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[Patch ARM] Fix PR54212 - Remove predicable attribute from Advanced SIMD patterns in the ARM backend.


        This fixes PR target/54212.. The problem here was we were
marking a number of patterns in as predicable. Advanced SIMD
instructions are not predicable in ARM state, however are allowed to
exist in Thumb2 in IT blocks ( though this is a feature that is
deprecated and is documented in the latest ARM ARM Issue C.B ) . This
therefore removes the predicable attribute from all such instructions
in the Neon backend. This is currently undergoing regression testing
on armv7-a cross, will apply if no regressions and I intend
backporting this atleast to 4.7 branch as this is an issue in the
backend since the original days of Advanced SIMD support and the bug
report was reported on the 4.7 branch where it is reproducible.

I would like to take this back to 4.6 branch as well but would like to
do so after it has lived for a while on trunk / 4.7 .


2012-08-14  Ramana Radhakrishnan  <>

	PR target/54212
	* config/arm/ (vec_set<mode>_internal VD,VQ): Do not
	mark as predicable. Adjust asm template.
	(vec_setv2di_internal): Likewise.
	(vec_extract<mode> VD, VQ): Likewise.
	(vec_extractv2di): Likewise.
	(neon_vget_lane<mode>_sext_internal VD, VQ): Likewise.
	(neon_vset_lane<mode>_sext_internal VD, VQ): Likewise.
	(neon_vdup_n<mode> VX, V32): Likewise.
	(neon_vdup_nv2di): Likewise.

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