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Re: -freorder-function is broken

-Wshadow warning

[0/4] Make SMS schedule register moves

Re: [1/2] Rename across ebbs

[1/4] SMS: remove register undo list

[2/4] SMS: Use ids to represent ps_insns

[3/4] SMS: Record moves in the partial schedule

[4.6/4.7] Fix some parser timers (issue4894054)

[4.7][google]Support for getting CPU type and feature information at run-time. (issue4893046)

[4/4] Make SMS schedule register moves

[Ada] Implementation of AI05-0071: class-wide ops for formal subprograms

[Ada] Access all type not considered access-to-object in generic

[Ada] Access to protected subprograms in generic bodies

[Ada] Ada 2012 accessibility of anonymous access stand-alone objects

[Ada] Ada 2012 AI-0113 Detection of conflicting external tags

[Ada] Ada 2012 anonymous access conversions and membership tests

[Ada] Ada 2012: Class-wide operations for formal subprograms

[Ada] Ada2012 : incomplete types can be used in more contexts

[Ada] Ada2012 iterators over containers given by a function call

[Ada] Ada2012-A111 specifying a pool on an allocator

[Ada] Adapt SPARK restriction to follow modification of SPARK LRM

[Ada] Add a link between body and spec scopes in ALFA section of ALI file

[Ada] Add anonymous subtypes to ALFA

[Ada] Add declaration for Itypes in Alfa mode

[Ada] Add flag Body_Is_In_ALFA on subprogram entities

[Ada] Add GNAT-specific Test_Case aspect and pragma for unit verification

[Ada] Add new attribute 'Elab_Subp_Body

[Ada] Add new attribute System_Allocator_Alignment

[Ada] Add procedure to print out the predefined floating point types

[Ada] add processing of aggregated projects

[Ada] Add special case for "ALFA" in error message similar to "RM"

[Ada] Add support for binder/linker in gnatmake in CodePeer mode

[Ada] Add support for file attributes on VxWorks 6

[Ada] Add support to detect conflicting overriding primitive

[Ada] Add the default search dirs after the Builder switches

[Ada] Add_To_Result routine (internal cleanup)

[Ada] added bounded multiway trees to standard container library

[Ada] Addition of new attribute Original_Access_Type

[Ada] Address clauses in timed entry calls

[Ada] Adjustments to Alfa mode for types and packing

[Ada] AI05-0020 : universal operators of fixed point and access types

[Ada] AI05-0069 : Holder container

[Ada] AI05-0115: aggregates with invisible components.

[Ada] ALI format and internal tables for ALFA information

[Ada] Allow foreign exceptions

[Ada] Allow run-time to be compiled with Normalize_Scalars

[Ada] Allow static string expression as name of Test_Case pragma/aspect

[Ada] Ambiguities with prefixed views of synchronized primitives

[Ada] Analyze pre/post expression for correctness in formal verification mode

[Ada] Assignment to a packed component with a change of representation

[Ada] Attributes on predicated subtypes

[Ada] Avoid FE crash processing wrong sources

[Ada] avoid incorrect lower casing of attribute names in some cases

[Ada] Avoid the use of floating point in the front end

[Ada] Better error message for Excluded_Source_List_File

[Ada] Better reference information for in out params

[Ada] Blank lines in SCO information

[Ada] Box-initialized components of aggregates in allocators

[Ada] C++ types are limited

[Ada] Change error message in Ada 2012 mode for misplaced "if" and "case"

[Ada] Change of profile for Prj.Part.Parse

[Ada] Change parameterized expression to expression function

[Ada] Check ambiguity with prefixed views of tagged primitives

[Ada] Clean up and document use of IN_GCC outside the compiler

[Ada] Clean-up: remove flag Pragma_Enabled

[Ada] Cleanup in exception_occurrence

[Ada] Clear confusion about -fno-inline in the GNAT UG

[Ada] Code cleanup

[Ada] Compiler crash on entry requeue in discriminated protected type

[Ada] Compiler crash processing postcondition

[Ada] Compiler crash when an aggregate's range choice does not match index type

[Ada] Conformance for quantified expressions

[Ada] Correct ALFA xrefs for separates and pre/post

[Ada] Correct object path when binding extending SALs

[Ada] Correct order of evaluation of pre- and postcondition

[Ada] Correct placement and checking of Test_Case pragma

[Ada] Correct unique name of entities for formal verification

[Ada] Correct various bad choices in Alfa mode

[Ada] Correct wrong generation of ALFA cross-references

[Ada] Crash on conversion to derived private type with invisible discriminants

[Ada] Crash on quantified expressions containing 'Old in postconditions

[Ada] Crash on use of 'Old

[Ada] Crash processing nested aggregate in constant declaration

[Ada] Deallocation of a single allocated object (PR ada/47880)

[Ada] Default 'Input for array of limited object

[Ada] default-initialize all components of type Cursor

[Ada] Default-initialize Nodes component

[Ada] Define a light expansion mode for formal verification

[Ada] Define a light expansion mode for formal verification (2)

[Ada] Define full expansion "flag" to distinguish from reduced Alfa expansion

[Ada] Delay all aspects

[Ada] Delete SCIL files in CodePeer mode

[Ada] Dereference correct hash table for a given node array index

[Ada] Detect all derived types as violation of the SPARK restriction

[Ada] Detect array types which belong to ALFA subset

[Ada] Detect generics as violation of the SPARK restriction

[Ada] Detect misplaced 'Result when compiling spec file

[Ada] Detect useless assignments to parts of objects

[Ada] Disable aggregate expansion in assignments in VM targets

[Ada] Do not catch exception if _UA_FORCE_UNWIND flag is set.

[Ada] Do not defer aborts while raising exceptions (ZCX)

[Ada] Do not generate SCO for use clause or rep clause

[Ada] Do not generate wrong transient scopes for pragma check in ALFA mode

[Ada] Do not skip analysis of aspect X when X'Class aspect present (and reverse)

[Ada] Do not use specific stream routines for strings when not available

[Ada] Double evaluation in allocator for unconstrained packed array

[Ada] Double free in GNAT.Perfect_Hash_Generators.Finalize

[Ada] Duplicated SCO for decision in pragma Debug

[Ada] Enrich ALFA cross references with the type of entity for parameters

[Ada] Equality testing against null in an instance

[Ada] Error on instantiation with private type that has discriminated full type

[Ada] Errors with limited views of an incomplete type and its full view

Re: [Ada] Expansion of Ada2012 predicate checks for type conversions

[Ada] Expansion of Ada2012 predicate checks for type conversions

[Ada] Expansion of indexed referenced to packed arrays when prefix is a call

[Ada] Expansion of selected components that denote discriminants

[Ada] Extend ALFA marks to more types of nodes

[Ada] Extending library projects with no sources does not build

[Ada] Factorize code in raise-gcc.c

[Ada] Filter out read reference to operator in Alfa xrefs

[Ada] Final implementation of Default[_Component]_Value aspects

[Ada] Finalization actions during abort

[Ada] Finalization actions in instances within generic units

[Ada] Fix discrepancy between initialization and finalization of libraries

[Ada] Fix handling of "*" in the presence of empty switch sections

[Ada] Fix handling of boolean aspects

[Ada] Fix ICE on initialization with discriminated aggregate

[Ada] Fix latent bug in the analysis of iteration bounds

[Ada] Fix minor violation of B.1 (39) implementation advice

[Ada] Fix missing debug info for concatenation

[Ada] Fix obscure race condition in term alts

[Ada] Fix spurious "prefix of dereference must be an access type"

[Ada] fix traceback computation stop condition for ppc-aix

[Ada] Fixes to preelaborable initialization handling

[Ada] Flatten aggregates with no static bounds and no others choice

[Ada] Forbid anonymous access to subprogram in Compiler_Unit mode

[Ada] Frontend cleanup

[Ada] Further preliminary work for [Component_]Default_Value

[Ada] Generalized indexing in Ada2012

[Ada] Generated tag assignment after object declaration

[Ada] Get gnatls project path from Prj.Env

[Ada] Get rid of break_start

[Ada] gnatmake fails with incorrect default config project file

[Ada] gnatmake ignores "-largs" in package Linker

[Ada] gnatmake with --subdirs= but no -P

[Ada] Handle alignment for controlled objects

[Ada] Help the backend to identify safe-to-reevaluate variables

[Ada] Housekeeping work in gigi (32/n)

[Ada] ignore exceptions in termination handlers

[Ada] Implement -gnatyC for one space after -- in comments

[Ada] Implement Disable policy for Check/Debug_Policy

[Ada] Implement new aspects Dynamic_Predicate and Static_Predicate

[Ada] Implement task barriers in Ada

[Ada] Implementation of Ada2012 rules on preconditions for null procedures

[Ada] Implementation of AI05-0150 : Use_All_Type

[Ada] Implementation of AI05-0161 restriction No_Default_Stream_Attributes

[Ada] Implementation of AI05-0212 : implicit dereference types

[Ada] Implementation of AI05-213 : formal incomplete types

[Ada] Implementation of aspects within generic units

[Ada] Improper optimization of range checks

[Ada] Improve debugging facilities

[Ada] Improve error message for extra "," in choice list

[Ada] Improve error message on misplaced 'Result in Ada 2012 mode

[Ada] Improve finalization of global controlled objects

[Ada] Improve finalization of global controlled objects (2)

[Ada] Improve flag positioning for missing quote when comma present

[Ada] Improve removal of side effects in in-mode parameters

[Ada] Improve support class-wide interface conversions in .NET

[Ada] Improve support of size and alignment clauses

[Ada] Improved error message on invisible operator

[Ada] Improved error message on one-element positional aggregates

[Ada] Improved runtime exception message for duplicated external tag

[Ada] In ALFA mode, do not generate fully qualified names in frontend

[Ada] Incorrect assignment when deleting node

[Ada] Incorrect use of iterator when selector was intended

[Ada] Inherited subprograms may be both abstract and need overriding

[Ada] Inheriting non-conformant homographs

[Ada] Initial steps for convention Ada_Pass_By_Copy/Reference

[Ada] Initialization of class-wide interface objects in VM targets

[Ada] Initialize hidden discriminants in extension aggregates

[Ada] Initialize pointer components of red-black tree node

[Ada] Inline expression functions whenever possible

[Ada] Insert must check for zero-length buckets array

[Ada] Insert subtypes for array index/component in formal verification mode

[Ada] Instantiations and subprogram declarations do not break statement SCO seq

[Ada] Internal cleanup in Ada.Exceptions.

[Ada] Intrinsic operators with real operands

[Ada] Invariant aspect now called Type_Invariant

[Ada] Isolate variables used to handle exceptions during finalization

[Ada] Issue warning for missing -gnat2012 switch on aspect X'Class

[Ada] Iteration of containers given by function calls

[Ada] Iterations over derived containers

[Ada] Iterators over containers of indefinite types

[Ada] Itype references and generics

[Ada] Legality checks on 'Result in the presence of quantified expression

[Ada] Legality checks on access-to-object types

[Ada] Legality rules for formal packages with box initialization

[Ada] Library_Dir incorrectly reported as not declared

[Ada] Lift inlining limitation with -gnatn

[Ada] Lift inlining limitation with -gnatn (2)

[Ada] Locate_Exec_On_Path should only return executable files

[Ada] Make GNAT.AWK API compatible with Ada 2005.

[Ada] Make more robust when with-ing an instance with errors

[Ada] Managing affinities for programs executing on multiprocessors

[Ada] Mark generated subtypes and loop iteration entity as in ALFA

[Ada] merge operation should always clear source

[Ada] Minor improvement to traces, to support indented output

[Ada] Missing accessibility check in anonymous access types

[Ada] Missing compile-time error in conversion of private type

[Ada] Missing expansion of equality operators in pre/post conditions

[Ada] Missing visibility check in formal packages

[Ada] Move must clear Source following assignment to Target

[Ada] Move remaining sjlj bits from a-except-2005.ads to a-exexpr.adb

[Ada] Name resolution of class-wide operations with prefix notation

[Ada] Navigate to next node in bucket

[Ada] Navigate to next node in bucket when iterating

[Ada] New compiler attributes Dependency_Kind and Language_Kind

[Ada] New entity flag defines which entities are in ALFA subset

[Ada] New syntax for aspects in packages, add library unit aspects

[Ada] New type Prj.Ext.External_References

[Ada] No adainit/adafinal procedures in Stand-Alone Libraries

[Ada] No style checking in instances

[Ada] Null string literals in non-static context

[Ada] Omit statement SCO for disabled pragma

[Ada] Only allow boolean conditional expression in ALFA

[Ada] OpenVMS: truncate the length of GNAT_DRIVER_COMMAND_LINE logical

[Ada] Optimization of assignments to bit-packed components with rep. clauses

[Ada] Optional section in ALI files for local cross-references

[Ada] Passing Stream_Element_Offset/Storage_Offset in heterogeneous DSA apps

[Ada] Pre/Postconditions on generic subprograms

[Ada] Prefixed calls as generic actuals

[Ada] Preliminary work for Default_[Component_]Value (AI 228)

[Ada] Premature finalization when iterating over containers

[Ada] Premature freezing when building dispatch tables

[Ada] Prevent expansion of array aggregates in formal verification mode

[Ada] Primitive operations of formals when actual is class-wide

[Ada] process the External attribute in aggregate projects

[Ada] Project manager should accept Ada 05 reserved words as identifiers

[Ada] Proper aspect placement for package declaratios/instantiations

[Ada] Properly initialize aggregated projects to compute dependencies

[Ada] Put imported spec in ALI file when body is not found

[Ada] Race condition in Make_Independent

[Ada] Recognize HIDE directive in SPARK as special comment

[Ada] Reduce compilation time

[Ada] Reduce compilation time at -O0 (1/n)

[Ada] Reduce compilation time at -O0 (2/n)

[Ada] Reduce compilation time at -O0 (3/n)

[Ada] Reduce compilation time at -O0 (4/n)

[Ada] Reduce compilation time at -O0 (5/n)

[Ada] Refine expansion in Alfa mode

[Ada] Register back end floating point types

[Ada] Reimplement Ada.Numerics.Generic_Real_Arrays in pure Ada

[Ada] Reimplementation of controlled types

[Ada] Remote types instance in private part of RCI spec

[Ada] Remove C output of gnatbind

[Ada] Remove detection of entities in the ALFA subset for formal verification

[Ada] Remove duplicated units

[Ada] Remove Exc_Stack (was unused)

[Ada] Remove GCC_ZCX_Support in system-*.ads

[Ada] Remove N_Cleanups_To_Trigger in GNAT_GCC_Exception.

[Ada] Remove overzealous warnings about Asm statements

[Ada] Remove superfluous Container parameter

[Ada] Remove Target_Name parameter in subprograms

[Ada] Remove the Support_64_Bit_Divides flag

[Ada] Renames System.Parameter.Sec_Stack_Ratio

[Ada] Renaming of unconstrained limited function calls

[Ada] Resolving spurious ambiguities within instantiations

[Ada] Rewrite dynamic stack usage

[Ada] Save/restore value of pragma Normalize_Scalars

[Ada] SCO for nested decision in pragma

[Ada] SCO generation for pragma Debug

[Ada] SCOs for pragmas

[Ada] Set Entity for a created Identifier Node

[Ada] Set special options for ALFA mode (formal verification)

[Ada] Set_Command_Line: improve handling of grouped switches with parameters

[Ada] Simplify Propagate_Exception

[Ada] Skip frontend when option -gnatd.H is present

[Ada] Some is reserved in Ada 2012

[Ada] Special cross references in ALFA mode for constants and formals

[Ada] Special expansion in ALFA for pragma check/precondition/postcondition

[Ada] Speed up parser for handling of aspect specifications

[Ada] splice items from first to last

[Ada] Spurious ambiguity in instances

[Ada] Spurious error with overloaded operation and exponention operand

[Ada] Spurious errors on aggregates in instances

[Ada] Spurious errors with complex slice expression

[Ada] Store read/write through explicit dereference in ALFA mode

[Ada] Strip Switch.C of most of its dependencies

[Ada] Support for controlled objects allocated on the heap for .NET/JVM

[Ada] Support for Priority aspect

[Ada] Suppress expansion related to tasking and tagged types in Alfa mode

[Ada] Switch to ZCX on AIX

[Ada] Tag-indeterminate calls

[Ada] Tan should never raise Constraint_Error

[Ada] Test for common parent before testing for sibling

[Ada] The actual type of a constant discriminated object

[Ada] Types derived from types with foreign conventions

[Ada] Unresolved discriminant selector of private overloaded prefix

[Ada] Unresolved symbols with pragma External_Name_Casing

[Ada] update gnatmake usage

[Ada] Update run-time files to GPLv3

[Ada] Updates to make Interfaces.C.Strings match RM

[Ada] Use assertion to verify representation invariant for lock status

[Ada] Use canonical case file name to check ALI file (-gnatc)

[Ada] Use current process id to create temp filenames (windows)

[Ada] Use Dir_Seps everywhere to properly handle all directory speparators.

[Ada] Use full path of archives in link command

[Ada] Use subtraction to negate VAX float on Alpha VMS

[Ada] Use TLS to implement Self on Linux

[Ada] Use unique names in ALFA cross reference in ALI files

[Ada] Various fpt related clean ups

[Ada] Virtually extending library project inherits library kind

[Ada] Visibility check for aspects, part 1

[Ada] Visibility error in formal package with no associations

[Ada] Warning on premature task activation

[Ada] Wrong conformance checking for null exclusions of dispatching ops

[Ada] Wrong dispatching on private type that covers interface

[Ada]Fix GNAT compilation error when SPARK restriction mode is set

[ARM] Don't give SETs a base cost of COSTS_N_INSNS (4)

[ARM] Fix minipool handling of aligned labels

[ARM] Model automodified addresses in the Cortex A8 and A9 schedulers

[ARM] Model automodified addresses in the Cortex A8 and A9 schedulers -- NEON

[ARM] PR 50090: aliases in libgcc.a with default visibility

Fwd: [AVR] Fix PR49881

[AVR] Fix target/34888

[build] Link gengtype with $(LDFLAGS)

[build] Move gthr to toplevel libgcc

Re: [build] Move sync, mips16.S to toplevel libgcc

[build] Move unwinder to toplevel libgcc (v2)

[build] Remove posix95 thread model

[C++ PATCH] Clear TYPE_TRANSPARENT_AGGR if there are no fields (PR c++/46862)

[C++ PATCH] Fix -Wunused-but-set-* on RHS of x op= rhs if rhs has side-effects (PR c++/50158)

Re: [C++-0x] User defined literals.

Re: [C++0x] contiguous bitfields race implementation

[c++] Keep tm, div_t, ldiv_t, lconv mangling on Solaris (PR libstdc++-v3/1773)

[c6x] Fix libgcc/soft-fp move fallout

[CFT, delay slots] Fix middle-end/49977

[commit, spu] Improve address generation for large stack frames

[commit, spu] Improve some comparison code sequences

[commit, testsuite] Require "pthread" effective target for pr49948.c

[commit, testsuite] Skip gfortran.dg/scratch_1.f90 on SPU

[COMMITTED, Fortran] Spell referrenced correctly

[Committed,AVR]: Fix SVN properties svn:executable

[committed] Fix decl_plugin.c testcase

[cxx-mem-model] A couple of testsuite modifications.

[cxx-mem-model] Allow memory model to be a runtime value.

[cxx-mem-model] alternate fetch operations

[cxx-mem-model] Atomic C++ header file changes

[cxx-mem-model] Atomicity tests.

[cxx-mem-model] handle xfails in the memmodel test harness

[cxx-mem-model] test with multiple optimization options

Re: [DF] [performance] generate DF_REF_BASE REFs in REGNO order

[DOC PATCH]: Sync stack_protect_{set,test} documentation with reality

[DOC] CP_TYPE_QUALS -> cp_type_quals

[doc] Update -mcpu/-march=native documentation for Alpha, IRIX

[dwarf2out, elfos] Output assembly faster

[fixincludes] Allow properly defining __cplusplus with Solaris headers (PR libstdc++-v3/1773)

[Fortran, Patch] Coarray: libcaf patch for _gfortran_caf_deregister

Re: [GCC-MELT-136] Re: [MELT] split_string_* functions now take a value

Re: [GCC-MELT-137] Re: [MELT] split_string_* functions now take a value

Re: [GCC-MELT-150] [MELT] Add a few tree primitives

Re: [GCC-MELT-151] [MELT] Add a few tree primitives

Re: [GCC-MELT-152] [MELT] Add a few tree primitives

[gomp3.1] Handle OMP_PROC_BIND env var

[google] Backport r174965 from trunk to google/gcc-4_6 (issue4852046)

[google] Backport r175009 from trunk to google/gcc-4_6 (issue4815082)

Re: [google] Backport r175347 from trunk to google/gcc-4_6 (issue4835041)

Re: [google] Backport r177357 from trunk to google/gcc-4_6 (issue 4862042)

[google] Backport r177357 from trunk to google/gcc-4_6 (issue4862042)

[google] fix a static promotion bug -- not handling aliases in LIPO mode (issue4879042)

[google] Increase hotness count fraction

Re: [google] New linker plugin to do function reordering in the final binary using callgraph profiles (issue4802070)

[google] Remove timestamped line from gengtype state file comment headers

[google] With FDO/LIPO inline some cold callsites

Re: [google][patch] Put make_heap's declaration on a single line to work around inconsistent debug locations

[graphite] Move to cloog.org interface

[h8300] Add flags to .section directive

[H8] Fix target/49878

[H8] Fix unwind info for movmd

[java, libjava] Allow C++ compilation with Solaris headers

[libcpp,lto,fortran PATCH] Fix linemap_add use and remove unnecessary kludge

[libcpp] Correctly define __cplusplus (PR libstdc++-v3/1773)

[libgomp, testsuite] Fix libgomp.c++/task-8.C on Solaris 11 (PR libgomp/49965)

Re: [libiberty patch] Add demangler support for cloned function symbols (PR 40831)

[lra] a small patch for LRA speedup.

[lra] one more patch to decrease ARM code size degradation

[lra] patch to fix listdc++ build failure on ppc64

[lra] patch to fix ppc32 code size degradation and a small clean up

[lra] patch to fix SPEC2000 sixtrack compiler crash

[lra] Rewriting caller saves subpass.

[lto] Refactor streamer (1/N) (issue4809083)

[lto] Remove most streamer hooks. (issue4863041)

[lto] Rename functions in tree/data streamer (issue4886041)

[M32C] Cleanup reduce_class function



[MELT] Add a few tree primitives

[MELT] Fix MELT breakage at build

Re: [MELT] split_string_* functions now take a value

[MIPS, committed] Fix mips_class_max_nregs




[obvious] Remove -m32 from testcase

Re: [PATCH (1/7)] New optab framework for widening multiplies

Re: [PATCH (2/7)] Widening multiplies by more than one mode

Re: [PATCH (3/7)] Widening multiply-and-accumulate pattern matching

Re: [PATCH (4/7)] Unsigned multiplies using wider signed multiplies

Re: [PATCH (5/7)] Widening multiplies for mis-matched mode inputs

Re: [PATCH (6/7)] More widening multiply-and-accumulate pattern matching

Re: [PATCH (7/7)] Mixed-sign multiplies using narrowest mode

Re: [PATCH (8/7)] Fix a bug in multiply-and-accumulate

Re: [PATCH (9/7)] Widening multiplies with constant inputs

[PATCH 0/2] Fix PR47594

[PATCH 00/11] Partial conversion of Graphite to ISL

[PATCH 01/11] Make CLooG-ISL the only supported CLooG version.

[PATCH 01/20] Make CLooG-ISL the only supported CLooG version.

[PATCH 02/11] Require cloog 0.16.3

[PATCH 02/20] Require cloog 0.16.3

[PATCH 03/11] Remove code that supported legacy CLooG.

[PATCH 03/20] Remove code that supported legacy CLooG.

[PATCH 04/11] Document CLooG-ISL requirement for Graphite

[PATCH 04/20] Document CLooG-ISL requirement for Graphite

[PATCH 05/11] Move to new Cloog interface.

[PATCH 05/20] Move to new Cloog interface.



[PATCH 07/11] fix memory leak

[PATCH 07/20] fix memory leak

[PATCH 08/11] Add ISL data structures

[PATCH 08/20] Add ISL data structures

[PATCH 09/11] Add scop->context

[PATCH 09/20] Add scop->context

[PATCH 1/2] Use build_zero_cst or build_one_cst.

[PATCH 1/2] use cloog_isl_state_malloc

Re: [PATCH 1/3] Make CLooG isl the only supported CLooG version.

Re: [PATCH 1/7] Linemap infrastructure for virtual locations

[PATCH 1/8] Take maximum spec when merging exprs

[PATCH 10/11] add pbb->domain

[PATCH 10/20] use cloog_isl_state_malloc

[PATCH 11/11] add pdr->accesses and pdr->extent

[PATCH 11/20] document ISL requirement for GCC installation

[PATCH 12/20] add pbb->domain

[PATCH 13/20] add pbb->schedule

[PATCH 14/20] add pdr->accesses and pdr->extent

[PATCH 15/20] strip-mine with isl

[PATCH 16/20] interchange with isl

[PATCH 17/20] use isl's datadep analysis

[PATCH 18/20] remove dead code

[PATCH 19/20] remove old data dependence analysis, xfail graphite-force-parallel

[PATCH 2/2] document ISL requirement for GCC installation

[PATCH 2/2] Fix PR47594: Build signed niter expressions

Re: [PATCH 2/3] Require cloog 0.16.3

Re: [PATCH 2/7] Generate virtual locations for tokens

[PATCH 2/8] Make more insns unique

[PATCH 20/20] disable loop flattening

Re: [PATCH 3/3] Remove code that supported legacy CLooG.

Re: [Patch 3/4] ARM 64 bit sync atomic operations [V2]

Re: [PATCH 3/7] Emit macro expansion related diagnostics

[PATCH 3/8] Fix usage of hard_regno_nregs before reload

Re: [Patch 4/4] ARM 64 bit sync atomic operations [V2]

Re: [PATCH 4/6] Shrink-wrapping

Re: [PATCH 4/7] Support -fdebug-cpp option

[PATCH 4/8] Properly loop over all hard regs for mode

[PATCH 5/8] Drop an incorrect assert

[PATCH 6/8] Try successors to find seqno

[PATCH 7/8] Factor out caching logic for INSN_COND

[PATCH 8/8] Only merge deps status for true dependencies

Re: [PATCH 9/9] dwarf2cfi: Generate and connect traces.

[Patch ARM Committed] Fix for bootstrap issue with arm_set_fixed_conv_libfunc

[Patch ARM] Fix PR target/48328 part 1

[Patch ARM] Fix PR50022

[Patch ARM] Fix scheduling descriptions for smull.

[Patch ARM] Fix vec_pack_trunc pattern for vectorize_with_neon_quad.

Re: [PATCH Atom][PR middle-end/44382] Tree reassociation improvement

[patch committed] Fix PR target/50068

[PATCH ggc] fix ggc_alloc_rtvec_resized

[patch i386]: Fix of a possible use of prior set variables

[patch i386]: Fix recent bootstrap failure for x86_64 windows target

[patch libstdc++]: Add some missing errno-constants for mingw-targets

[patch mingw committed]: Add to GOMP_SELF_SPECS additionally the option -pthread

[PATCH PING] Remove obsolete alias check in cgraph_redirect_edge_call_stmt_to_callee

Re: [PATCH PR43513, 1/3] Replace vla with array - Implementation.

Re: [PATCH PR43513, 1/3] Replace vla with array - Implementation.

[patch testsuite]: Adjust gcc.dg/tree-ssa tests for LLP64 target

[patch tree-optimization]: Add cleanup code for possible unused statements in binary optimization

[patch tree-optimization]: Avoid !=/== 0/1 comparisons for boolean-typed argument

Re: [patch tree-optimization]: Fix for PR/49806

[patch tree-optimization]: Improve reassociation pass for bitwise-operations

[PATCH v2, i386]: Expand round(a) = sgn(a) * trunc(fabs(a) + 0.5++) using SSE4 ROUND insn

[PATCH v2, i386]: Expand round(a) as sgn(a) * floor(fabs(a) + 0.5) for x87 math

[PATCH v3, i386] BMI2 support for GCC, mulx, rorx, <shift>x part

[PATCH, alpha]: Fix g++.dg/opt/devirt2.C, use specific scan pattern for alpha*-*-*

[PATCH, alpha]: Fix PR target/50001, ICE in reload_combine_note_use, at postreload.c:1538

Re: [PATCH, ARM, iWMMXt][1/5]: ARM code generic change

Re: [PATCH, ARM, iWMMXt][2/5]: intrinsic head file change

Re: [PATCH, ARM, iWMMXt][4/5]: WMMX machine description

Re: [PATCH, ARM, iWMMXt][5/5]: pipeline description

[patch, ARM] Change default vector size to 128 bits - take 3

Re: [PATCH, ARM] Fix broken testcase, vfp-1.c, for Thumb

[PATCH, ARM] Fix PR target/49437 Thumb2 epilog with stack realignment

[PATCH, ARM] Generate conditional compares in Thumb2 state

Re: [PATCH, ARM] Support NEON's VABD with combine pass

Re: [PATCH, ARM] Unaligned accesses for packed structures [1/2]

[PATCH, committed] Change default for powerpc -msave-toc-indirect

[patch, committed] gfortran.dg/graphite/interchange-1.f: Remove xfail

[Patch, Fortran testsuite, committed] Add/fix dg-final cleanup-module

[patch, Fortran, committed] Fix PR 50004

[patch, fortran, committed] Fix PR 50130

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR 50073: gfortran must not accept function name when result name is present

[patch, fortran, committed] Regenerate (almost) all files in libgfortran/generated

[Patch, fortran, obvious] PR fortran/50129 gfc_enforce_clean_symbol_state ICE after rejecting an ELSEWHERE statement

Re: [Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 49112: [4.6/4.7 Regression] Missing type-bound procedure, "duplicate save" warnings and internal compiler error

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 49638: [OOP] length parameter is ignored when overriding type bound character functions with constant length.

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 50225: The allocation status for polymorphic allocatable function results is not set properly

[Patch, Fortran] (Coarray) Fix constraint checks for LOCK_TYPE

[Patch, fortran] [0/4] gfc_ss structs initialization small refactoring

[Patch, fortran] [1/4] gfc_ss structs initialization small refactoring: arrays

[Patch, fortran] [2/4] gfc_ss structs initialization small refactoring: temps

[Patch, fortran] [3/4] gfc_ss structs initialization small refactoring: scalars

[Patch, fortran] [4/4] gfc_ss structs initialization small refactoring: minor cleanups

[Patch, Fortran] Allocatable coarrays: Pass "token" to caf_registering

[Patch, Fortran] Coarray assumed-shape token and offset handling

[Patch, Fortran] Coarrays: Add/fix check for no coarrays as result value

[Patch, Fortran] Fix allocatable scalar coarray components

[Patch, fortran] Fix PR fortran/50050 breakage: ICE on valid with null pointer initialization

[Patch, Fortran] PR 31461 - warn about unused implicitly imported variables/parameters

[Patch, Fortran] PR 31600 - Better diagnosis when redeclaring used-assoc symbol

[patch, fortran] PR 37721, warn about target > source in TRANSFER

[Patch, Fortran] PR 45044 - Named common: Different size diagnostics

[patch, fortran] PR 46659 - extend conversion warnings to assignments

Re: [patch, fortran] PR 47659 - extend conversion warnings to assignments

[Patch, Fortran] PR 50070: Segmentation fault at size_binop_loc in fold-const.c

[Patch, Fortran] PR 50109 - fix skipping multiple comment lines in namelists

[Patch, Fortran] PR 50163 - ICE with nonconst expr in init expr

[Patch, Fortran] PR fortran/49885: Fix automatic character array allocation

[Patch, fortran] PR fortran/50050 out of bounds whilst freeing an allocate-object.

[Patch, fortran] PR fortran/50071 Duplicate statement labels from different scoping units rejected.

[PATCH, gomp]: Unbreak bootstrap on glibc-2.5

[patch, hpux, committed] Fix libstdc++/50153, hppa*-hp-hpux11* build problem

[patch, HPUX] Simplified patch to fix HP-UX C++ bootstrap

Re: [Patch, i386, testsuite] Fix for PR49547, new tescases for lzcnt instruction

Re: [PATCH, i386, testsuite] FMA intrinsics

[PATCH, i386, testsuite]FMA intrinsics

[PATCH, i386]: A couple of small fixes

[PATCH, i386]: Add castmode mode attribute

[PATCH, i386]: Add REG_EQUAL notes to SSE mult sequences (+ a fix in legitimize_tls_address)

[PATCH, i386]: Expand round(a) = sgn(a) * floor(fabs(a) + 0.5) using SSE4 ROUND insn

[PATCH, i386]: Expand round(a) as sgn(a) * floor(fabs(a) + 0.5) for x87 math

[PATCH, i386]: Fix FMA fallout

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR49927, ice in spill_failure, at reload1.c:2120

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR50202, ICE: in final_scan_insn, at final.c:2709 (could not split insn) with __builtin_ia32_pcmpistri128

[PATCH, i386]: Generate addr32 prefixed addresses

[PATCH, i386]: Introduce Yp register constraint and merge *_lea add ans ashift patterns with base

[PATCH, i386]: Remove any_div code iterator.

[PATCH, i386]: Remove Y2, Y3 and Y4 register constraints

[PATCH, i386]: Rewrite ix86_build_const_vector

[PATCH, i386]: Simplify frame->save_regs_using_mov calculation.

[PATCH, i386]: Update gcc.target/i386/sse-{22,23}.c

[PATCH, i386]: Use AVX FP instructions in libgcc soft-fp exception handler

[PATCH, i386]: Use satisfies_constraint_L in ix86_binary_operator_ok

[PATCH, i386]: various address related fixes/cleanups

[PATCH, i386]: Vectorize round insn

[patch, ia64] Fix unaligned accesses on IA64 from dwarf2out.c

[patch, libfortran] Fix PR 50192 - fix wide-char comparison

[PATCH, libiberty]: Check result of fwrite in test-expandargv.c

[PATCH, libstdc++-v3] Enable to cross-test libstdc++ on simulator.

[PATCH, LTO] Re-assign BINFOs when unifying types

Re: [PATCH, MELT, minor] add a primitive read_strv

[PATCH, MELT] add primitive isnull_tree

[PATCH, MELT] Build system inconsistency on flavors

[PATCH, MELT] Calling unloaded shared library

[PATCH, MELT] Fixing documentation generation

[PATCH, MELT] Fixing PDF documentation generation

[PATCH, MELT] Fixing texi file for MELT Plugin API

[PATCH, MELT] fixing upgrade-warmelt target

[PATCH, MELT] MELT modules installation fix

[PATCH, MELT] meltgendoc.texi "failure"

[PATCH, MELT] Multiple slashes in paths

[PATCH, MELT] Plugin documentation generation

[PATCH, middle end]: Introduce BUILT_IN_I{CEIL_FLOOR_ROUND_RINT} FP-to-int conversion functions

[PATCH, middle-end]: Fix PR50083: All 32-bit fortran tests fail on 32-bit Solaris

Re: [PATCH, PR 49886] Prevent fnsplit from changing signature when there are type attributes

[PATCH, PR 49923] Check for misaligned accesses before doing SRA

[PATCH, PR fortran/45170] -- properly translates substring reference

[PATCH, PR43864] Gimple level duplicate block cleanup - 2nd review

Re: [PATCH, PR43864] Gimple level duplicate block cleanup - test cases.

Re: [PATCH, PR43864] Gimple level duplicate block cleanup.

[PATCH, RFC] Start on making rs6000 target support create builtins on the fly

[PATCH, SMS] Support instructions with REG_INC_NOTE (re-submisson)

[PATCH, test, i386] Fix for PR50155

[PATCH, testsuite, ARM] change XFAIL to pass for ARM on a case testing tree-ssa-dom

[PATCH, testsuite, ARM] Divide by zero test no necessarily trap

[PATCH, testsuite, i386] AVX2 support for GCC

[PATCH, testsuite, i386] BMI2 support for GCC

[PATCH, testsuite] Avoid architecture options conflict for case pr42894.c

[patch, vectorizer] Fix a bug in creation of reduction epilogue

[Patch,AVR]: Add mul_highpart patterns

[Patch,AVR]: Bit of Cleanup

Re: [Patch,AVR]: Bit of Cleanup [1/3]: Test string for prefix

Re: [Patch,AVR]: Bit of Cleanup [2/3]: Let avr_regno_reg_class return smallest class

Re: [Patch,AVR]: Bit of Cleanup [3/3]: Remove byte_immediate_operand

[Patch,AVR]: Cleanup libgcc.S

[Patch,AVR]: Cleanup progmem_section handling.

[Patch,AVR]: Fix PR49903

[Patch,AVR]: PR46278 (fake X addressing)

[Patch,AVR]: Supply and use information on skip core bug

[PATCH,PR50005] fix -Wsign-compare warning in ipa-inline-analysis.c

Re: [PATCH] [JAVA] Double.parseDouble(null) throw NullPointerException

[PATCH] [JAVA] patch for Java on RTEMS

[PATCH] [MELT] Allow build to "fail"

[PATCH] [MELT] Fix failing target 'melt-tiny-tests'

[PATCH] [MELT] Fix installation of MELT modules

[PATCH] [MELT] Fix loading of .c files

[PATCH] [MELT] Fix meltgendoc.texi target

[PATCH] [MELT] Fix nodes in MELT plugin API texi

[PATCH] [MELT] Fix slashes in paths

[PATCH] [MELT] Fix versions comparisons

[PATCH] [MELT] HTML and PDF targets for plugin doc

[PATCH] [MELT] Missign macro versionsubtitle

[PATCH] Add BIT_XOR_EXPR support to VRP

[PATCH] add configure --with-isl

[PATCH] Add infrastructure to merge standard builtin enums with backend builtins

[PATCH] Add missing location to &MEM

[PATCH] add pbb->schedule

Re: [PATCH] ARM fixed-point support [5.5/6]: argument & return padding for libcalls

[PATCH] bootstrap/49914

[patch] C6X unwinding/exception handling

[PATCH] Call validize_mem in assign_386_stack_local (PR target/50092)

[PATCH] Change vcond<mode> to vcond<mode1><mode2>

[PATCH] Correct zlib checks [Was: binutils prerequisites (recent zlib version - what else?)]

[PATCH] Don't ICE on deleted landing_pad labels during bb-reorder (PR rtl-optimization/50212)

[PATCH] Extend VRP BIT_IOR_EXPR to handle sign-bit

[PATCH] Fix !$omp workshare (PR fortran/49792)

[PATCH] Fix -fcompare-debug failures caused by vectorizer copying locus from debug stmt (PR debug/50017)

[PATCH] fix -Werror=maybe-uninitialized in tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.c (PR bootstrap/50218)

[PATCH] Fix -Wunused-but-set-* in C with stmt expression and array in it (PR c/50179)

[PATCH] Fix .so handling on failure

[PATCH] Fix a RTL sharing problem with CALL_INSN_FUNCTION_USAGE (PR middle-end/48722)

[PATCH] Fix Ada bootstrap

[PATCH] Fix bitsizetype TYPE_MAX_VALUE

[patch] fix bootstrap in libgcc for PowerPC FreeBSD

Re: [PATCH] Fix configure --with-cloog


[PATCH] Fix ENTRY_VALUE parameter setup in var-tracking (PR debug/50215)

[PATCH] Fix execute_update_addresses_taken for loop closed SSA form (PR tree-optimization/48739)

[PATCH] Fix g++ -E -C issue in gthr-posix.h

[PATCH] Fix ICEs in get_bit_range (PR middle-end/50141)

[PATCH] Fix ICEs in vect_finish_stmt_generation (PR tree-optimization/50133)

[PATCH] Fix ICEs on packed flexible array members (PR target/50009)

[PATCH] Fix libquadmath on FLT_EVAL_METHOD != 0 targets

[PATCH] Fix parts of PR49806

[patch] Fix PR tree-optimization/49926

[patch] Fix PR tree-optimization/50014

[patch] Fix PR tree-optimization/50039

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR47566

[PATCH] Fix PR48571, remove (most) array-ref re-construction

[PATCH] Fix PR49396

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR49518

[PATCH] Fix PR49907

[PATCH] Fix PR49937

[PATCH] Fix PR49938

[PATCH] Fix PR49958

[PATCH] Fix PR50040

[PATCH] Fix PR50058

[PATCH] Fix PR50067

[PATCH] Fix PR50082

[PATCH] Fix PR50162

[PATCH] Fix regression with unexistent symbol 'fullbinfile'

[PATCH] Fix SCCVN aggregate copy code some more

[Patch] Fix tree-optimization/49963

[PATCH] Fix typo in last get_inner_reference change

[PATCH] Fold &a < &a + 4 with -fno-strict-overflow

[PATCH] For FFS/CLZ/CTZ/CLRSB/POPCOUNT/PARITY/BSWAP require operand mode equal to operation mode (or VOIDmode) (PR middle-end/50161)

[PATCH] for Re: New mirror

Re: [PATCH] GNU/kFreeBSD systems running on MIPS

[PATCH] Handle &MEM_REF in string_constant


[PATCH] Handle CLRSB in nonzero_bits1

[PATCH] Handle MEM_REF in decode_addr_const

[PATCH] Handle rhs CONSTRUCTORs in walk_stmt_load_store_addr_ops (PR tree-optimization/49948)

Re: [PATCH] libtool -- don't print warnings with --silent

[PATCH] make assign_hard_reg's saved_nregs conditional to unbreak ARM bootstrap (PR50146)


[PATCH] Make vectorizer dumps more comparable

Re: [PATCH] Make VRP optimize useless conversions


[PATCH] non-GNU C++ compilers

[PATCH] OpenMP 3.1 branch merge

[PATCH] PR ada/50048: "cc1: note: obsolete option -I- used, please use -iquote instead" during bootstrap

Re: [PATCH] PR c++/33255 - Support -Wunused-local-typedefs warning

[PATCH] PR c++/45625 - Template parm name doesn't hide outer class scope's member name

[PATCH] PR c++/47346 - access control for nested type is ignored in template

[PATCH] PR c++/50055: Location information for the throw() specification in a function may be incorrect

[PATCH] PR middle-end/38509: add -Wfree-nonheap-object warning option

[patch] PR25508 - document MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES

[PATCH] PR42554/49992: avoid use of '-c' flag with ranlib on darwin10 and later

Re: [PATCH] PR42554/49992: avoid use of '-c' flag with ranlib on darwin10 and later

Re: [PATCH] Propagate source locations from function_decls to their template_decls

[Patch] Properly find getopt system declaration

Re: [patch] Reduce over-promotion of vector operations

[PATCH] Remove "bogus" g++.dg/init/copy7.C testcase

[PATCH] Remove bogus TYPE_IS_SIZETYPE special-casing in extract_muldiv_1

[PATCH] Remove max-align parameters from get_{pointer,object}_alignment


[PATCH] Remove unused tree_int_cst_msb

[PATCH] Restore gcc.dg/Wshadow-3.c

[patch] revert an obsolete part from the mips-triarch checkin

[PATCH] Simplify VRP |& handling

[PATCH] Some data-dep testcases

[PATCH] Support (as an extension) threadprivate procedure pointers

[patch] support for multiarch systems

Re: [PATCH] Teach forwprop how to optimize successive conversions

[PATCH] tree-data-ref.c TLC

[PATCH] update my email address

[PATCH] void dangling line table after loading pch


[PATCH] Wire-up missing ARM iwmmxt intrinsics (bugs 35294, 36798, 36966)

[PATCH] Work around PR 50031, sphinx3 slowdown in powerpc on GCC 4.6 and GCC 4.7

[PATCH]: Fix -fbranch-probabilities

[PATCH][1/2] Fixup dr_analyze_indices, fix PR50067

[PATCH][1/n] Make sizetype no longer sign-extended

[PATCH][1/n] Wading through data-dependence analysis

[PATCH][2/2] Fixup dr_analyze_indices, fix PR50067

Re: [PATCH][2/2][RFC] Fix PR49806, promote/demote binary operations in VRP

[PATCH][2/n] Do not force sizetype for POINTER_PLUS_EXPR

[PATCH][2/n] Wading through data-dependence analysis

[PATCH][3/n] Do not force sizetype for POINTER_PLUS_EXPR

[PATCH][ARM] -m{cpu,tune,arch}=native

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Add support for ADDW and SUBW instructions

[PATCH][ARM] Generic tuning

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Thumb2 replicated constants

[PATCH][C++] Remove last use of can_trust_pointer_alignment

[Patch][Cilkplus Branch] Updates and Bug fixes

[PATCH][config]Add missing crt*.o in start and end file specs for linux-android.h

[PATCH][JAVA] Build a correct tree for rewritten method invocations

[PATCH][RFC] Fix PR49957 - build array index differently

[PATCH][RFC] Fix sizetype "sign" checks

[ping 2] [patch] attribute to reverse bitfield allocations

[PING] [PATCH] Fix PR49907

[PING] [PATCH] PR c++/47346 - access control for nested type is ignored in template


[PING] Selective scheduler fixes

[PING][PATCH PR43513, 1/3] Replace vla with array - Implementation.

Re: [PING][PATCH PR43513, 1/3] Replace vla with array - Implementation.

[PING][PATCH PR43513] Replace vla with array

Re: [PLUGIN] compile and install gengtype, install gtype.state

[PLUGIN] Install c-tree.h header

[pph] Add initial support for including nested pph images (issue4847044)

Re: [pph] Add support for line table streaming with includes (issue 4908051)

[pph] Add support for line table streaming with includes (issue4908051)

[pph] Adding one hard and failing ordering test (issue4854042)

[pph] Allocate string tables separately. (issue4843044)

[pph] Cleanup line_table and includes streaming (issue4921052)

[pph] Clear test commit conflict. (issue4815093)

[pph] Detect #include outside the global context (issue4958045)

Re: [pph] Fix child references being included multiple times (issue 4904050)

[pph] Fix child references being included multiple times (issue4904050)

[pph] Fix x1dynarra1, x1dynarray2a and x1dynarray2b (issue4921051)

[pph] Fix x1key* tests (issue4969041)

[pph] Force token location for replayed macro definitions (issue4905050)

[pph] Forwarding force

[pph] Forwarding trunk linemap changes (issue4898050)

Re: [pph] Free buffers used during tree encoding/decoding

Re: [pph] Independent pre-loaded cache for common nodes (issue 4956041)

[pph] Independent pre-loaded cache for common nodes (issue4956041)

[pph] Make x7rtti.cc executable (issue4970041)

[pph] Minor cleanups (issue4908048)

[pph] New test - highlights issue with loading of pph child references (issue4898054)

[pph] Overload tests and other corrections. (issue4974050)

[pph] Re-organize pph_write_tree/pph_read_tree (issue4934045)

[pph] Re-write streamer to use new generic tree streaming (issue4868041)

[pph] Remove fixed FIXME in p4eabi.h (issue4939045)

[pph] Remove most ties with LTO streamer (issue4869045)

[pph] Remove unnecessary one liner functions (issue4867044)

[pph] Remove unused code (issue4844046)

[pph] small multi-pph tests (issue4810074)

[pph] Stream and merge line table. (issue4836050)

[pph] Stream locations in LAMBDA_EXPR and STATIC_ASSERT_EXPR (issue4876042)

[pph] Support for references to symbols in other PPH images (issue4873051)

[pph] Template test upgrade. (issue4864041)

[pph] Use pph_pickle_cache* instead of pph_stream* as first parameter for cache functions (issue4930051)

[pph] Use REAL_IDENTIFIER_TYPE_VALUE instead of TREE_TYPE for IDENTIFIER_NODE (issue4965046)

[pph] Version 2: Clear test commit conflicts (issue4844060)

[rfa] Set alignment of pseudos via get_pointer_alignment

[RFC ARM] Audit uses of optimize_size in the ARM backend.

Re: [RFC PATCH 0/9] CFG aware dwarf2 cfi generation

[RFC PATCH, i386]: Allow zero_extended addresses (+ problems with reload and offsetable address, "o" constraint)

[RFC PATCH] Add alloc_size attribute to the default operator new and operator new[]

[RFC PATCH] Add alloc_size attribute to the default operator new and operator new[] (take 2)

[RFC PATCH] Allow user specs files to add self_spec

[RFC PATCH] Make devirtualization use BINFO_VTABLE instead of BINFO_VIRTUALS

RE: [RFC] Add middle end hook for stack red zone size

[RFC] Cleanup DW_CFA_GNU_args_size handling

Re: [RFC] hard-reg-set.h refactoring

[RFC] Split -mrecip

Re: [RS6000] asynch exceptions and unwind info

[rs6000] Fix creation of invalid CONST_VECTORs

[RS6000] Fix ICE in reg_save

[rtl, delay-slot] Fix overload of "unchanging" bit

[s390] [committed]: fix call to store_bit_field()

Re: [SPARC] Fix bugs with setjmp/longjmp + alloca

[SPU] Use define_c_enum

[testsuite, i386] Fix for PR50185

[testsuite,committed]: Add require scheduling to gcc.dg/pr49994-[23].c

[testsuite] Require C99 runtime in gcc.dg/builtins-67.c, gcc.target/i386/conversion.c

[trans-mem] Add futex-based serial lock

[trans-mem] Add gl_wt TM method.

[trans-mem] Add method groups and change TM method lifecycle and selection.

Re: [trans-mem] Beginning of refactoring

[trans-mem] Move state from gtm_thread to gtm_transaction

[trans-mem] Move x86 TLS definition to linux/x86.

[trans-mem] New TM method: serial-irrevocable on first write

[trans-mem] Release transaction objects on thread termination

[trans-mem] Removed gtm_thread and threadnum. Renamed gtm_transaction to gtm_thread.

[trans-mem] Test static constructors inside of transactional code

[trans-mem] Test that nested txns started from pure/unsafe code work correctly

[trans-mem] Use __x86_64__ instead of __LP64__.

[trans-mem] Use per-transaction reader flags for the serial lock

[v3] Add missing std::fmod overload

[v3] check-performance compile fail cleanup

[v3] docbook vs. images

[v3] doxygen markup fixes

[v3] Fix libstdc++/50118

[v3] Fix libstdc++/50119

[v3] Handle different versions of Solaris 8 <iso/math_iso.h>, <iso/stdlib_iso.h>

[v3] Implement DR 2061 (Ready in Bloomington)

[v3] Implement LWG 2004

[v3] make doc-svg-performance

[v3] Remove some redundant inline together with constexpr

[v3] Remove wa for c++/49045 in std::swap

[v3] tuple round 2

[v3] Use noexcept in <atomic>

[v3] Use Solaris prototypes if possible (PR libstdc++-v3/1773)

[var-tracking] [not-good!] disable shared_hash and other simplifications

[var-tracking] small speed-ups

[wwwdocs] Announce new ARM/embedded-4_6-branch branch

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.3

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.4

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.5

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.6

[wwwdocs] libstdc++ updates for gcc-4.7/changes.html

[wwwdocs] Update my status

[wwwdocs][patch] Document the change of default vector size for ARM NEON

[x86] Use match_test for .md attributes

Re: Add __builtin_clrsb, similar to clz/ctz

Add __builtin_complex to construct complex values (C1X CMPLX* macros)

Add a set_src_cost wrapper function

Add an operand number argument to rtx_cost

Add unwind information to mips epilogues

Adjust debug output from SMS's get_schdedule_window

Allow match_test to be used for .md attribute tests

Re: Allowing filename-style globs in define_bypass

Announcing the Port of Intel(r) Cilk (TM) Plus into GCC

bb partitioning vs optimize_function_for_speed_p

C++ PATCH for a fixme in build_functional_cast

C++ PATCH for c++/43886 (bogus error with lambda in default arg)

C++ PATCH for c++/48582 (core 342: null pointer values as template non-type arguments)

C++ PATCH for c++/48993 (ICE with constexpr ctor)

C++ PATCH for c++/49045 (core 1321, equivalence of dependent names)

C++ PATCH for c++/49221 (ICE with decltype of ->*)

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/49260 (lambda-eh2.C failure on several targets)

C++ PATCH for c++/49577 (missing narrowing errors)

C++ PATCH for c++/49593 (failure with T{/**/}...)

C++ PATCH for c++/49669 (ICE on invalid array init)

C++ PATCH for c++/49803 (wrongly initializing union member in constructor)

C++ PATCH for c++/49812 (type of i++)

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/49813 (__builtin_isinf in constant expression)

C++ PATCH for c++/49834 (auto not deduced in for-range-declaration)

C++ PATCH for c++/49924 (constexpr rejects-valid with array member)

C++ PATCH for c++/49932 (ICE mangling decltype()::)

C++ PATCH for c++/49983 (range-for/auto regression)

C++ PATCH for c++/49988 (constexpr causing wrong code)

C++ PATCH for c++/50011 (wrong narrowing error)

C++ PATCH for c++/50020 (ICE with auto range for in template member function)

C++ PATCH for c++/50024 (ICE with new int{})

C++ PATCH for c++/50034 (wrong error on passing to ... in unevaluated context)

C++ PATCH for c++/50054 (ICE after error with init-list)

C++ PATCH for c++/50059

C++ PATCH for c++/50075 (ICE on recursive late-specified return type)

C++ PATCH for c++/50084 (ICE with decltype and unnamed local class)

C++ PATCH for c++/50086 (failure to handle template-id argument to variadic)

C++ PATCH for c++/50089 (ICE with qualified-id call in lambda)

C++ PATCH for c++/50114 (ICE with for-loop and lambda)

C++ PATCH for c++/50157 (hard error in SFINAE situation)

C++ PATCH for c++/50207 (ICE on bogus decimal::decimal32)

C++ PATCH for c++/50209 (DR 994, allow initializer-list default args)

C++ PATCH for c++/50220 (ICE with capture by copy of reference)

C++ PATCH for c++/50224 (bogus unused parameter warning with lambda)

C++ PATCH for c++/50234 (ICE with constexpr and empty init-list)

C++ PATCH for core issue 903 (C++11 null pointer constant)

C++ PATCH for core issue 975 (extended lambda return type deduction)

C++ PATCH to allow 'this' in constexpr member functions

C++ PATCH to allow VLAs with C++0x auto

C++ PATCH to make attribute ((used)) force instantiation of class template members

C++ PATCH to make build_functional_cast call build_value_init unconditionally

C++ PATCHes for c++/47453 (rejecting ({...}) for non-class types)

C1X _Noreturn

C1X Unicode strings without raw strings

cfg fixup bug fix

CFT: [build] Move crtstuff support to toplevel libgcc

Re: CFT: [build] Move fp-bit support to toplevel libgcc

CFT: [build] Move libgcc1 to toplevel libgcc

CFT: [build] Move libgcc2 to toplevel libgcc

CFT: [build] Move libgcc_tm_file to toplevel libgcc

CFT: [build] Move shlib support to toplevel libgcc

Re: CFT: [build] Move soft-fp support to toplevel libgcc

Change i386 PIC thunk name

Commit: RX: Add support for conditional register moves

Commit: RX: Disable extender peepholes at -O3

Contents of PO file 'gcc-4.6.1.ja.po'

Copy frame_related bits

Re: Correct fix for scheduler bug PR11320

cse.c: preferable()

Decrease fill-ratio of hash tables

Doc updates for OpenMP 3.1 support, -grecord-gcc-switches, __builtin_assume_aligned and debug info improvements

Don't assume hg convert in gcc_update

Dump stats about hottest hash tables when -fmem-report

Escorte Profesioniste

Fix .init_array/.fini_array testcase (PR target/50166)

Fix boot/50018

Re: Fix debug/49825

fix for segmentation violation in dump_generic_node

Fix ICE in remap_predicate

Fix infinite recursion when recursively inlining function with alias

Fix pr 50132 and 49864

Fix rtl-opt/49994 -- sched_ebb vs unwind info

Fix Solaris Ada bootstrap

Fix spurious match testsuite regressions from "[PATCH, middle end]: Introduce BUILT_IN_I{CEIL_FLOOR_ROUND_RINT} FP-to-int conversion functions"

Fix Tru64 UNIX Ada bootstrap

Re: Fix typo in internal documents

Fixes for debug/50006

GIMPLE and intent of variables

Go patch committed: Add AST dumper

Go patch committed: Clean up AST dumping code

Go patch committed: Don't lower blocks twice

Go patch committed: Give error for unknown tuple call

Go patch committed: Lower calls to bound method expressions

Go patch committed: Simplify Bound_method_expression

Go patch committed: Use temps for calls with multiple results

graphds.[ch]: alloc_pool for edges

Handle SIZE_TYPE as unsigned short

Include $(CFLAGS-$@) in ALL_CXXFLAGS

Initial shrink-wrapping patch

Re: ivopts improvement

libobjc: fix for PR/49882 ("class_getSuperClass() returns nil on a newly allocated, but not registered, class")

libobjc: Fix obvious typo in comment

libobjc: Fix PR libobjc/50002 ("class_replaceMethod does not work on class methods")

Linemap force location and remove LINEMAP_POSITION_FOR_COLUMN (issue4801090)

Make genattrtab.c create unique symbol_refs


Re: Mention avx2 patch

Re: Merge alignments from coalesced SSA pointers

Re: New automaton_option "collapse-ndfa"

New Japanese PO file for 'gcc' (version 4.6.1)

New SPU failures (Re: [PATCH, PR 49923] Check for misaligned accesses before doing SRA)

options generation and language count

Passes uses rather than defs to df_set_dead_notes_for_mw

Re: PATCH [8/n]: Prepare x32: PR other/48007: Unwind library doesn't work with UNITS_PER_WORD > sizeof (void *)

PATCH [x32]: Support x32 __NR_rt_sigreturn

Re: Patch for C++ build on HP-UX and to implement -static-libstdc++

Patch ping

Patch ping for build change to fix -static-libgcc build on HP-UX

PATCH PR target/47744: [x32] ICE: in reload_cse_simplify_operands, at postreload.c:403

Re: PATCH RFA: Build stages 2 and 3 with C++

PATCH to fix build failure on config/i386/i386.c

patch to fix PR49890

patch to fix PR49990

patch to fix PR50107

patch to solve PR49936

patch to solve recent SPEC2000 degradation

PATCH: Add -march=core-avx-i

PATCH: Add -mavx2 and properly check numbers of mask bits

PATCH: Add a testase for PR middle-end/47383

PATCH: Add a testcase for PR middle-end/47364.

PATCH: Add a testcase for PR target/47369

PATCH: Add testcases for PR 47381

PATCH: Add testcases for PRs 47449/47446

PATCH: Add testcases for PRs 47727/47372/47715

PATCH: Add testcases for PRs 47766/47715

PATCH: Add testcases for PRs 48084/49504/49860

Re: PATCH: Add x32 libstdc++-v3 symbols

PATCH: Change ix86_isa_flags to HOST_WIDE_INT

PATCH: PR bootstrap/49964: Bootstrap failed with AVX turned on

PATCH: PR middle-end/49721: convert_memory_address_addr_space may generate invalid new insns

Re: PATCH: PR target/35757: [4.4 Regression] Incorrect contraint on sse4_1_blendp<ssemodesuffixf2c>

Re: PATCH: PR target/47766: [x32] -fstack-protector doesn't work

PATCH: PR target/50172: AVX2 test failures for x32

PATCH: PR testsuite/50085: [4.7 Regression] FAIL: g++.dg/opt/life1.C scan-assembler GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE on x86_64-apple-darwin10

PATCH: Support BMI, BMI2 and LZCNT in <immintrin.h>

Re: Patches ping

Ping #1: [Patch,AVR]: Fix PR29560 (map 16-bit shift to 8-bit)

PING PING Re: [Patch 0/4] ARM 64 bit sync atomic operations [V2]

PING Re: [Patch 0/4] ARM 64 bit sync atomic operations [V2]

ping: [patch] libiberty/cp-demangle.c: Fix CP_DEMANGLE_DEBUG SIGSEGV

PING: [PATCH]: Fix -fbranch-probabilities

PING: allow match_test to be used for attribute rtxes

Re: Ping: C-family stack check for threads

Re: PING: PATCH [8/n]: Prepare x32: PR other/48007: Unwind library doesn't work with UNITS_PER_WORD > sizeof (void *)

PING: patch to solve PR48455 and improve code size for -Os

PING: PATCH: PR preprocessor/39533: -MM may list a header file twice

Re: PING: PATCH: PR target/46770: Use .init_array/.fini_array sections

Ping: Re: [backport] arm,rx: don't ICE on naked functions with local vars

Ping: Rename across basic block boundaries

Re: Ping: RFA: Fix bug in optimize_mode_switching

Re: plugin event for C/C++ declarations

PR 49500 (aliases in emultls)

PR ada/49940 [4.5/4.6/4.7 regression] Bootstrapping on x86_64-pc-kfreebsd-gnu fails with "s-taprop.adb:717:32: "lwp_self" is undefined"

PR ada/49944 [4.5/4.6/4.7 regression] Bootstrapping on x86_64-pc-kfreebsd-gnu fails with "s-taprop.adb:856:10: "pthread_attr_setaffinity_np" is undefined (more references follow)"

Re: PR ada/49944, take 2 [4.5/4.6/4.7 regression] Bootstrapping on x86_64-pc-kfreebsd-gnu fails with "s-taprop.adb:856:10: "pthread_attr_setaffinity_np" is undefined (more references follow)"

PR ada/49944, take 2 [4.5/4.6/4.7 regression] Bootstrapping on x86_64-pc-kfreebsd-gnu fails with "s-taprop.adb:856:10: "pthread_attr_setaffinity_np" is undefined (more references follow)"

primary vtable not initialized properly

Reduce duplication of compilation commands

Remove line 0 hack in cp/decl.c (issue4835047)

Re: Remove LINEMAP_POSITION_FOR_COLUMN macro (issue 4874043)

Remove LINEMAP_POSITION_FOR_COLUMN macro (issue4874043)

Re: Rename across basic block boundaries

repost: [DF] Use HARD_REG_SETs instead of bitmaps

RFA: Avoiding unprofitable speculation

RFA: Do not use cmpstrnsi to implement builtin memcmp

RFA: patch to solve PR48455 and improve code size for -Os

RFA: PR 50061/50113: BLOCK_REG_PADDING for libcalls

RFA: Testsuite fixes (1/3): builtin_apply

RFA: Testsuite fixes (2/3): struct padding / alignment

RFA: Testsuite fixes (3/3): USER_LABEL_PREFIX

RFC: [build, ada] Centralize PICFLAG configuration

Re: RFC: add a testsuite for libstdc++ pretty-printers

Re: RFC: Rewriting auto-inc-dec.c

Scalar vector binary operation

Selective scheduler fixes

sh.opt typo fix.

simplify some range tests in rs6000.c

Small C++ PATCH to reorganize handling of constexpr refs

Re: Support -mcpu=native on Solaris/SPARC

Support .debug_macro with Sun as (PR debug/49887)

Testcase for invalid pointer/float conversions

tree hash maps and 'discards qualifiers' warnings?

tree-ssa*: reduce malloc() calls by preallocating hot VECs on the stack

tree-ssa-structalias.c: alloc_pool for struct equiv_class_label

Re: Use of vector instructions in memmov/memset expanding

Various minor speed-ups

Vector Comparison patch

Vector shuffling

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