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RFC: Merge the GUPC branch into the GCC 4.8 trunk

We have maintained the gupc (GNU Unified Parallel C) branch for
a couple of years now, and would like to merge these changes into
the GCC trunk.

The purpose of this note is to ask for suggestions
on the best way to proceed through the GUPC review and merge process.

For reference,

The GUPC project page is here:

The current GUPC release is distributed here:

Roughly a year ago, we described the front-end related
changes at the time:

Status: We merge the trunk into the gupc branch on approximately
a weekly basis.  The current set of changes relative to
the GCC trunk are shown here:

In order to make the changes easier to review, we are planning
to present the changes in the following groups.

- Configure and Make
- Other Languages
- C Pre-processor
- Front-End/Parser
- Options/Command Processing
- Documentation
- Maintenance and Support
- Debugging Information (DWARF)
- GCC, Trees, Declarations, Types, Statements
- UPC Language Specific, Front-end, Middle-end
- UPC language header files
- UPC Runtime Library Configure/Make
- UPC Runtime library
- UPC Runtime Library: collectives
- UPC Testsuite

A detailed list of files in each category is attached.

Does this sound like a workable plan?

Are there any planned/ongoing current GCC trunk development
activities that we should be aware of for planning and
integration purposes?

- Gary

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