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Re: [PATCH, gdc] - Merging gdc (GNU D Compiler) into gcc

On Thu, 4 Oct 2012, Iain Buclaw wrote:

> I would like to get a bump on this.
> It's been a while, and there have been quite a number of changes since
> the initial post that address many of the issues raised.  Rather than
> reposting patches, someone mentioned attaching changelog, well, here
> it is.
> Repository is still located here:
> Would it be possible to have a re-newed review?  I'm still keen on
> pushing this, however I'm not certain of the right plan of execution.
> :-)

Post whatever exact patches you propose for current mainline and want 
reviewed (or links if they are too big).  Probably also post a 
self-contained description of the copyright / license / assignment 
situation for the code, with a pointer to the public statement from the SC 
of FSF approval of anything outside the standard arrangements described in 
the Mission Statement.  (I think the idea was something like the Go front 
end - the front end proper being externally maintained, while the GCC 
interface code is assigned to the FSF as usual - that is, every 
contributor of more than fifteen lines or so of copyrightable text in the 
GCC interface code has an assignment on file with the FSF.  But whatever 
the arrangement is, it should be approved by the FSF.)

Joseph S. Myers

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