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Re: [PATCH] pass filtering for -fopt-info

On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 1:21 AM, Sharad Singhai <> wrote:
> As per discussion in,
> I have added the -fopt-info pass filtering in the attached patch.
> The basic idea is that there are optimization pass groups and a user
> can selectively enable dumps for these group(s) via command-line
> syntax. Currently, I define the following optimization groups: 'loop',
> 'lto', 'inline', 'vec', and 'omp'. A pass can be in multiple groups.
> If a pass doesn't explicitly specify an optimization group, (denoted
> by OPTGROUP_NONE) then a group is assigned based on the pass type.
> These three are the obvious implicit groups: 'tree', 'ipa', and 'rtl'.

I agree with Richard -- we don't need these implicit groups.

> Also there is a catch-all group, called 'optall'.

Why is this needed? Isn't that the default?

> The options for -fopt-info dumps verbosity remain 'optimized',
> 'missed', 'note', and 'all'. Since these two types of options,
> verbosity and optimization groups are non-overlapping, I have decided
> to freely mix them. Something like this works as expected, i.e., dump
> missed vectorizer info into vec.missed.
> gcc ... -fopt-info-vec-missed=vec.missed
> which is equivalent to
> gcc ... -fopt-info-missed-vec=vec.missed
> However, the order still matters, and it can be somewhat confusing. For example,
> gcc -fopt-info-vec-missed=vec.miss -fopt-info-vec-optimized=vec.opt
> will dump missed and optimized vectorizer info into vec.opt, while no
> vec.miss is produced. This is due to the fact that the latter group
> specifier, 'vec' overrides the first one. However, the 'missed' and
> 'optimized' are both honored as there is no conflict there. This is
> somewhat confusing. Hopefully, this type of usage would not be common.

Please document that only one alt dump file per optimization-group is supported.

> I have updated the documentation to include -fopt-info examples, and
> added some details about -fopt-info command line conflicts.



> Thanks,
> Sharad

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