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[PATCH] [GOMP4] OpenACC 1.0+ support in fortran front-end

Hi all.

Jakub, could you review these patches, if they are OK to gomp-4_0-branch?

Thomas, please, have a look whether this implementation applies current OpenACC support style.

These patches port OpenACC 1.0 support in fortran front-end from openacc-1_0-branch to gomp-4_0-branch. In addition, they extend middle-end infrastructure with necessary GENERIC nodes.

Patches support almost all directives (except loop) and all clauses from the specification ver. 1.0 (without subarrays).

In addition to OpenACC version 1.0, patches add functionality from OpenACC 2.0: enter data and exit data directives.

Patches stub gimplification of OpenACC constructs and directives, except OACC_PARALLEL node, to prevent crashes.

I didn't port loop directive, since in openacc-1_0-branch we consider it as OpenACC construct, like kernels or parallel. Hence, OpenACC loop and OpenMP for directives differ. It means there are no checks in C FE (in openacc-1_0-branch) and the functionality will be modified, in both FEs and back-end.

As far as loop directive doesn't exist in GENERIC, fortran FE doesn't transform it from internal EXEC_OACC_LOOP statement. Consequenly, there are no tests to check the directive.

Lately, I'm going to port loop directive, too.

Inspite of the fact that subarrays do exist in openacc-1_0-branch, they don't present in patches. Currently, we are using our own GENERIC nodes to represent subarrays. I'm going to replace them with existing functionality, like ARRAY_RANGE_REF.

Full list of supported fuctionality is the following:


Name                front-end   GENERIC     tests
parallel            Y           Y           Y
kernels             Y           Y           Y
data                Y           Y           Y
host_data           Y           Y           Y
loop                Y           N           N
update              Y           Y           Y
wait                Y           Y           N
cache               Y           Y           N
declare             Y           Y           Y
kernels loop        Y           N           N
parallel loop       Y           N           N
enter data (2.0)    Y           Y           Y
exit data (2.0)     Y           Y           Y

Name                front-end   GENERIC     tests
async               Y           Y           Y
wait                Y           Y           Y
num_gangs           Y           Y           Y
num_workers         Y           Y           Y
vector_length       Y           Y           Y
if                  Y           Y           Y
reduction           Y           Y           Y
copy                Y           Y           Y
copyin              Y           Y           Y
copyout             Y           Y           Y
create              Y           Y           Y
delete (2.0)        Y           Y           Y
present             Y           Y           Y
present_or_copy     Y           Y           Y
present_or_copyin   Y           Y           Y
present_or_copyout  Y           Y           Y
present_or_create   Y           Y           Y
deviceptr           Y           Y           Y
private             Y           Y           Y
firstprivate        Y           Y           Y
default(none) (2.0) Y           N           Y
collapse            Y           Y           N
gang                Y           Y           N
worker              Y           Y           N
vector              Y           Y           N
seq                 Y           Y           N
auto (2.0)          Y           N           N
tile                Y           N           N
independent         Y           Y           N
device_resident     Y           Y           N

Successfully bootstraps on x86_64 with no regressions.

OK to commit?


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