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Re: [patch] update configury for FreeBSD 10 on gcc-4.6 branch

On Sat, 19 Nov 2011, Andreas Tobler wrote:
> the below patch updates the configury to be able to build gcc-4.6 on 
> FreeBSD 10. I attach only the source files which have changed.

> libjava/libltdl/acinclude.m4

I don't see this one in your ChangeLog?

> Is this ok for 4.6 branch?

Merging upstream changes from libtool that unbreak bootstrap on a
primary platform and are completely specific and isolated to that
platform should always be fine.

You did not indicate how you tested it, but assuming a full bootstrap
and testsuite run (which platform exactly?) please go ahead.


> Index: libjava/
> ===================================================================
> --- libjava/	(revision 181511)
> +++ libjava/	(working copy)
> @@ -1060,7 +1060,7 @@
>       *-*-cygwin*)
>  	# Don't set THREADLIBS here.  Cygwin doesn't have -lpthread.
>  	;;
> -     *-*-freebsd[[1234]]*)
> +     *-*-freebsd[[234]].*)
>  	# Before FreeBSD 5, it didn't have -lpthread (or any library which
>  	# merely adds pthread_* functions) but it does have a -pthread switch
>  	# which is required at link-time to select -lc_r *instead* of -lc.

This is a separate change from the libtool import, right?  Ever since

  2011-02-02  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

        * config.gcc (*-*-freebsd[12], *-*-freebsd[12].*, *-*-freebsd*aout*):
        Move to the unsupported targets list.

GCC per se does not support FreeBSD 2.x any more.  On the libtool side,
we should stick with what we get from upstream.  For other things, like
the above, I suggest to remove both 1 and 2.

Can you also make the libjava change on trunk, copying java-patches@ ?


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