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Re: [cxx-conversion] Support garbage-collected C++ templates

On 12-08-09 03:12 , Laurynas Biveinis wrote:

Might be also interesting to try valgrind. Good to hear the zone
collector hasn't bitrotten once again.

Well, it seems it has now. I just tried --with-gc=zone in trunk and it failed. I have not merged trunk for 2-3 weeks, so something may have broken it in the meantime.

         * doc/gty.texi: Document support for C++ templates and
         user-provided markers.

The 1st node in this doc file needs s/C/C++/g and perhaps some more explanation with an eye on C++.

Sorry. I'm not sure what you are trying to say here. I'm adding more details on the user-provided GTY keyword below.


diff --git a/gcc/doc/gty.texi b/gcc/doc/gty.texi
index 472738e..2210441 100644
--- a/gcc/doc/gty.texi
+++ b/gcc/doc/gty.texi
@@ -68,6 +68,7 @@ These don't need to be marked.
* GTY Options:: What goes inside a @code{GTY(())}.
* GGC Roots:: Making global variables GGC roots.
+* User GC:: Adding user-provided GC marking routines.
* Files:: How the generated files work.
* Invoking the garbage collector:: How to invoke the garbage collector.
* Troubleshooting:: When something does not work as expected.
@@ -435,20 +436,53 @@ The @code{special} option is used to mark types that have to be dealt
with by special case machinery. The parameter is the name of the
special case. See @file{gengtype.c} for further details. Avoid
adding new special cases unless there is no other alternative.
+@findex user
+@item user
+The @code{user} option indicates that the code to mark structure
+fields is completely handled by user-provided routines. Section
+@ref{User GC} for details on what functions need to be provided.
@end table

+@node User GC
 @section Support for user-provided GC marking routines
+@cindex user gc
 The garbage collector supports types for which no automatic marking
 code is generated.  For these types, the user is required to provide
 four functions: one to act as a marker for garbage collection, and
-three functions to act as marker and pointer walking for pre-compiled
+two functions to act as marker and pointer walking for pre-compiled

-User-provided types are currently supported for C++ template
-structures. When a template type @code{TP} is marked with @code{GTY},
-all instances of that type are considered user-provided types. As
-such, the user needs to provide template functions to mark all the
-fields of the type.
+Given a structure @code{struct GTY((user)) my_struct}, the following functions
+should be defined to mark @code{my_struct}
+void gt_ggc_mx (my_struct *p)
+ /* This marks field 'fld'. */
+ gt_ggc_mx (p->fld);
+void gt_pch_nx (my_struct *p)
+ /* This marks field 'fld'. */
+ gt_pch_nx (tp->fld);
+void gt_pch_nx (my_struct *p, gt_pointer_operator op, void *cookie)
+ /* For every field 'fld', call the given pointer operator. */
+ op (&(tp->fld), cookie);
+@end smallexample
+@section User-provided marking routines for template types
+When a template type @code{TP} is marked with @code{GTY}, all
+instances of that type are considered user-provided types. This means
+that the individual instances of @code{TP} do not need to marked with
+@code{GTY}. The user needs to provide template functions to mark all
+the fields of the type.

The following code snippets represent all the functions that need to
be provided. Note that type @code{TP} may reference to more than one
@@ -509,8 +543,6 @@ will, in turn, walk all the pointers inside fields of @code{T}).
In the case of @code{TP<T *>}, references to @code{T *} must be
handled by calling the @code{op} function on the address of the
pointer (see the code snippets above).
-@item Only template structures are supported at this time.
@end enumerate

@node GGC Roots

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