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Re: [cxx-conversion] Support garbage-collected C++ templates

Diego -

It's all good changes and your plan for future improvements sounds
good, including the part where gengtype is killed with fire.

> - Functions should be emitted in files that have access to the
>   structure where they were defined.  I'm not convinced that the
>   current multiplicity of gt-*.[ch] files is even necessary. However,
>   I would like the guidance of a gengtype maintainer. I don't think I
>   fully understand all of it.

Yes, I remember looking into splitting the output a few years ago. It
should be possible to split gtype-desc.h into header files to be
included in source header files defining the relevant types. I.e.
tree.h includes a generated gt-tree.h that provides allocator
definitions for the tree.h types. gtype-desc.h then would be left with
the master enum of all GTY-handled types. It should be also possible
to split gtype-desc.c into already-existing gt-foo.h too, although the
benefit of doing that is not as big I think.

> I've tested the patch on x86_64 with the page and zone collectors and
> with --enable-checking=gc,gcac (boy was that a slow mistake).

Might be also interesting to try valgrind. Good to hear the zone
collector hasn't bitrotten once again.

>         * doc/gty.texi: Document support for C++ templates and
>         user-provided markers.

The 1st node in this doc file needs s/C/C++/g and perhaps some more
explanation with an eye on C++.


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