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PATCH: fix think-o in genrecog.c

I've been experimenting with a patch that adds a new define_peephole2 for MIPS. It was blowing up with a segfault in insn-recog.c while building libstdc++, and looking at the generated code for my new pattern there was clearly a bad offset being passed to peep2_next_insn. I tracked it down to a regression from r174305, Richard's patch to add a new data structure to keep track of positions in genrecog.c. Looks like a think-o in the code that accounts for filtering out match_scratch and match_dup in the input pattern; and for added fun, the caching of position chains was making it produce incorrect code for a define_peephole2 that doesn't even involve those things. :-P (In fact, it's the existing "Same as above, except LO is the initial target of the macc" pattern in that was initially being mis-counted.)

Is this patch OK to check in? I tested it by diffing the generated insn-recog.c for a mips-sde-elf build against one I got using a pre-r174305 genrecog.c.


2011-07-18 Sandra Loosemore <>

	* genrecog.c (make_insn_sequence): Correct position numbering
	when filtering out match_scratch and match_dup.

Index: genrecog.c
--- genrecog.c	(revision 176433)
+++ genrecog.c	(working copy)
@@ -2345,7 +2345,7 @@ make_insn_sequence (rtx insn, enum routi
 	  if (GET_CODE (tmp) != MATCH_SCRATCH && GET_CODE (tmp) != MATCH_DUP)
 	      c_test_pos = next_position (pos_ptr, &root_pos,
-					  POS_PEEP2_INSN, i);
+					  POS_PEEP2_INSN, j);
 	      XVECEXP (x, 0, j) = tmp;
 	      pos_ptr = &c_test_pos->next;

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