in ctor

[PATCH] libquadmath/81848, allow PowerPC to enable libquadmath

Re: [PATCH] libstdc++: Support std::is_aggregate on clang++ (was [cfe-dev] clang++: std::is_aggregate unusable with clang-5.0/libstdc++-7)

[PATCH] libstdc++: test for copy_n/istreambuf_iterator

Re: [PATCH] Make __FUNCTION__ a mergeable string and do not generate symbol entry.

Re: [PATCH] Make inlining consistent in LTO and non-LTO mode (PR target/71991).

Re: [PATCH] Make mempcpy more optimal (PR middle-end/70140).

[PATCH] matching tokens: C++ parts (v3)

[PATCH] minor readability tweaks to print_node



Re: [PATCH] Output DIEs for outlined OpenMP functions in correct lexical scope

[PATCH] PowerPC cleanup, remove -mpower9-dform{,-scalar,-vector} options

Re: [PATCH] PR c++/80287 add new testcase

[Patch] PR c++/80287 backport on GCC 6 branch

[PATCH] PR c++/82039 suppress -Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant warning

Re: [PATCH] PR libstdc++/53984 handle exceptions in basic_istream::sentry

Re: [PATCH] PR libstdc++/79162 ambiguity in string assignment due to string_view overload (LWG 2946)

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/81751 don't call fflush(NULL)

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/81891 fix double-free in hashtable constructor

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/81912 make std::__iterator_category constexpr

[PATCH] PR81747, ICE in operator[]

[PATCH] PRE TLC, improve fake exit edge placement

[PATCH] print-rtl: NOT is ~, not !

[PATCH] Remove -feliminate-dwarf2-dups

[PATCH] Remove output_die_symbol

[PATCH] Rewrite mklog in Python

[PATCH] rl78 adddi3 improvement

[PATCH] rs6000: Trailing comma warning in enum

[PATCH] rs6000: Use SAVE_MULTIPLE only if we restore what it saves (PR80938)

[PATCH] rs6000_expand_binop_builtin

Re: [PATCH] RTEMS: Add GCC Runtime Library Exception

[PATCH] Simplify allocator usage in unordered containers

[PATCH] Simplify pow with constant

[PATCH] Simplify/speedup LIM

[PATCH] skip patchable_function_entry tests on ia64

[PATCH] small gcc.c cleanup

[PATCH] Some -Walloc-size-larger-than= warning fixes (PR driver/81650)

[PATCH] Speed up PTA solving

[PATCH] streambuf_iterator: avoid debug-dependent behaviour

[PATCH] Switch on *.cc tests for g++ ASan

Re: [PATCH] Switch vec_init and vec_extract optabs to 2 mode optab to allow extraction of vector from vector or initialization of vector from smaller vectors (PR target/80846)

[Patch] Testsuite fixes for failures caused by patch for PR 80925 (part deux)

Re: [Patch] Testsuite fixes for failures caused by patch for PR 80925 - loop peeling and alignment

Re: [PATCH] toplev: avoid recursive emergency_dump_function

[PATCH] Tweak tree-ssa/pr81588.c testcase (PR tree-optimization/81655)

[PATCH] use strnlen in pretty printer for "%.*s" (PR 81859)

[PATCH] Verify edge probability consistency in verify_flow_info

[PATCH] Write dependency information (-M*) even if there are errors

[PATCH], Delete some PowerPC debug switches

[PATCH], Enable -mfloat128 by default on PowerPC VSX systems

[PATCH], Enable _Float128 in VSX PowerPC system and enable #pragma GCC target "float128"

[PATCH], Fix PR 81959 (power9 IEEE 128-bit float convert from 32-bit memory)

Re: [PATCH], PR target/81593, Optimize PowerPC vector sets coming from a vector extracts

[PATCH], PR target/82015, add PowerPC warning for unpack_vector_int128 with illegal 2nd argument


Re: [PATCH][1/2] Early LTO debug, simple-object part

Re: [PATCH][2/2] early LTO debug, main part

[Patch][aarch64] Use IFUNCs to enable LSE instructions in libatomic on aarch64

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Add BIC-imm and ORR-imm SIMD pattern

RE: [PATCH][Aarch64] Add support for overflow add and sub operations

[Patch][AARCH64] Fix PR 81643 by modifying test case.

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Improve aarch64_legitimate_constant_p

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Improve addressing of TI/TFmode

[PATCH][AArch64] Introduce emit_frame_chain

[PATCH][AArch64] PR60580: Fix frame pointer option magic

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] PR71951: Fix unwinding with -fomit-frame-pointer

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Remove '*' from movsi/di/ti patterns

[PATCH][AArch64] Remove aarch64_frame_pointer_required

[PATCH][AArch64] Simplify aarch64_can_eliminate

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Simplify frame layout for stack probing

[PATCH][AArch64] Use gen_frame_mem for callee-saves

Re: [PATCH][AArch64][GCC 6] PR target/79041: Correct -mpc-relative-literal-loads logic in aarch64_classify_symbol

[PATCH][Arm] Test suite failures resulting from deprecation of -mstructure-size-boundary

[PATCH][compare-elim] Merge zero-comparisons with normal ops

[PATCH][cygming] Share mingw fset-stack-executable with cygwin

Re: [PATCH][GCC] Simplification of 1U << (31 - x)

[PATCH][GCC][AArch64] Fix pattern guard relaxations that are allowing more constants than they should.

Re: [PATCH][GCC][AArch64] Inline calls to lrint when possible

Re: [PATCH][GCC][AArch64] optimize float immediate moves (1 /4) - infrastructure.

Re: [PATCH][GCC][AArch64] optimize float immediate moves (2 /4) - HF/DF/SF mode.

Re: [PATCH][GCC][AArch64] optimize float immediate moves (3 /4) - testsuite.

[PATCH][GCC][AArch64] Restrict lrint inlining on ILP32.

[PATCH][GCC][AArch64][Committed] Actually reserve room for null terminator when mangling buildins.

Re: [PATCH][GCC][AARCH64]Bad code-gen for structure/block/unaligned memory access

[PATCH][GCC][mid-end] Add generic test for xorsign (x * copysign (1, y))

[PATCH][GCC][mid-end] Fix single use requirement for xorsign (x * copysign (1, y))

RE: [PATCH][GCC][PATCHv3] Improve fpclassify w.r.t IEEE like numbers in GIMPLE.

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Add missing header file attribs.h to couple of targets.

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Fix missing include of header file in mips.c.

Re: [patch][Ping #3] PR80929: Realistic PARALLEL cost in seq_cost.

[PATCH][PING][PR target/81535] Fix tests on Power

[PATCH][PING^2] Fix PR81503 (SLSR invalid fold)

Re: [PATCH][PR 59521] Respect probabilities when expanding switch statement

Re: [PATCH][PR target/81535] Fix tests on Power

[PATCH][PR tree-optimization/81741] Throttle recording conditional equivalences

Re: [PATCH][RFA/RFC] Stack clash mitigation patch 01/08 - V3

Re: [PATCH][RFA/RFC] Stack clash mitigation patch 02/08 - V3

Re: [PATCH][RFA/RFC] Stack clash mitigation patch 03/08 - V3

Re: [PATCH][RFA/RFC] Stack clash mitigation patch 06/08 - V3

[PATCH][RFC] Make expansion of balanced binary trees of switches on tree level.

[PATCH][RFC] Patch candidate for other/39851

[PATCH][testsuite] Add check_effective_target_autoincdec

Re: [PATCH][Testsuite] Use user defined memmove in gcc.c-torture/execute/builtins/memops-asm-lib.c

[PATCH][v2] Fix target attribute handling (PR c++/81355).


Re: [PATCH][www] Amend bugs/management.html with worklist items

Re: [PATCHv2][PING][PR 59521] Respect __builtin_expect in switch statements

Re: [PATCHv2][PING^2][PR 56727] Bypass PLT for recursive calls

Re: [PATCHv5][PR 57371] Remove useless floating point casts in comparisons

[PING #2] [PATCH] enhance -Wrestrict to handle string built-ins (PR 78918)

[PING 2] [PATCH 3/4] enhance overflow and truncation detection in strncpy and strncat (PR 81117)

[PING 5] [PATCH][AArch64] Add neon_pairwise_add & neon_pairwise_add_q types

[PING from 2013][PATCH] fixincludes: handle symlinks with multiple slashes

[PING] [PATCH 3/4] enhance overflow and truncation detection in strncpy and strncat (PR 81117)

[PING] [PATCH, 3/3] Handle GOMP_NVPTX_JIT={-O[0-4],-ori,-arch=<n>} in libgomp nvptx plugin

Re: [PING] [PATCH] [AArch64] Add addr_type attribute

Re: [PING] [PATCH] [AArch64] vec_pack_trunc_<mode> should split after register allocator

[PING] Re: [PATCH] C++: fix ordering of missing std #include suggestion (PR c++/81514)

[PING][PATCH 2/3] retire mem_signal_fence pattern

[PING][PATCH] [Aarch64] Optimize subtract in shift counts

[PING][PATCH] Fix PR81503 (SLSR invalid fold)

[PING][PATCH][compare-elim] Merge zero-comparisons with normal ops

[PING][PATCH][PR sanitizer/77631] Support separate debug info in libbacktrace

Re: [PING^4][PATCH v2] Generate reproducible output independently of the build-path

[Ping~][PATCH, DWARF] Add DW_CFA_AARCH64_negate_ra_state to dwarf2.def/h and dwarfnames.c

[pr 81982] wide-int.h change broke native arm-* gcc

[PR middle-end/81931] do not pass 0 precision in get_nonzero_bits

[RFC PATCH, i386]: Convert TLS location to DEFAULT_TLS_SEG_REG address space

[RFC PATCH, i386]: Introduce address spaces to TLS stack protector guard value

[RFC, vectorizer] Allow single element vector types for vector reduction operations

Re: [RFC] [PATCH] Introduce configure flag --with-stage1-cflags.

[RFC] [PATCH] Patch candidate for PR81657

[RFC] Make 4-stage PGO bootstrap really working

Re: [RFC] propagate malloc attribute in ipa-pure-const pass

Re: [RFC][AARCH64]Add 'r' integer register operand modifier. Document the common asm modifier for aarch64 target.

Re: [RFC][PATCH] Do refactoring of attribute functions and move them to attribs.[hc].

Re: [RFC][PATCH][AArch64] Cleanup frame pointer usage

Re: [RFC][PR 67336][PING^6] Verify pointers during stack unwind

[RS6000] Delete code made dead by r250482

[RS6000] Don't restore fixed regs

[rs6000] int->machine_mode in rs6000-c.c

[RS6000] linux startfile/endfile

[RS6000] Merge rs6000_reg_live_or_pic_offset_p into save_reg_p

[RS6000] PR 80938, Don't emit eh_frame for regs that don't need saving

[testsuite, committed] Require alias for gcc.dg/pr56727-2.c

[testsuite, committed] Require alloca for gcc.dg/attr-noipa.c

[testsuite, committed] Require effective target nonlocal_goto for ipa/pr81696.c

[testsuite, committed] Require label_values for gcc.dg/torture/pr80163.c

[testsuite, committed] Use relative line number in gcc.dg/Walloca-14.c

[testsuite, i386] Require -static support in gcc.dg/pie-static-[12].c (PR testsuite/81793)

[testsuite, nvptx, committed] Require nonlocal_goto for gcc.dg/pr78582.c

[testsuite, PR81662, committed] Skip fpatchable-function-entry tests for nvptx

[TESTSUITE]Use strncpy instead of strcpy in testsuite/gcc.dg/memcmp-1.c

[testuite, PR81731, committed] Fix call arguments mismatch in gcc.dg/torture/pr78218.c

[Updated, PATCH] i386: Avoid stack realignment if possible

[WIP] Possible Bug in vect_bb_slp_scalar_cost?

AArch64 patch pings

Add a full_integral_type_p helper function

Add a partial_integral_type_p helper function

Add a partial_subreg_p predicate

Add include-guard to tree-vrp.h

Add missing ECF_NOTHROW flags to internal.def

Add missing edge probabilities in expand_oacc_for, tile case

Re: Add option for whether ceil etc. can raise "inexact", adjust x86 conditions

Add subreg_memory_offset helper functions

Add support for const-qualified variables to -fdump-ada-spec

Re: Add support to trace comparison instructions and switch statements

Add wider_subreg_mode helper functions

Re: All carchive gotools tests fail

ARM Patch Ping

C PATCH to boolify a few parameters

Re: C PATCH to display types when printing a conversion warning (PR c/81233)

C PATCH to fix a crash on invalid (PR c/81289)

C PATCH to fix bogus inform with -Wc++-compat (PR c/81795)

Re: C PATCH to further improve diagnostic for -Wsign-compare (PR c/81417)

C PATCH to remove unused block of code

C++ PATCH for c++/80452, Core 1579: implicit move semantics on return/throw

C++ PATCH for c++/80767, unnecessary instantiation of generic lambda

C++ PATCH for c++/80935, wrong error on lambda in C++17 mode

C++ PATCH for c++/81236, missed 'this' capture with template-id in generic lambda

C++ PATCH for c++/81359, Unparsed NSDMI error in SFINAE context

C++ PATCH for c++/81525, auto and generic lambda

C++ PATCH for c++/81671, nullptr_t template parameter

C++ PATCH for c++/82029, ICE with __func__ in lambda in template

C++ PATCH for various small fixes

C++ PATCH to add immediate version of potential_constant_expression

C++ PATCH to allow copying of local_specializations

C++ PATCH to default argument conversion and SFINAE

C++ PATCH to fix ICE with -Wbool-operation (PR c++/82040)

Re: C++ PATCH to fix ICE with bit-fields and ?: (PR c++/81607)

C++ PATCH to instantiate default args and default member inits once

C++ PATCH to lambda in default argument of inherited constructor

C++ PATCH to overhaul lambdas in templates

C++ PATCH to remove unnecessary LAMBDA_EXPR fields

c-family PATCH to improve -Wtautological-compare (PR c/81783)

Re: c-family PATCH to improve and simplify -Wmultistatement-macros (PR c/81448, c/81306)

C/C++ PATCH to add __remove_qualifiers (PR c/65455, c/39985)

Clobbers and Scratch Registers

constexpr basic_string_view as required by C++17

define VXWORKS_HAVE_TLS for the AE/653/MILS series

Drop df_ from df_read_modify_subreg_p

Re: Fix inconsistent section flags

GCC 7.2 Status Report (2017-08-02)

Go patch committed: Fix shift type determination

Go patch committed: Only finalize embedded fields before finalizing methods

Re: gotools patch committed: Test runtime, misc/cgo/{test,testcarchive}

Re: Handle data dependence relations with different bases

Re: Heads-Up: early LTO debug to land, breaking Mach-O / [X]COFF

Improve DOM's ability to derive equivalences when traversing edges

Improve ECF_NOTHROW flags for direct internal functions

Improved support for arm-vxworks and arm-vxworks7

libgo patch commited: Don't use little-endian code to dump big-endian PPC regs

libgo patch committed: build libgo/net/internal/socktest/sys_unix.go on AIX

libgo patch committed: Fix cgo tests for AIX

libgo patch committed: Fix go-nosys.c when HAVE_SYSCALL is not defined

libgo patch committed: Fix lfstack for AIX

libgo patch committed: Fix math.Ldexp for large powers

libgo patch committed: Fix signal counting for glibc 2.26

libgo patch committed: fix Stat_t on AIX

libgo patch committed: improvements for AIX netpoll

libgo patch committed: netinet/icmp6.h require netinet/in.h on AIX

libgo patch committed: Pass -funwind-tables when compiling C code

libgo patch committed: Signal/register improvements

Limit SH strncmp inline expansion (PR target/78460)

Make more use of byte_lowpart_offset

Make more use of df_read_modify_subreg_p

Make more use of GET_MODE_UNIT_BITSIZE


Make more use of GET_MODE_UNIT_SIZE

Make more use of HWI_COMPUTABLE_MODE_P

Make more use of paradoxical_subreg_p

Make more use of subreg_lowpart_offset

Make more use of subreg_offset_from_lsb

Make more use of subreg_size_lowpart_offset

Move vector_type_mode to tree.c

Move vxlib gthread helpers for VxWorks to libgcc_eh

New French PO file for 'gcc' (version 7.2.0)

New German PO file for 'gcc' (version 7.2.0)

New Spanish PO file for 'gcc' (version 7.1.0)

New template for 'gcc' made available

PATCH for base_pool_allocator (PR other/81667)

Re: PATCH for Re: mirrors

Patch ping : Aarch64/ARM

Re: ping [PATCH] [MSP430] Fix PR78849: ICE on initialization of global struct containing __int20 array

Re: Ping [PATCH] libquadmath/81848, allow PowerPC to enable libquadmath

Ping on target independent stack clash protection patches

Ping on three small aarch64 patches

PING Re: [PATCH 0/6] [i386] PR80969 Fix ICE with -mabi=ms -mavx512f

PING: [PATCH] Add -static-pie to GCC driver to create static PIE

Re: PING: [PATCH] PR driver/81523: Make -static override -pie

PING^2: [PATCH] i386: Avoid stack realignment if possible

PING^2: [PATCH] PR driver/81523: Make -static override -pie

PR78888 - add value range info for tolower/toupper

PR81635: Use chrecs to help find related data refs

PR81738: Split vect-alias-check-6.c

PR81815: Invalid conditional reduction

Rb_tree constructor optimization

Refine VxWorks header file path twists for libgcc builds

Remove the frame size argument from function_prologue/epilogue

Restore proper operation of -fdump-ada-spec in C++

Re: RFA: Backport fix for PR80769

Re: RFC: [PATCH] Add warn_if_not_aligned attribute

RFC: Explicit move preference hints

Simplify nvptx/slp* test-cases

Simplify pad_below implementation

Small C++ PATCH to set DECL_CONTEXT in declare_global_var

Small tweak to tree-sra diagnostics

Re: Statement Frontier Notes, Location Views, and Inlined Entry Point Markers

Statement Frontier Notes, Location Views, and Inlined Entry Point Markers (was: Re: Introduce Statement Frontier Notes and Location Views)

Re: Statement Frontier Notes, Location Views, and Inlined Entry Point Markers (was: Re: Introduce Statement Frontier Notes and Location Views)

Re: std::forward_list optim for always equal allocator

Re: std::list optimizations

Re: std::vector default default and move constructors

Turn FUNCTION_ARG_PADDING into a target hook

Turn HARD_REGNO_CALL_PART_CLOBBERED into a target hook

Turn HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK into a target hook

Turn MODES_TIEABLE_P into a target hook

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