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Re: [PATCH] glibc / uclibc / bionic switch vs. non-Linux, GNU-based systems


On 2010-12-08 16:33, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Dec 2010, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
>> This patch makes GNU/Hurd buildable again.  Previously, I had made this
>> Linux libc switch depend on Linux kernel only, but when Maxim added
>> support for bionic on 2010-05-27 in r159917, then it broke again, and I'm
>> now finally giving in...  Let the libc options be there at run-time; we
>> simply won't use them.
> This alternative patch limits use of linux.opt to those targets for
> which it is relevant - that is, *-*-linux* (systems using the Linux
> kernel and an MMU-based ABI), as those are the systems for which
> alternative libcs may be available withing a single compiler
> configuration.
> This patch works by defining SINGLE_LIBC (along with DEFAULT_LIBC) for

Why not just SINGLE_LIBC for (a) triggering this single libc case, and
(b) specifying which one to use?  That is:

> +#ifdef SINGLE_LIBC

Use ``SINGLE_LIBC == [...]'' instead.  Etc.

> -      tm_defines="$tm_defines OPTION_GLIBC=1";;
> +      tm_defines="$tm_defines DEFAULT_LIBC=LIBC_GLIBC SINGLE_LIBC";;

Use ``SINGLE_LIBC=LIBC_GLIBC'' instead.  Etc.

Or did you have a specific reason to use two #define:s for that?  (I have
not tested this suggestion, so perhaps I'm missing some detail.)


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