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*ping* [patch, fortran] Fix an issue found by Coverity scan

Re: *ping* [patch, fortran] Fix an issue found by Coverity scan

*ping* [patch, fortran] Handle -Wextra, -fcompare-reals is implied with -Wextra

Re: [JiÅÃ PaleÄek] [PATCH][C++] Fix constant refe rence in a lambda (PR c++/53488)

Re: [JiÅÃ PaleÄek] [PATCH][C++] Fix con stant reference in a lambda (PR c++/53488)

[4.6 PATCH] Use automake no-dist everywhere

[4.7 PATCH, i386]: Enable prefetchw for selected AMD targets

[4.7 PATCH] Use automake no-dist everywhere

[AArch64, AArch64-4.7] Fix target ordering in config.gcc.

[AARCH64-4.7][PATCH] Remove hardwired multiarch.

[AARCH64] [AARCH64-4.7] Use define_c_enum

[AARCH64] AArch64 backport to 4.7

[AArch64] allow 16 bytes constants in constant pool.

[AArch64] cache CTR_EL0 in sync_cache_range()

[AArch64] Correct cache line size calculation

[AArch64] fix missing Dwarf call frame information in the epilogue

[AArch64] Implement section anchors

[AArch64] Merge from upstream trunk r191124

[AArch64] Merge from upstream trunk r191370

[AArch64] support long double exceptions and rounding mode

[AARCH64][PATCH] Remove hardwired multiarch.

Re: [Ada] Fix gnat.dg/return3.adb regression

[Ada] Undo useless change

[alpha] Fix GPREL16 relocation error building glibc

[ARM] fix for PR49423

[avr]: Disable libquadmath

RE: [backport PATCH] PR45070: Fix wrong epilogue code for cortex-m0/Os

Re: [C PATCH] Avoid ICEs due to save_expr instead of c_save_expr (PR c/54428)

[C PATCH] Fix another _Complex C ICE (PR c/54559)

[C++ Patch / RFC] PR 51422

[C++ Patch / RFC] PR 52432

Re: [C++ PATCH] -Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess warning

Re: [C++ PATCH] Add overflow checking to __cxa_vec_new[23]

[C++ Patch] for c++/54537

[C++ PATCH] Nit fix in build_new_1

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 18747

[C++ Patch] PR 52764

[C++ Patch] PR 53210

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 54191

[C++ Patch] PR 54249

[C++ Patch] PR 54526

[C++ Patch] PR 54541 / 54542

[C++ Patch] PR 54575

[C++ Patch] PR 54738

[C++ Patch] Remove uses of ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED in the function parameters

[C++] Mixed scalar-vector operations

[committed] Adjust scan assembler check in gfortran.dg/bind_c_array_params_2.f90 for hppa*-*-hpux*

[committed] Fix g++.dg/debug/dwarf2/nested-3.C to handle hppa assembler comment

[committed] Fix gnat.dg/lto15.adb on hppa

[committed] PA cost update

[Committed] S/390: Use load relative to access GOT slots

[committed] Skip gcc.dg/torture/pr53922.c on 32-bit hppa-*-hpux*

[CPP] Add pragmas for emitting diagnostics

[DOC] Update -feliminate-unused-debug-types description

[doc] vector extensions

Re: [Dwarf Patch] Implement split debug info proposal--Updated (issue6305113)

[fortran, committed] PR 54474 assumed rank testsuite fix (was: Re: [Patch, Fortran, committed] Fix PR54467 (TBP ICEs due to _final wrapper disabling))

[Fortran, Patch] PR 54225 - Fix ice-on-invalid-code with "*" in array refs

Re: [Fortran] PR37336 - FIINAL patch [1/n]: Implement the finalization wrapper subroutine

[gccgo branch] Add cherry picked bug fixes

[Google 4.7 Pubnames] Use comp_unit_die offset when no skeleton die exists. (issue6501109)

[Google 4.7] Fix is_static in gdb index generation (issue6498114)

[google 4.7] fix line number checksum mismatch in lipo-use (issue6566044)

[Google 4.7] Fix static bit for C++ structs in gdb-index v7 (issue6506098)

[google 4.7] fix unsatified symbols in lipo-use (issue6562044)

[google 4.7] not group modules with -frtti and -fno-rtti (issue6569045)

[google/4_7] Patch committed: backport the location_block patch from trunk

[google/gcc-4_7] Backport patch for comdat types problem

re: [google/gcc-4_7] Fix GDB test suite regression with -fdebug-types-section patch

[google/gcc-4_7] Fix problem with asm spec for -gsplit-dwarf

[google/gcc-4_7] fix race in __cxa_guard_acquire

Re: [google/integration] Add a configure option to disable system header canonicalizations (issue6489063)

[google/main] Backport counter histogram in fdo summary from trunk (issue6513045)

[google/main] Fix regression - SUBTARGET_EXTRA_SPECS overridden by LINUX_GRTE_EXTRA_SPECS

[google] Add new dump flag -pmu to display PMU data in dumps (issue6551072)

Re: [google] Added new dump flag -pmu to display pmu data in pass summaries (issue 6489092)

[google] Added new dump flag -pmu to display pmu data in pass summaries (issue6489092)

[google] AutoFDO implementation

[google] Emit relative addresses to function patch sections instead of absolute addresses. (issue6572065)

[google] Fix duplicate symbol error reported by assembler

[google] Fix exception in unroller code size heuristics (issue6498112)

[google] mis-fired error message on extern alias (LIPO mode)

[google] remove versioned symbols from libstdc++.a

[i386] recognize haddpd

[libbacktrace] Fix bootstrap with gcc 4.4

[lra] merged with trunk

[lra] Merging with trunk

[m68k] Cleanup bitfield insns

Re: [middle-end] Add machine_mode to address_cost target hook

[Patch / RFC] PR 50828

Re: [PATCH 0/4] slim-lto-bootstrap.mk build-target support

[PATCH 1-2/12 ] New configure option --enable-espf=(all|ssp|pie|no)

Re: [PATCH 1/2] gcc symbol database

Re: [PATCH 1/4] Add slim-lto support to libtool.m4

[PATCH 12/12 ] New configure option --enable-espf=(all|ssp|pie|no)

Re: [PATCH 2/4] Add slim-lto support to ltmain.sh

[PATCH 3-4/12 ] New configure option --enable-espf=(all|ssp|pie|no)

Re: [PATCH 3/3] Compute predicates for phi node results in ipa-inline-analysis.c

Re: [PATCH 3/4] Pass CFLAGS to fixincludes

Re: [PATCH 3/6] Thread pointer built-in functions, arm [PING]

[PATCH 4.7] Backport "Don't pull in unwinder for 64-bit division routines"

Re: [PATCH 4/4] Add new slim-lto-bootstrap.mk build-target

Re: [PATCH 4/6] Thread pointer built-in functions, s390

[PATCH 5-6/12 ] New configure option --enable-espf=(all|ssp|pie|no)

Re: [PATCH 5/6] Thread pointer built-in functions, xtensa [PING]

[PATCH 7/12 ] New configure option --enable-espf=(all|ssp|pie|no)

[PATCH 8/12 ] New configure option --enable-espf=(all|ssp|pie|no)

[PATCH 9-11/12 ] New configure option --enable-espf=(all|ssp|pie|no)

Re: [Patch ARM testsuite] fix 3 tests for big-endian

[Patch ARM] Allow auto-vectorizer to use vfma.

[Patch ARM] big-endian support for Neon vext tests

Re: [Patch ARM] Fix PR54252

[Patch ARM] implement bswap16

RE: [Patch ARM] Update the test case to differ movs and lsrs for ARM mode and non-ARM mode

[PATCH committed] Fix PR54704

[Patch contrib] check_GNU_style: remove tmp file

[PATCH RFA] Implement register pressure directed hoist pass

[patch testsuite]: Fix failing test for llp64 in gcc.dg/tree-ssa

[patch trivial] Fix comment in dwarf2.def

[PATCH v2, rtl-optimization]: Fix PR54457, [x32] Fail to combine 64bit index + constant

[PATCH v2] rs6000: Add 2 built-ins to read the Time Base Register on PowerPC

[PATCH, AARCH64] Added predefines for AArch64 code models

RE: [PATCH, AArch64] Allow symbol+offset even if not being used for memory access

[PATCH, AArch64] Handle symbol + offset more effectively

[PATCH, AArch64] Implement ctz and clrsb standard patterns

[PATCH, AArch64] Implement ffs standard pattern

[PATCH, AArch64] Implement fnma, fms and fnms standard patterns

[Patch, ARM, testsuite]

[Patch, ARM, testsuite] improve test for builtin_bswap16 for Thumb2

[PATCH, ARM] 64-bit shifts in NEON

[PATCH, ARM] Cleanup: Replace GET_CODE comparisons with predicates

Re: [PATCH, ARM] Constant vector permute for the Neon vext insn

[PATCH, ARM] Fix PR44557 (Thumb-1 ICE)

[PATCH, ARM] Prefer vld1.64/vst1.64 over vldm/vstm

[Patch, ARM] Replace gen_rtx_CONST_INT by GEN_INT

[PATCH, ARM] Use vld1/vst1 to implement vec_set/vec_extract

[PATCH, C] Mixed pointer types in call to streamer_tree_cache_lookup() in gcc/lto-streamer-out.c

[Patch, committed] testsuite/54677

[patch, doc] Fix example of multiple baseboards, PR 54711

[PATCH, doc] Separate sections in Chapter Plugins and LTO

[PATCH, docs] Fix some obsolete info in tm.texi

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Fix issue in cpp.c's print_line

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Fix PR54467 (TBP ICEs due to _final wrapper disabling)

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR 54435 & 54443

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR54462 - fix ICE on invalid

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR54690 - Fix of the commit of PR54618

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Re-enable some class array checks in the testsuite

[Patch, Fortran, F03] PR 54285: Calling a PPC with proc-ptr result

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 54594: Type-bound ASSIGNMENTs (elemental + array version) rejected as ambiguous

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 54667: gimplification failure with c_f_pointer

[Patch, Fortran] (2/n) Fix some issues found by Coverity's static-code analysis scan

[Patch, Fortran] (3/n) Fix bit/logical bugs found by Coverity

[patch, fortran] Fix an issue found by Coverity scan

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 52724, internal list-directed read/write with kind=4

[Patch, Fortran] Fix some issues found by Coverity's static-code analysis scan

[patch, fortran] Handle -Wextra, -fcompare-reals is implied with -Wextra

[Patch, fortran] PR 54208 compilation error for ubound construct in PARAMETER statements

[Patch, Fortran] PR 54387: [F03] Wrongly accepts non-proc result variable on the RHS of a proc-pointer assignment

Re: [Patch, fortran] PR46897 - [OOP] type-bound defined ASSIGNMENT(=) not used for derived type component in intrinsic assign

[Patch, Fortran] PR54463 - fix -fexternal-matmul with -fdefault-real-8

[Patch, Fortran] PR54556 - fix (4.6/4.7/) 4.8 regression: wrong code with implicit_pure procedures

[Patch, Fortran] PR54599 (4/n) FIx issues found by Coverity scann

[Patch, Fortran] PR54603 - fix structure constructors with proc-pointers

[Patch, Fortran] PR54608 - fix SCAN/VERIFY simplification

[Patch, Fortran] PR54618 fix some INTENT(OUT) issues for CLASS

[patch, fortran] Set -Wcompare-reals from -Wextra

[Patch, Forttran] PR54426 - handle common_head in gfc_undo_symbols

[Patch, i386 committed] RE: [PATCH,i386] Enable prefetchw in processor alias table for AMD targets

[PATCH, i386]: Change x86_prefetch_sse to unsigned char

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR51109, symbol size in scheduler state machine is reduced

[PATCH, i386]: Fix spurious testsuite failure in gcc.target/i386/pad-10.c

[PATCH, i386]: Remove .code64 from HLE configure test

[PATCH, i386]: Remove mode of address_operand predicate from prefetch patterns

[PATCH, i386]: Remove reg_not_xmm0_operand and similar hacks

[PATCH, libbacktrace]: Fix compilation on CentOS 5.8

[patch, libfortran] Fix PR 54736, memory corruption with GFORTRAN_CONVERT_UNIT

[PATCH, libgcc] Make possible to disable JCR in crtstuff.c

[PATCH, libgfortran]: Use __builtin_ia32_{stmxcsr,ldmxcsr} intrinsics in config/fpu-i387.h

[PATCH, libstdc++] Add proper OpenBSD support

Re: [PATCH, libstdc++] Fix PR54172

Re: [PATCH, libstdc++] Improve slightly __cxa_guard_acquire

[PATCH, libstdc++]: Avoid the badname __alpha

[PATCH, M68K] Fix ICE from scheduler improvement

[PATCH, middle-end]: Fix g++.dg/other/vector-compare.C testsuite failure on alpha

Re: [PATCH, middle-end]: Introduce TARGET_LEGITIMATE_COMBINED_INSN target hook

[patch, mips] Fix for PR 54619, GCC aborting with -O -mips16

[patch, mips] New mips triplet for multilib linux builds

[patch, mips] Patch for new mips triplet - mips-mti-elf

[Patch, moxie] Add -mno-crt0 option

[Patch, moxie] bi-endian support for moxie

[PATCH, moxie] clean up function prologues

Re: [Patch, PR 54128] ira.c change to fix mips bootstrap

[PATCH, rtl-optimization]: Fix PR 54455, [4.7/4.8 Regression] ICE: RTL check: expected elt 3 type 'B', have '0' (rtx barrier) in compute_bb_for_insn, at cfgrtl.c:418

[PATCH, rtl-optimization]: Fix PR54457, [x32] Fail to combine 64bit index + constant

[patch, score] Remove TARGET_LEGITIMIZE_ADDRESS define

[patch, testsuite, pr37303] Fix testcase on MIPS

[PATCH, TESTSUITE] Add -fno-short-enums to pr51712

[Patch, testsuite] Changes in tests for the case when long double size is equal double size

[PATCH, testsuite]: Add fortran testcase for PR 36680

[PATCH, testsuite]: Add testcase for PR42295

[PATCH, testsuite]: Add testcase for PR49206

[PATCH, testsuite]: Avoid 'overflow in implicit constant conversion' warning in gcc.target/i386/pr50275.c for x32

Re: [patch, tree-ssa] PR54295 Incorrect value extension in widening multiply-accumulate

[PATCH, WWWDOCS] Document AArch64-4.7 branch

[PATCH,ARM] Suppress the dynamic linker commands for statically linked programs

[Patch,avr,committed] Fix PR54476

[Patch,avr,committed] PR54641, PR54701

[Patch,avr,committed]: Fix PR54536

[Patch,avr,committed]: Tidy up CONST_FIXED_P usage.

[Patch,avr] ad PR54222: Support saturated +, -, ABS

[Patch,avr] Fix canadian cross build fail

[Patch,avr] Fix PR54220

[Patch,avr] PR54461: Better AVR-Libc integration

[Patch,avr]: Ad PR rtl-optimization/52543: Undo the MEM->UNSPEC hack


[PATCH,fixincludes] Wrap fcntl.h on AIX

[PATCH,i386] Enable prefetchw in processor alias table for AMD targets

[PATCH,i386] fma4 addition for bdver2

[patch,libgcc] fp-bit.c: filter-out LIB2FUNCS_EXCLUDE

[Patch,lto,committed]: Fix PR lto/54598

Re: [PATCH,mmix] convert to constraints.md


[Patch,wwwdocs,4.7,committed]: Document --with-avrlibc

[patch] [ARM]

[PATCH] [MELT] An alternative probe for GCC MELT

[PATCH] [MELT] Fixing echo stderr permission issue

[PATCH] Add -fmem-report-wpa


[PATCH] Add -Og optimization level - optimize for compile-time/debugging experience

Re: [PATCH] Add counter histogram to fdo summary (issue6465057)

[PATCH] Add extra location information - PR43486

[PATCH] Add missing include file in Makefile

Re: [PATCH] Add option for dumping to stderr (issue6190057)

[PATCH] Add slim-lto-bootstrap build-config

[PATCH] Another PRE cleanup

Re: [PATCH] Avoid bitfield stores to clobber adjacent variables (PR middle-end/48124)

[PATCH] Avoid repeated SSA updates during loop unrolling

[PATCH] Bug fix in LSHIFT_EXPR case with a shift range in tree-vrp, handle more cases

[Patch] catch builtin_bswap16 construct

Re: [PATCH] Changes in mode switching

[PATCH] Cilk Plus merging to trunk (2 of n)

[PATCH] Clarify gcc-{ar,nm,ranlib} usage in the documentation

Re: [PATCH] Combine location with block using block_locations

[PATCH] Correct handling of gcc-[ar|nm|ranlib] exit codes

[PATCH] Disable updating VRSAVE everywhere except Darwin

[PATCH] Do not mark pseudo-copies decomposable during first lower-subreg pass

[PATCH] Docs: lto.texi: Fix typo

[PATCH] Don't cast XNEWVEC's result


Re: [PATCH] Enable bbro for -Os

Re: [PATCH] Expand pow(x,n) into mulitplies in cse_sincos pass (PR46728, patch 2)

[patch] Expand SJLJ exceptions as tablejump/casesi

[patch] Finish double_int conversion.

[PATCH] Fix a bug that breaks go build

[PATCH] Fix a typo in gcov.texi

[PATCH] Fix ADDR_EXPR handling in SCCVN and PRE

[patch] Fix bitmap_last_set_bit

[PATCH] Fix bogus use of cfun in gen_subprogram_die and premark_used_types

[PATCH] fix bootstrap on darwin to adapt to VEC changes

[PATCH] Fix C++ bootstrap ICE

[patch] fix cross build on powerpc*-*-freebsd

Re: [PATCH] Fix emit_conditional_add and documentation for add@var{mode}cc

[PATCH] Fix fn spec processing in PTA

Re: [PATCH] fix for PR53986 - missing vrp on bit-mask test, LSHIFT_EXPR not handled

[patch] fix gcc.dg/tm/reg-promotion.c

[PATCH] fix gcc.dg/torture/pr53922.c on darwin

Re: [PATCH] Fix i386 costs

[PATCH] Fix i386 costs (was: i386: Fix logic error in r188785, PR target/54592)

[PATCH] Fix i?86 *mov*insv_1* patterns (PR target/54436)

[PATCH] Fix instability of -fschedule-insn for x86

[PATCH] Fix lto-bootstrap issue (one of them)

[patch] Fix memory exhaustion during cunrolli

[PATCH] Fix missing EH updates in execute_cse_sincos (PR tree-optimization/54563)

[PATCH] Fix part of PR gcov-profile/54487 (issue6501100)

[PATCH] Fix parts of PR54362

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR 53395: tree-if-conv.c not producing MAX_EXPR

[PATCH] Fix PR 54362 (COND_EXPR not understood by ITM)

[PATCH] Fix PR 54494, removal of volatile store in strlen optimization

[PATCH] Fix PR 54494, removal of volatile store in strlen optimization because of the inlininer

[PATCH] Fix PR bootstrap/54419

[PATCH] fix PR bootstrap/54642

[PATCH] Fix PR C++/50970 -- Function pointer dereferenced twice in if statement on Arm cpu

[PATCH] Fix PR gcov-profile/54487 (profiledbootstrap intermittent failures) (issue6496113)

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/54759

[patch] Fix PR rtl-optimization/54290

[PATCH] Fix PR52173

[PATCH] Fix PR53663

[PATCH] Fix PR54132

[PATCH] Fix PR54458

[PATCH] Fix PR54489 - FRE needing AVAIL_OUT

[PATCH] Fix PR54492

[PATCH] Fix PR54498

[PATCH] Fix PR54515

[PATCH] Fix PR54520

[PATCH] Fix PR54534

[PATCH] Fix PR54553

[PATCH] Fix PR54565

[PATCH] Fix PR54629

[PATCH] Fix PR54632

[PATCH] Fix PR54634

[PATCH] Fix PR54647

[PATCH] Fix PR54650

[PATCH] Fix PR54674

[PATCH] Fix PR54684

[PATCH] Fix PR54702 and LTO bootstrap (for me)

[PATCH] Fix PR54704

[PATCH] Fix PR54709

Re: [patch] Fix problems with -fdebug-types-section

[PATCH] Fix scan-dumps in testcase, for -Og

Re: [PATCH] Fix SCCVN aggregate copy code some more

[PATCH] Fix sel-sched ICE with asm goto (PR rtl-optimization/54455)

[PATCH] Fix some nits in clear_unused_block_pointer

[PATCH] Fix strspn/strcspn builtin folding (PR middle-end/54486)

[PATCH] Fix up _mm_f{,n}m{add,sub}_s{s,d} (PR target/54564)

[PATCH] Fix up CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS gcc/configure adjustment (PR other/54692)

[PATCH] fix up fixincludes for VxWorks and fix testing

[PATCH] Fix up simplify_binary_operation_1 for vector float AND (PR target/54703)

[PATCH] Fix up vector CONSTRUCTOR handling (PR tree-optimization/54713)

Re: [PATCH] Fix valtrack ICE (PR debug/53923)

[PATCH] Fix vector permutation forwprop optimization (PR tree-optimization/54610)

[PATCH] Fix VRP single-bit signed precision handling (PR tree-optimization/54676)

[PATCH] Further OpenBSD/amd64 and OpenBSD/i386 improvements

Re: [PATCH] Handle truncate of a memory location

[PATCH] Improve debug info for partial inlining (PR debug/54519)

Re: [PATCH] Improve debug info if tree DCE removes stores (PR debug/50317, fallout)

[PATCH] Improve the mode which is used for insertion

[PATCH] Improve VPR for some builtins and non pointer checks

[patch] IPA cleanups and assorted cleanups

Re: [PATCH] limited C++ parsing support for gengtype

[PATCH] Make -fno-tree-pta work

Re: [patch] Make every GIMPLE switch have a default case, always

[PATCH] Merge identical cases

[PATCH] Merging Cilk Plus into Trunk (Patch 1 of approximately 22)

[PATCH] Merging Cilk Plus to GCC (2 of approximately 22)

[patch] Minor TARGET_MEM_REF cleanup

[PATCH] Move objsz pass for -Og

Re: [PATCH] New command line switch -fada-spec-parent

[PATCH] New PARAM_IPA_MAX_AGG_ITEMS instead of a #define

[PATCH] normal_distribution<double> performance improvement with SSE

[PATCH] One more fab -> fab1

Re: [PATCH] OpenBSD/amd64 support and OpenBSD/i386 cleanup

[PATCH] OpenBSD/hppa support

[PATCH] PowerPC VLE port

Re: [PATCH] PR 53528 c++/ C++11 Generalized Attribute support

[patch] PR bootstrap/54453 (libstdc++ doesn't build)

[PATCH] PR c++/29028 - Missed unused warning on using declaration

[PATCH] PR c++/53551 - -Wunused-local-typedefs misses uses

[PATCH] PR c++/53609 - Wrong argument deduction for pack expansion in argument pack

[PATCH] PR c++/54372 - unused attribute inactive on dependant entities

[PATCH] PR c++/54401 - Confusing diagnostics about type-alias at class scope

[patch] PR middle-end/53850: memset builtin problem in TM

Re: [PATCH] PR other/54411: libiberty: objalloc_alloc integer overflows (CVE-2012-3509)

[patch] pr/54508: fix incomplete debug information for class

[PATCH] PR45070: Fix wrong epilogue code for cortex-m0/Os

[patch] PR54149: fix data race in LIM pass

[Patch] PR54635: Add addr_space_t argument to mode_dependent_address_p

[patch] PR54645 move location_adhoc_data map into GC


[PATCH] Prefer to use v?{and,or,xor}p[sd] for float vectors (PR target/54716)

Re: [PATCH] Preserve loops from tree to RTL loop optimizers

Re: [PATCH] Prevent cselib substitution of FP, SP, SFP

[PATCH] proposed fix for PRs target/54516 & rtl-optimization/54540

[patch] Random cleanups

[PATCH] Reduce memory usage for storing LTO decl resolutions

[PATCH] Refactor the code to remove IS_UNKNOWN_LOCATION

Re: [PATCH] Remove RS6000_CALL_GLUE


[patch] rewrite another failing data race test (gcc.dg/pr52558-2.c)

[PATCH] Rs6000 infrastructure cleanup (switches)

Re: [PATCH] Rs6000 infrastructure cleanup (switches), revised patch

Re: [PATCH] Rs6000 infrastructure cleanup (switches), revised patch #2

Re: [PATCH] Rs6000 infrastructure cleanup (switches), revised patch #2b

Re: [PATCH] Rs6000 infrastructure cleanup (switches), revised patch #2c


Re: [PATCH] rs6000: Add a builtin to read the time base register on PowerPC

[PATCH] rs6000: Add testcase for ne0 stuff

[PATCH] rs6000: Fix ne0 patterns (PR51274)

[PATCH] rs6000: Fix nonsensical scc splitter pattern

[PATCH] rs6000: Remove integer abs/nabs/min/max patterns

[PATCH] rs6000: Tighten register predicates

Re: [PATCH] Set correct source location for deallocator calls

[PATCH] Shrink symtab_node_base

[PATCH] Simplify FRE parts of PRE, try to save some memory

[PATCH] Simplify get_prop_source_stmt

[patch] split FRAME variables back into pieces


[PATCH] Update line numbers in testsuite

[PATCH] Use -lgcc in libgcc_so linker script

[PATCH] Use __cxa_atexit on OpenBSD

[PATCH] Use automake no-dist for libatomic and libitm

[PATCH] Use dl_iterate_phdr() on OpenBSD

[Patch]: Add CONST_FIXED_P predicate macro to rtl.h

[PATCH][1/n] Improve LTO type merging

[Patch][AArch64] Expand binary operations' constant operands for neon intrinsics.

[Patch][AArch64] Fix Narrowing high shifts.

[Patch][AArch64] Fix vfmaq_lane_f64.

[Patch][AArch64] Implement support for LD{1,2,3,4}/ST{1,2,3,4}.


[Patch][AArch64] Implement vmovq_n_f64.

[Patch][AArch64] Move immediate into Advanced SIMD scalar.

[Patch][AArch64] Split a move of Q-reg vectors contained in general regs.

[Patch][AArch64] Tighten predicate for CMP pattern.

[PATCH][ARM] Require that one of the operands be a register in thumb2_movdf_vfp

Re: [PATCH][build] Fix PR54138, make --without-cloog work

[PATCH][LTO] "properly" stream PARM_DECLs

[PATCH][revised] Fix PR bootstrap/54419

[PATCH][revisedx2] Fix PR bootstrap/54419

[PATCH][revisedx3] Fix PR bootstrap/54419

[PATCH][revisedx4] Fix PR bootstrap/54419

Re: [PATCH][RFC] Add -Og

Re: [PATCH][RFC] Fixing instability of -fschedule-insns for x86

[PATCH][RFC] Use overloads for gimple_build_assign_with_ops

[PATCHv3] rs6000: Add 2 built-ins to read the Time Base Register on PowerPC

[PATCHv4] rs6000: Add 2 built-ins to read the Time Base Register on PowerPC

[PATCHv5] rs6000: Add 2 built-ins to read the Time Base Register on PowerPC

[ping patch] Predict for loop exits in short-circuit conditions

[Ping] Allow dg-skip-if to use compiler flags specified through set_board_info cflags

[PING] C++ conversion - pull in cstdlib

[PING] Re: VxWorks Patches Back from the Dead!

[ping][PATCH] Power: Reorder a sign-extend RTL pattern for readability

[Ping]RE: [Patch, test] Enable to prune warnings for tests defined in one exp file

[PING^2] C++ conversion - pull in cstdlib

[ping^2][PATCH] configure.ac: Also quote '$' in tbaseargs

[PR target/54631] Update vxworks.c to new VEC_quick_push interface

[PR54551] global dead debug pseudo tracking in fast-dce

[RFA 1/n] Fix if conversion interactions with block partitioning

[RFA 2/n] Don't lift loads above register using jumps in postreload-gcse.c

[RFC / Patch] PR 54403

[RFC] Make vectorizer to skip loops with small iteration estimate

[RFC] Move ehcleanup pass to before early SRA

[RFC] PowerPC / rs6000 call glue removal

[rtl] combine a vec_concat of 2 vec_selects from the same vector

[SH, committed] Fix iterators conversion oversight

[SH] Add simple_return pattern

[SH] Correct address cost estimations

[SH] Define NO_IMPLICIT_EXTERN_C for newlib targets

[SH] Fix bootstrap failures with --enable-checking

[SH] PR 33135 - Remove leftover

[SH] PR 50457 - Add additional atomic models


[SH] PR 54089 - Add another rotcr case

[SH] PR 54089 - Improve software dynamic shifts

[SH] PR 54089 - More rotcr, rotl, rotr

[SH] PR 54236 - Add another addc case

[SH] PR 54418

[SH] Use more braced strings in MD

[SPARC] Fix recent and older thinkos

[SPARC] Implement TImode support

Re: [Test] contrib/test_installed modified to set specific gcov

[testsuite] fix to check_effective_target_arm_hard_vfp_ok

[testsuite] for vect_multiple_sizes, skip instead of xfail for some checks

[testsuite] gcc.dg/vect/pr48765: fix option conflict

[testsuite] gcc.target/arm/combine-movs.c: fix effective target

[testsuite] gcc.target/arm/div64-unwinding.c: xfail for linux

[testsuite] gcc.target/arm/mmx-2.c: specify -mcpu=iwmmxt

[testsuite] gcc.target/arm/pr42879.c: handle big-endian

[testsuite] gcc.target/arm/unsigned-extend-1.c: omit -march option

[testsuite] gcc.target/arm: skip 5 tests for flag conflicts

Re: [testsuite] support using "target" and "xfail" together

[testsuite] vect effective targets should use arm_neon_ok

[testsuite] vect/fast-math-pr35982: skip check instead of xfail

Re: [TILE-Gx, committed] support -mcmodel=MODEL

RE: [Updated]: [PATCH GCC/ARM] Fix problem that hardreg_cprop opportunities are missed on thumb1

[v3, build] Clear hardware capabilities on libstdc++.so with Sun as

[v3] patch, configuring GCC --disable-libgomp causes libstdc++ abi check to fail.

[v3] 28811, 54482

[v3] Add missing include checks to ext/random

[v3] fix bootstrap/54419

[v3] fix PR 34106

[v3] fixup --enable-cxx-flags

[v3] libstdc++/53515

Re: [v3] libstdc++/54296

[v3] libstdc++/54314

[v3] libstdc++/54612

[v3] libstdc++/54727

[v3] update docs w.r.t PR 54577

[wwwdocs] Fix <a href> vs <a name> confusion in codingrationale.html

[wwwdocs] gcc-3.1/changes.html, adjust Adacore link

[wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: [PATCH] Remove matrix-reorg

[wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: Commit: XStormy16: Add support for -fstack-usage

Re: [wwwdocs] SH 4.8 changes update

Re: __gnu_cxx::rope: __uninitialized_fill_n_a error

Add a configure option to disable system header canonicalizations (issue6495088)

Add Rice distribution to libstdc++

add typedef printers to libstdc++

Adjust gcc.dg/pr44194-1.c

Re: another wrong-code problem with -fstrict-volatile-bitfields

Backtrace library [1/3]

Backtrace library [2/3]

Backtrace library [3/3]

beta distribution

Re: Bootstrap fails

Bootstrap fails (was: Remove unnecessary VEC function overloads.)

Breakage with "[v3] patch, configuring GCC --disable-libgomp causes libstdc++ abi check to fail."

Bump minimum gmp version to 4.2.3

C++ PATCH for c++/53661 (wrong narrowing error with enum)

C++ PATCH for c++/53836 (dependent parenthesized initializer)

C++ PATCH for c++/53839 (ICE with constexpr)

C++ PATCH for c++/54198

C++ PATCH for c++/54341, c++/54253 (constexpr and virtual functions)

C++ PATCH for c++/54420 (ICE with class named __lambda)

C++ PATCH for c++/54437 (firefox build failure)

C++ PATCH for c++/54441 (infinite loop on ill-formed designated initializer)

C++ PATCH for c++/54506 (wrong implicit move)

C++ PATCH for c++/54511 (anonymous union in template function)

C++ PATCH for c++/54538 (lambda mangling)

C++ PATCH for c++/54575 (ICE with alias template)

Re: C++/24314

C++/24314 (was: Re: [C++ Patch] PR 18747)

Change double_int calls to new interface.


Re: combine vec_perm_expr with constructor

Commit: V850 tidy ups

Constant-fold vector comparisons

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-4.7.2.sv.po'

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-4.7.2.vi.po'

Re: Decltype and opaque vectors

Decltype and opaque vectors (was: vector comparisons in C++)

Re: Defining C99 predefined macros for whole translation unit

Re: faster random number engine

Finish up PR rtl-optimization/44194

Fix argument spelling in uninstantiated vec_t function

Fix bootstrap failure with clang++ (PR 54484)

Fix bootstrap failure with Sun linker

Fix bootstrap with release checking

Fix C ICE with casts to pointers to VLAs (PR c/54552)

Fix C ICEs on truthvalue conversions of some expressions with integer constant operands (PR c/54103)

Fix code regression

Fix instability of -fschedule-insn for x86

Fix libstdc++/54388

Fix oversights in the gnat.dg testsuite

Fix PR 54478 - Work around g++ 4.3 parsing bug

Fix PR middle-end/54617

Fix PR rtl-optimization/54369

Fix PR rtl-optimization/54456

Fix PR rtl-optimization/54644

Fix PR tree-optimization/54669

Fix PR54688

Fix small paste-o in rice_distribution.

Fix var-tracking for window register targets

Fold VEC_PERM_EXPR a little more

forwprop: bit_field_ref(constructor)

GCC 4.7.2 Status Report (2012-09-14), branch frozen

GCC 4.7.3 Status Report (2012-09-20)

git-svn: Unable to connect to a repository

Go 4.7 patch committed: Bring 4.7 branch up to date

Go patch committed: Better error for switch on non-comparable type

Go patch committed: Better error message

Go patch committed: Better error message for missing comma

Go patch committed: Better error message for single- multiple- value

Go patch committed: Detect invalid import statements

Go patch committed: Error for byte-order-mark in middle of file

Go patch committed: Fix determination of complex argument types

Go patch committed: Fix handling of omitted expression in switch

Go patch committed: Fix multiple types with same name in function

Go patch committed: Fix struct hash/equality with _ fields

Go patch committed: Fix unnamed struct converted to interface

Go patch committed: Ignore byte-order-mark at start of file

Go patch committed: Keep up with main compiler

Go patch committed: len(<-c) is not a constant

Go patch committed: No error for interface type of shift

Go patch committed: Reject surrogate pairs converting int to string

Re: Implement Nakagami distribution as an extension.

Re: Implement Pareto distribution as an extension.

Re: Re-implement VEC_* to be member functions of vec_t<T>

Is it hard to have a little talk with you?

libbacktrace patch committed: Add more -I options

libbacktrace patch committed: Add some mingw support

libbacktrace patch committed: Avoid multiple error messages

libbacktrace patch committed: Declare strnlen if not declared

libbacktrace patch committed: Fix test of HAVE_DECL_STRNLEN

libbacktrace patch committed: Mark test functions as unused

libgo patch committed: Add no-dist -Wno-portability to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE

libgo patch committed: Better detection of memory overflow

libgo patch committed: DWARF line reader fixes

libgo patch committed: Reject surrogate pair in range over string

libgo patch committed: Return random number of hash of NaN

libgo patch committed: runtime.Caller should succeed without debug info

libgo patch committed: Use libbacktrace

libiberty patch committed: Add strnlen

Loop stride inline hint

Loop stride optimization hint

LTO partitioning reorg 1/n

LTO partitioning reorg 2/n

LTO partitioning reorg 3/n - remove some hacks and handle vars/functions more regularly

LTO partitioning reorg 4/n

MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself.

Make cfun_push and cfun_pop also change current_function_decl

Re: Memset/memcpy patch

Re: Merge C++ conversion into trunk (0/6 - Overview)

Re: Merge C++ conversion into trunk (4/6 - hash table rewrite)

minor cleanup in forwprop: use get_prop_source_stmt more

Minor reorganization in bb-reorder.c

New German PO file for 'gcc' (version 4.7.2)

New Swedish PO file for 'cpplib' (version 4.7.2)

New Swedish PO file for 'gcc' (version 4.7.2)

New template for 'cpplib' made available

New template for 'gcc' made available

New Vietnamese PO file for 'cpplib' (version 4.7.2)

New Vietnamese PO file for 'gcc' (version 4.7.1)

Obsolete picochip-* in 4.7.2+

Re: out-of-line and arch-specific random_device

Patch committed: Don't use automatic dependencies for libbacktrace

Patch committed: Fix crash in libbacktrace if no debug info

PATCH COMMITTED: Fix libbacktrace bootstrap on Darwin

Re: Patch ping

Patch ping^2

Patch ping^3

PATCH RFA: Print backtrace on ICE

PATCH to configure.ac to fix --enable-languages=all

PATCH: [4.6 Regression] 22_locale/num_put/put/char/9780-2.cc

PATCH: Move GCC ChangeLog entry to gcc/ChangeLog

PATCH: PR debug/54568: --eh-frame-hdr should also be enabled for static executable

Re: PATCH: PR driver/54335: -dm doesn't work

PATCH: PR target/48904: x86_64-knetbsd-gnu fails to build

PATCH: PR target/54445: TLS array lookup with negative constant is not combined into a single instruction

ping [RFA:] fix configury version checks for in-tree binutils

Ping [SH] Define NO_IMPLICIT_EXTERN_C for newlib targets

PING Re: [PATCH, MIPS] add new peephole for 74k dspr2

Ping: [PATCH GCC/ARM] Fix problem that hardreg_cprop opportunities are missed on thumb1

PING: [PATCH, ARM] New CPU support for Marvell PJ4 cores

Re: Ping: [PATCH] Enable bbro for -Os

Ping: [patch] pr/54508: fix incomplete debug information for class

Ping: [Patch] PR54635: Add addr_space_t argument to mode_dependent_address_p

Ping: [PATCH] top-level libtool / configure.ac PIC support for AIX

Ping: PATCH RFA: Print backtrace on ICE

Ping: Re: Add a configure option to disable system header canonicalizations (issue6495088)

Ping^2: [PATCH 3/6] Thread pointer built-in functions, arm

Ping^2: [PATCH]Remove duplicate check on BRANCH_COST in fold-const.c

Re: Ping^3 Re: Add --no-sysroot-suffix driver option

Ping^3: [PATCH 3/6] Thread pointer built-in functions, arm

Re: PR 43852: new configure option --disable-libstdcxx-verbose

PR 44436 Associative containers emplace/emplace_hint

PR 53889: Add __gthread_recursive_mutex_destroy

PR libstdc++/54576: random_device isn't protected by _GLIBCXX_USE_C99_STDINT_TR1

PR testsuite/54184: rewriting failing data race test

Profile housekeeping 1/n (tree-vect-loop-manip updates)

Profile housekeeping 2/n (shrink wrapping fix)

Profile housekeeping 3/4 (call-cddce fix)

Profile housekeeping 4/n (scale_loop_profile cleanup)

profitable_hard_regs vs. PR 48435

Recognize vec_perm_expr in a constructor of bit_field_ref

Remove def operands cache

Remove duplicated block of code

Remove obsolete compatibility notes in vec.h

Remove unnecessary VEC function overloads.

Rewrite lto-symtab to work on symbol table

RFA: Fix COND_EXEC handling of dead_or_set_regno_p

RFA: Fix PR rtl-optimization/38449 (patch updated)

RFA: Improve doloop_begin support

RFA: Process '*' in '@'-output-template alternatives

RFA: update config-list.mk

RFC: LRA for x86/x86-64 [0/9]

RFC: LRA for x86/x86-64 [1/9]

RFC: LRA for x86/x86-64 [2/9]

RFC: LRA for x86/x86-64 [3/9]

RFC: LRA for x86/x86-64 [4/9]

RFC: LRA for x86/x86-64 [5/9]

RFC: LRA for x86/x86-64 [6/9]

RFC: LRA for x86/x86-64 [7/9]

RFC: LRA for x86/x86-64 [7/9] -- continuation

RFC: LRA for x86/x86-64 [8/9]

RFC: LRA for x86/x86-64 [9/9]

robustify guality self-check

Re: Scheduler: Allow breaking dependencies by modifying patterns

shrink-wrapping duplicates BBs across partitions.

Small ira.c:setup_pressure_classes tweak

Speedup loop header copying [part of PR 46590]

status of -fstack-protector-strong?

symbolic names for processor IDs

testsuite] remove dg-do run from a vect test

Tighten forwprop1 testing

Top Level GCC change questions

Turning into our Best Pick Ever!

Tweak IRA checks for singleton register classes

Two tiny C++ PATCHes

U never know what is around the corner for sure. But this time there's a nice little surprise for you)))

Unreviewed bootstrap patch

Use conditional casting with symtab_node

Re: User directed Function Multiversioning via Function Overloading (issue5752064)

vec_cond_expr adjustments

Re: vector comparisons in C++

Re: VxWorks Patches Back from the Dead!

FW: Wish we had a chance to meet...

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