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Re: Merge C++ conversion into trunk (0/6 - Overview)

On 12-08-12 16:04 , Diego Novillo wrote:
I will be sending 6 patches that implement all the changes we
have been making on the cxx-conversion branch.  As described in, these patches
change the default bootstrap process so that stage 1 always
builds with a C++ compiler.

Other than the bootstrap change, the patches make no functional
changes to the compiler.  Everything should build as it does now
in trunk.

I have split the merge in 6 main patches.  I will send these
patches to the respective maintainers and gcc-patches.
Please remember that the patches conform to the new C++ coding
guidelines (

1- Configuration changes.
2- Re-write of VEC.
3- Re-write of gengtype to support C++ templates and
    user-provided marking functions.
4- New hash table class.
5- Re-write double_int.
6- Implement tree macros as inline functions so they can be
    called from gdb.

Thanks for all the reviews.

Barring any last minute blockers, I would like to schedule the final merge sometime this week. Ideally, trunk should be free of activity while I do the final test and commit.

This merge touches several files, so I'm thinking that the best time is going to be on Thu 16/Aug around 2:00 GMT.

Once the merge lands in trunk, Lawrence and I will be monitoring automatic builders for any problems that may show up. In the next few days we will be doing follow-up patches for VEC, hash table and gengtype.

Thanks. Diego.

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