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Re: [libiberty] add obstack macros (was Re: PR #53525 - track-macro-expansion performance regression)

On Fri, 3 Aug 2012, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

2012-08-04 Dimitrios Apostolou <>

        * libiberty.h
        type-safe macros for obstack allocation.
        (XOBFINISH): Renamed argument to PT since it is a pointer to T.

+/* Type-safe obstack allocator. You must first initialize the obstack with
+   obstack_init() or _obstack_begin().

This should recommend obstack_init, or obstack_begin, but not _obstack_begin. Also obstack_specify_allocation and obstack_specify_allocation_with_arg are OK, so really it might be better not to list the functions, but simply say "You must first initialization the obstack."

Grep reveals that 9 out of 10 times we use _obstack_begin(), and we set alignment to 0 (isn't it suboptimal?).

+ T: Type, O: Obstack, N: Number of elements, S: raw Size,


+#define XOBSHRINK(O, T)		obstack_blank ((O), -1 * sizeof (T))
+#define XOBSHRINKVEC(O, T, N)	obstack_blank ((O), -1 * sizeof (T) * (N))

These are hard to use safely. I'm not sure we should define them at all.

I've already used XOBSHRINK and it looks clear to me, but I could use obstack_blank() directly if necessary.

+#define XOBFINISH(O, PT) ((PT) obstack_finish ((O)))

For XOBNEW, etc., we use (T *) rather than (PT). Using (PT) seems error-probe--it's the only use of the obstack with a different type parameter. Why not use T rather than PT here, and return (T *)?

I'd have to change many (about 60) occurences of XOBFINISH if I change that. I'd go for it if I was sure it's what we want, it can be a separate patch later on.

Thanks, Dimitris

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