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Re: wwwdocs: Broken links due to the preprocess script

On Mon, 2 Dec 2013, Tobias Burnus wrote:
> Looks good to me. (I fully concur that the _002d is ugly.)

Okay, so I applied this patch plus the one below to adjust 
gcc-4.9/changes.html accordingly.  (The first anchor there
is not stable, but for other reasons.)

Thanks for pushing for this fix!


Index: gcc-4.9/changes.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/gcc-4.9/changes.html,v
retrieving revision 1.43
diff -u -3 -p -r1.43 changes.html
--- gcc-4.9/changes.html	30 Nov 2013 16:36:59 -0000	1.43
+++ gcc-4.9/changes.html	2 Dec 2013 21:42:24 -0000
@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@
     <li>Support for colorizing diagnostics emitted by GCC has been added.
     The <code><a
-    href="";
+    href="";
     >-fdiagnostics-color=auto</a></code> will enable it when
     outputting to terminals, <code>-fdiagnostics-color=always</code>
     unconditionally.  The <code>GCC_COLORS</code> environment variable
@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@
     <li>With the new <a
-    href="";
+    href="";
     ><code>#pragma GCC ivdep</code></a>, the user can assert that there are no
     loop-carried dependencies which would prevent concurrent execution of
     consecutive iterations using SIMD (single instruction multiple data)

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