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[patch, fortran] Fix PR 54033, problems with -I

Hello world,

the attached, rather obvious patch emits warnings for several
cases where there is something wrong with include directories.
No test case because I couldn't figure out how to test for a
warning with no line number.

OK for trunk?


2012-07-26 Thomas König <>

        PR fortran/54033
        * scanner.c (add_path_to_list): Emit warning if an error occurs
        for an include path, if it is not present or if it is not a
        directory.  Do not add the path in these cases.
Index: scanner.c
--- scanner.c	(Revision 189754)
+++ scanner.c	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -311,12 +311,31 @@ add_path_to_list (gfc_directorylist **list, const
   gfc_directorylist *dir;
   const char *p;
+  struct stat st;
   p = path;
   while (*p == ' ' || *p == '\t')  /* someone might do "-I include" */
     if (*p++ == '\0')
+  if (stat (p, &st))
+    {
+      if (errno != ENOENT)
+	gfc_warning_now ("Include directory \"%s\": %s", path,
+			 xstrerror(errno));
+      else
+	/* FIXME:  Also support -Wmissing-include-dirs.  */
+	gfc_warning_now ("Include directory \"%s\" does not exist",
+			 path);
+      return;
+    }
+  else if (!S_ISDIR (st.st_mode))
+    {
+      gfc_warning_now ("\"%s\" is not a directory", path);
+      return;
+    }
   if (head || *list == NULL)
       dir = XCNEW (gfc_directorylist);

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