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(Re)allocation of allocatable arrays on assignment - F2003

Re: *_ALIGN_MAX_SKIP macros

*PING* Re: [PATCH] Build compiler checksum from object files v2

*PING* Re: [PATCH] Save checksum of compiler options in LTO files

*PING* Re: Updated slim-lto patchkit


0002-Fix-32-bit-alignment for Core i7



01/03: Bail out immediately with wrong dominance updates

02/03: Clean up sel_merge_blocks

03/03: Keep dominance info up to date

libobjc - added objc_setProperty and related

libobjc - more modern Objective-C API (8)

libobjc - more modern Objective-C runtime API (1 )

libobjc - more modern Objective-C runtime API (1 0)

libobjc - more modern Objective-C runtime API (1 1)

libobjc - more modern Objective-C runtime API (1 2)

libobjc - more modern Objective-C runtime API (1 3)

libobjc - more modern Objective-C runtime API (2 )

libobjc - more modern Objective-C runtime API (3 )

libobjc - more modern Objective-C runtime API (4 )

libobjc - more modern Objective-C runtime API (5 )

libobjc - more modern Objective-C runtime API (6 )

libobjc - more modern Objective-C runtime API (7 )

libobjc - more modern Objective-C runtime API (9 )

libobjc - more work on headers (1)

libobjc - more work on headers (2)

libobjc - more work on headers (3)

libobjc - more work on headers (4)

ObjC++ merge (namespaces inside @implementation cont ext)

ObjC/ObjC++ - @property parsing (2)

ObjC/ObjC++ - remove objc_inherit_code

PR objc/45735 (more testcases)

Update ObjC/ObjC++ objc_finish_file to become ob jc_write_global_declarations

[Ada] Abstrct null extensions

[Ada] Actual for a formal derived non-limited type

[Ada] Ada 2012 AI05-0163-1/01 Pragmas in place of null

[Ada] Ada 2012 packages Ada.Wide_[Wide_]Characters.Handling

[Ada] Ada2012 iterator forms

[Ada] Ada2012-A162 incomplete type completed by partial view

[Ada] Ada2012-A179 labels at end of a sequence_of_statements

[Ada] Ada2012: detecting dangerous order dependences

[Ada] Add assertion

[Ada] Add extra exception info for validity checks

[Ada] Add Float_Rep attribute for floating point entities

[Ada] Add initial support for aspects

[Ada] Add new flags and entities

[Ada] Add support for Ada.Execution_Time on linux

[Ada] Add To_Lower_Case function to Unicode packages

[Ada] Add version of Find_Token with From parameter

[Ada] Adding support for aggregate projects

[Ada] Adjust description of -gnatn switch in usage information

[Ada] Adjust PC only for SS$_HPARITH on Alpha/VMS

[Ada] Adjust source location on boolean inversions

[Ada] Aggregate for records with components of an anonymous access type

[Ada] AI05-0197: Dispatching with multiple inherited operations

[Ada] All duplicate units in a project now reported

[Ada] Allocation from empty storage pool is error, not warning

[Ada] Allow defaulted discriminants on tagged types for Ada 2012

[Ada] Allow gnatmake switch -j0

[Ada] Allow shared libraries to import any projects for some tools

[Ada] Allow wild cards in Switches (<file>) in project files

[Ada] Aspect specifications initial preparation

[Ada] Avoid making library-level subprograms public unnecessarily

[Ada] Avoid silly long compilation for Wide_Wide_Character'Width

[Ada] Avoid unchecked conversion of nodes referencing interface tags

[Ada] Better warnings on Ada95/Ada05 incompatibility with limited types

[Ada] Cache value returned by Is_Compilable

[Ada] Change of error message in gnatbind

[Ada] Change spelling parametrize(d) => parameterize(d)

[Ada] Check bad use of predicates

[Ada] Child project extending a child project

[Ada] Clean up handling of invariants

[Ada] Clean up handling of msgs for biasing

[Ada] Clean up handling of pack, component size, aliased/atomic components

[Ada] Clean up in Pop_Scope

[Ada] Cleanup invariant support

[Ada] Cleanup: simplify use of Primitive_Operations attribute

[Ada] Code refactoring

[Ada] Compiler crash with Initialize_Scalars

[Ada] Complete implementation of AI05-0183-1 (aspect specifications)

Re: [Ada] Cross-Reference information for build-in-place objects

[Ada] Defaults that raise constraint_error

[Ada] Deriving from formal limited types

[Ada] Disallow Interrupt_Handler and Attach_Handler in generics

[Ada] Do not create object/exec dir for projects with no sources

[Ada] Don't ally Body_With_No_Spec style check to parameterized expressions

[Ada] DSA helpers for tagged types

[Ada] Enforce new no dependence restrictions with Ravenscar

[Ada] Equality on classwide arguments of constrained private extensions

[Ada] Error message for illegal pragma where first subtype required

[Ada] Extended return statements require static compatibility

[Ada] Factor duplicated code in expansion of record assignments

[Ada] Final fix to inheriting of Pre'Class preconditions

[Ada] Fix bad semicolon msg in Ada 2012 mode

[Ada] Fix bad warning for unmodified pragma and unbounded string

[Ada] Fix formatting issues

[Ada] Fix infinite loop on pointer to discriminated type

[Ada] Fix null dereference in loop at -O or above

[Ada] Fix oversight in new handling of -Oxxx switches

[Ada] Fix poorly debuggable code with fat pointers at -O0

[Ada] Fix regression in imported C++ type that cover interface primitives

[Ada] Fixes to predicate handling

[Ada] Fixes/improvements to size check for enum rep clause

[Ada] Fold result of invert_truthvalue

[Ada] Frontend cleanup: removal of attribute Is_Overriding_Operation

[Ada] Fully implement general form static predicates

[Ada] Functions returning dispatching results

[Ada] Functions with access result are primitives

[Ada] Further work on pre/post aspects

[Ada] Further work on predicates

[Ada] gnat stack -P only call gnatstack with existing .ci files

[Ada] gnatmake -gnatc does not always compile bodies

[Ada] gnatmake and invalid mains in attribute Main

[Ada] Handle delay of Pre/Post and inherited Pre'Class

[Ada] Handle First/Last/Range for predicated types

[Ada] Handle inherited postconditions (AI05-0145)

[Ada] Handle Soft_Hyphen as non-graphic in Ada 2005 mode

[Ada] Handling of pragma Preelaborable_Initialization for generic types

[Ada] Handling of predicate type errors in generics

[Ada] Housekeeping work in gigi (30/n)

[Ada] Illegal tagged completion of private type with discriminant and default

[Ada] Immutably limited types

[Ada] Implement Ada 2012 AI-0177 Parametrized Expressions

Re: [Ada] Implement AI05-0086-1 (consider null exclusion for static matching)

[Ada] Implement AI05-0086-1 (consider null exclusion for static matching)

[Ada] Implement delay of aspects to freeze point

[Ada] Implement In Out and Out parameters for functions

[Ada] Implement inheritance for predicates

[Ada] Implement Input/Output/Read/Write aspects

[Ada] Implement Invariant aspect and pragma

[Ada] Implement more general predicates

[Ada] Implement No_Default_Stream_Attributes restriction (AI05-0161-1/02)

[Ada] Implement non-classwide Pre/Post aspects

[Ada] Implement pragma Default_Storage_Pool

[Ada] Implement restriction No_Allocators_After_Elaboration

[Ada] Implement stack limitation on VMS

[Ada] Implement static predicates and case statements

[Ada] Implementation of Ada 2012 AI05-0026: Missing rules for Unchecked_Union

[Ada] Implementation of Ada 2012 AI05-0030: Requeue on synchronized interfaces

[Ada] Implementation of AI05-0073

[Ada] Implementation of AI05-0151: additional uses for incomplete types

[Ada] Implementation of pragma CPU

[Ada] Implementation of pre/postconditions for entries

[Ada] Implementation of quantified expressions

[Ada] Improve __gnat_stat() on windows

[Ada] Improve DG output of subprograms

[Ada] Improve Namet hash function

[Ada] Improve recovery for misordered PRIVATE/ABSTRACT/TAGGED keywords

[Ada] Inheritance of private null interface primitive

[Ada] Instantiation of a renaming of an implicit child unit

[Ada] Instruct gnatmake to pass -Oxxx switches to the linker

[Ada] Interpretation of Form parameter for Ada.Directories.Copy_File

[Ada] Introduce internal abstraction Is_Base_Type

[Ada] Loops through types with static predicates

[Ada] Maximum line length in project files created by gnatname

[Ada] Minor code reorganization, move Is_Generic_Formal

[Ada] More detailed exception messages

[Ada] Nested packages and instantiations in RCIs

[Ada] New Ada 2012 language-defined System.Multiprocessors

[Ada] New gnatmake switch --source-info=

[Ada] New iterator form for GNAT.HTable.Simple_HTable

[Ada] New project attribute Ignore_Source_Sub_Dirs

[Ada] New switch -gnateP to warn on Pure/Preelaborate errors

[Ada] New unit Ada.Containers.Bounded_Vectors

[Ada] New unit for bounded doubly linked list container

[Ada] New units for bounded hashed set and map containers

[Ada] New units for bounded ordered set and map containers

[Ada] Next stage in implementation of Ada 2012 aspects

[Ada] Next stage in implementing predicate aspect

[Ada] Next step in implementation of predicates

[Ada] No ALI generated when compiler fails on a spec that needs a body

[Ada] No change of working directory in Remove_Dir implementation

[Ada] No_Relative_Delay forbids Set_Handler calls

[Ada] Null exclusion not allowed in uninitialzed allocators

[Ada] Null procedures as actuals in instances

[Ada] Null-exclusion must match for parameters for full conformance

[Ada] Optimization of array aggregates

[Ada] Overriding inherited functions of null extensions

[Ada] Parametrized expressions must be parenthesized

[Ada] Parent_Unit_Names and unit renaming declarations

[Ada] Pass -shared-libgcc when building Ada shared libraries on Windows

[Ada] Pragma Ada_2012 now allows an argument

[Ada] Pragma Independent and Independent_Components

[Ada] Preelaborable initialization for derived types

[Ada] Prefix of 'Address attribute

[Ada] Prepare for implementation of Predicate aspect

[Ada] Primitive equality for composite types

[Ada] Properly check violations of machine scalar rules

[Ada] Properly delay Address aspect

[Ada] Quantified expressions in pre/postconditions and other contexts

[Ada] Recompile if ALI file newer than object file

[Ada] Recompile when a dependency has been replaced with another file name

[Ada] Redundant elaboration checks

[Ada] Refactor handling of project path

[Ada] Rejecting duplicate stubs

[Ada] Remote types packages can depend on preelaborated packages

[Ada] Remove redundant tests for N_Operator_Symbol

[Ada] Remove support for obsolete switch

[Ada] Remove ttypf.ads and compute floating point attributes instead

[Ada] Reorganize Full_Qualified_Name handling

[Ada] Report error when "a" does not exist in "a/**" for project files

[Ada] Run csinfo and ceinfo automatically

[Ada] Simultaneous compilations and -gnateG

[Ada] Split PRE/POST expressions into AND THEN sections

[Ada] Static aggregates of a limited type

[Ada] String list external references in project files

[Ada] String literals in nested subprograms in generic units

[Ada] Subprogram renaming and private overriding

[Ada] Switches for truncated file name on VMS

[Ada] Take null exclusion into account for statically compatible subtypes

[Ada] The type of an in-out formal in a child instance

[Ada] Use Ada_2012 instead of Ada_12

[Ada] Use clauses and use_type clauses

[Ada] Use Freeze_Before in lieu of more verbose sequence

[Ada] Visibility of selected components in instantiations

[Ada] Visibility problem in private derivation with interfaces

[Ada] Warnings about declarations that hide outer homographs

[Ada] Warnings on operator renamings

[Ada] Work on inherited predicates (interim step)

[Ada] Wrong management of null interface primitives in private type

[Ada] Wrong warning when instantiating Container in generic unit

[alpha] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[arc] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[ARM] [1/3] Refactor NEON builtin code

[ARM] [2/3] Rearrange builtin code


[avr] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

Re: [Bug fortran/45827] mio_component_ref(): Component not found when mixing f90 and f03 in large projects

Re: [build, doc, libjava, testsuite] Fully support TLS on Solaris 8 and 9

[build] Disable native TLS support on IRIX 6/Tru64 UNIX

[build] Fix gcc_update -r with mercurial

[C patch] fix reference to classes with -fdump-ada-spec

[C++ Patch] PR 46046

[C++ patch] PR 46117

Re: [C++-0x] User-defined literals.

[C++0x] avoid extra tentative parse in range-based for loops

Re: [C++0x] implementing forward declarations for enums

[C++0x] PR c++/46056 range-based for loop does not destruct iterators

Re: [C++] Fix PR middle-end/44100

[c++] use build_array_of_n_type

[C/C++ PATCH] Fix -Wunused-but-set* with computed goto (PR c/46015)

[CFT] Generic stack alignment for user variables

[commit, spu] Fix builtin-related LTO failures

[committed - vms] Add new translations

[committed alpha/vms] Minor adjustments

[committed vms/ia64] Allow fused-madd operations

[committed] Add a MIPS clause to 20101011-1.c

[committed] Backport changes to gcc.dg/debug/dwarf2/inline2.c to 4.4

[committed] Delete endless loop typo

[committed] Fix dg-require-effective-targets for thr-init* tests

[committed] Fix failure of gcc.dg/torture/pr45678-[12].c on 32-bit hpux

[committed] Fix PR target/45820

[committed] Fix PR tree-optimization/43959

[committed] Require stdint types for gcc.dg/torture/pr41555.c on 4.4 branch

[Committed] S/390: Add support for the new IBM zEnterprise 196

[Committed] S/390: Fix the load/store on condition mnemonics

[Committed] S/390: Flag xgrk as z196 instruction

[committed] Trivial warning fix for mips.c

[committed] Tweak gcc.dg/stack-usage-1.c for MIPS

Re: [committed] Update config/pa/linux-atomic.c and enable sync tests on hppa-linux

[cris] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[crx] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[doc, commit] Add -fstrict-volatile-bitfields to Option Summary and Index

[doc] Improve documentation of -fstrict-volatile-bitfields

[fixincludes, testsuite] Fix g++.dg/warn/miss-format-1.C on Solaris 8/9 (PR c++/46024)

[Fortran,Patch] PR 45170 - Implement parsing/resolution of character deferred type parameter

[fr30] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[frv] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[gccgo] Add support for calls with ...

[gccgo] Avoid crash on error

[gccgo] Check for lang_requires_boot_language

[gccgo] Mark type descriptor decls as artificial

[gccgo] Merge with gcc mainline revision 165058

[gccgo] Merge with mainline

[gccgo] Move type descriptor construction from GENERIC to GOGO

[gccgo] Permit omitting types in a composite literal

[gccgo] Remove old ... syntax

[gccgo] Remove some write-only variables

[gccgo] Remove write-only variable, add #include

[gccgo] Revert local patch to tree-eh.c

[gccgo] Set lang_requires_boot_language

[gccgo] Taking slice of composite literal puts literal on heap

[gccgo] Tell linemap when leaving a source file

[gccgo] Thunk statements need not be the only statements in a block

[gccgo] Update for merge with gcc mainline

[gccgo] Update gospec for merge with gcc mainline

[gccgo] Update personality language hook

[graphite] Merge from trunk

[h8300] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[i386, avx] add fma3 patterns

[i386, XOP] fma4 cleanup

[i386] Don't expand vector abs+neg to xor immediately

[i386] Transform __builtin_fma during vectorization.


[ia64] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[iq2000] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

Re: [ira-improv] patch implementing proposals from a reviewer

[IRA] Fix PR rtl-optimization/45912

[ix86/gcc-4_4-branch] PATCH: Properly detect Atom

[lipo] add missing files

[lm32] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[m32c] add initial named address space support

[m32c] avoid function-cse in 16-bit mode

[m32c] document named address space option.

[m32c] make m32c_jsri16 reentrant

[m68hc11] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[m68k] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[mcore] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[mep] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[microblaze] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[mips] Return correct value from TARGET_SCHED_REORDER2 (PR rtl-optimization/37360)

[mmix] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[mn10300] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[moxie] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[obv] fix bootstrap with --enable-checking=release

[obv] fix m68hc11-elf build

[pa] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[patch 0/3] New macro PREFERRED_RENAME_CLASS

[PATCH 0/6] Loop flattening and improved if-conversion

[PATCH 1/2] Add -print-lto-plugin

[patch 1/2] AMD bdver2 processors - BMI

[PATCH 1/3] Add native ELF and LTO support in collect2

[patch 1/3] AMD bdver2 processors - BMI

Re: [patch 1/3] Sort du_head list and restrict register class by PREFERRED_RENAME_CLASS

[PATCH 1/6] Loop flattening on loop-SSA.

Re: [PATCH 14/44] Add documentation for -fgraphite-read and -fgraphite-write.

[PATCH 2/2] Add gcc-ar, gcc-ranlib, gcc-ld wrappers

[PATCH 2/2] Add gcc-ar, gcc-ranlib, gcc-ld wrappers v2

[patch 2/2] AMD bdver2 processors - TBM

Re: [PATCH 2/2] Reimplementation of build_ref_for_offset

[PATCH 2/3] Add bootstrap-lto-slim build config

[patch 2/3] AMD bdver2 processors - TBM

[PATCH 2/3] Implement -flto-slim

Re: [patch 2/3] tm.texi documentation on macro PREFERRED_RENAME_CLASS

[PATCH 2/6] Remove ifcvt_memrefs_wont_trap analysis.

[PATCH 3/3] Add bootstrap-lto-slim build config

[patch 3/3] AMD bdver2 processors - FMA3

Re: [patch 3/3] Define macro PREFERRED_RENAME_CLASS on ARM

[PATCH 3/3] Implement -flto-slim

[PATCH 3/6] Fix PR46029: reimplement if-convert stores.

Re: [PATCH 4/6] Also handle ARRAY_REFs in instantiate_scev_r.

[PATCH 4/6] if-convert even when the data dependences cannot be computed.

[PATCH 5/6] Call if-conversion from loop flattening.

Re: [PATCH 55/65] Fix tonto: call propagate_expr_outside_region.

[PATCH 6/6] Move loop flattening and SLP vectorization at the end of loop transforms.

[Patch : H8300] Minor bug fix for bit instructions

Re: [PATCH build] info-gcc, dvi-gcc etc work from unbuilt configured tree.

[PATCH build] overriding configure test results

[PATCH build] PR 45888 (was: Problem in bootstrapping on mingw)

[Patch c*, testsuite, darwin] CFString tests for darwin.

[patch committed] SH: Accept -fstack-usage

[Patch darwin, debug] make debug section starts explicit.

[PATCH i386 backend] Update the processor_costs table for bdver1 (Bulldozer processors)

[PATCH i386] Implementation of the pipeline description for bdver1 (Bulldozer processors)

Re: [patch i386]: Change stack probing and allocation implementation

[patch libgcov]: Fix libgcov for DOS paths and allow GCOV_PREFIX_STRIP without GCOV_PREFIX

[patch lto-plugin]: Fix bootstrap due formatter warning about uint32_t

[patch mingw]: Keep inhibit_libc set to false on cross-compilation of mingw targets

Re: [patch objc testsuite]: Fix testcase for scalar pointer type issue

[Patch ObjC* committed 1/2] @property

[Patch ObjC* committed 2/2] @property

[Patch ObjC*] add parse-side support for @package.

[Patch ObjC*] don't warn 'set not used' when an object is a receiver.

[Patch ObjC*] Vec-ify build_objc_method_call()

[Patch ObjC++] fix pasto which makes ObjC++ not respond to attributes after ellipsis.

Re: [Patch PR 45241]: CPU2006 465.tonto ICE in the vectorizer with -fno-tree-pre

[patch soft-fp]: Possibly use of uninitialized variables

[patch testsuite gcc.dg g++.dg]: Enable dllexport checking and adjust scanning for x86_64/i?86 mingw targets

[Patch Testsuite] Fix test with -Wno-abi for arm-eabi

[PATCH testsuite] Tweak gcc.c-torture/execute/20101011-1.c

[patch testsuite]: Set bessel_7.f90 for mingw targets to xfail

Re: [PATCH web] update codingconventions

[PATCH web] update codingconventions (was: Who owns config.rpath?)

[patch, fortran] Introducing -fdump-optimized-tree

[PATCH, alpha]: Fix recent bootstrap breakage

Re: [patch, ARM] Avoid enlarged alignment when optimizing for size

Re: [PATCH, ARM] Fix ICE (PR target/45805).

Re: [patch, ARM] Fix PR45447

[Patch, ARM] Fix regression.

[PATCH, ARM] Fix test case to permit dmb|mcr as alternatives to __sync_synchronize()

[PATCH, ARM] Fix Thumb-1 reload ICE with nested functions

Re: [PATCH, ARM] Misaligned access support for ARM Neon

Re: [PATCH, ARM] Some Thumb-1 only tests can also be run on Thumb-2 targets

[PATCH, ARM] Some Thumb-1 only tests can also be run on Thumb-2 targets

[PATCH, ARM] Testcases incorrectly run in Thumb/Xscale

[Patch, c* ,ObjC*] handle string objects in format checking.

[patch, committed, ia64] Patch to fix IA64 HP-UX bootstrap, PR 44716

[PATCH, committed] Fix ppc build breakage (PR target/45837)

[PATCH, committed] Fix regex in testsuite/gcc.target/powerpc/powerpc.exp

[PATCH, committed] PR fortran/46140 -- exit with nonzero status

[patch, committed] Test case for PR 42831

[Patch, Darwin, c*, ObjC* 1/2] Implement Darwin CFStrings.

[Patch, Darwin, c*, ObjC* 2/2] Implement Darwin CFStrings.

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR 45748: [4.5/4.6 Regression] -fimplicit-none failures when using intrinsic MAX

[Patch, fortran, committed] PR fortran/45916 revert revision 165026

[Patch, Fortran, F03] PR 46067: invalid procedure pointer assignment not detected

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 44917/44926/46196 (generic TBP ambiguities)

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 45933:[4.6 regression] ICE in gfc_add_component_ref, at fortran/class.c:77

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 46161: Invalid: Passing non-polymorphic to allocatable polymorphic dummy

[patch, fortran, RFC] Separate READ from WRITE

[Patch, fortran] [0/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [1/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [10/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [11/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [12/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [13/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [14/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [15/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [16/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [17/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [18/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [19/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [2/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [20/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [21/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [22/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [3/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [4/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [5/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [6/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [7/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [8/22] Various minor fixups

[Patch, fortran] [9/22] Various minor fixups

[patch, fortran] Adjust fn spec for transfer_array

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 46007, segfault with shape

Re: [patch, fortran] Introducing -fdump-optimized-tree

[patch, fortran] Optimize some more string comparisons

Re: [patch, fortran] output of Makefile dependencies

[Patch, Fortran] PR 42647: Missed initialization/dealloc of allocatable scalar DT with allocatable component

[Patch, Fortran] PR 45186 - Improve location of expressions for debugging

[Patch, Fortran] PR 46060: [F03] procedure pointer component referenced without argument list

[Patch, Fortran] PR 46100 - Allow pointer-function actuals in variable-definition contexts

[Patch, Fortran] PR fortran/38936: ASSOCIATE for derived-types and RFC

Re: [Patch, fortran] PR44582 - gfortran generates wrong results due to wrong ABI in function with array return

[patch, fortran] PR46079 ABI for empty stop statement broken

[patch, fortran] Separate READ from WRITE

[PATCH, i386]: Correct mode attribute of movdfcc patterns

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR target/46051: [4.6 Regression] ICE: in extract_insn, at recog.c:2110 with -mavx -ftree-vectorize

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR target/46098

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR target/46153

[PATCH, i386]: Improve <shift>_mask splitters

[PATCH, i386]: Macroize block operations

[PATCH, i386]: Remove gcc.target/i386/push-1.c

[PATCH, i386]: Truncate shift count

[PATCH, ia64] Add fma insn patterns

[patch, ia64] Patch for PR36898 & PR43760, predicated reg conflict warning

[Patch, libffi, ARM] VFP hard-float calling convention support

[patch, libgfortran] PR 46010 - I/O: Namelist-reading bug

[PATCH, LIBGOMP] Add ARM optimized futex support.

[PATCH, middle-end]: Fix PR 44569

[Patch, moxie] fix moxie-rtems configuration.

[Patch, ObjC*] merge of apple local implementation of method attributes.

[Patch, ObjC/Darwin, committed] partial merge of objc gc from branch.

[Patch, objc/testsuite, committed] adjust foreach test-cases for NeXT runtime.

[patch, objc/testsuite, committed] adjust recent test additions for -fnext-runtime

[PATCH, picochip] Disable exception flags which are unnecessary on a c-only port

[PATCH, PR 45562] Add two (cp_function_chain != NULL) checks

Re: [PATCH, PR 45572] Fix two minor issues with indirect inlining

[PATCH, PR 45699] Devirtualize to thunks

[PATCH, PR 45875] Fix devirtualization with virtual ancestors

[PATCH, PR 46053] Devirtualization and thunks revisited

[PATCH, PR45875] Fix get_binfo_at_offset

[Patch, RFC, c*, ObjC* ] make the translation unit decl avail. via a lang hook

[PATCH, testsuite] cmpsi-2 test was broken

[PATCH, testsuite] Fix cmpsf-1.c

[PATCH, testsuite] Fix gcc.c-torture/execute/20101011-1.c

[PATCH, tree-optimization]: Fix PR46142

[PATCH, v4] Use cygwin spawn functions

Re: [Patch, wwwdocs + Fortran] Release note updates: changes.html + gfortran.texi (F2008 status)

[Patch, x86, Darwin] update darwin's x86 output.

[patch,committed] Sync include/plugin-api.h with src/

[PATCH,committed] Update copyright year in gcc/config.host [was Re: [PATCH,take2] Make LTO plugin object-file-format- and host- independent.]

[patch,doc] clean up "Tree level if-conversion for vectorizer"

[Patch,Fortran] PR46122 Make PROTECT check less strict

[Patch,Fortran] PRs 45451 / 43018: Fixes for allocatables

[patch,fortran] Revamp type enumerators

[PATCH,rs6000] inform combine about extra isel alternatives

Re: [PATCH,take2] Implement lto-plugin for COFF on windows.

[PATCH,take2] Make LTO plugin object-file-format- and host- independent.

[PATCH,v2] fix PR target/44606, reload bug on SPE

Re: [PATCH: ARM] PR 45335 Use ldrd and strd to access two consecutive words

Re: [PATCH] ((A & N) + B) & M optimization (PR tree-optimization/31261, take 2)

[PATCH] --enable-linker-build-id by default

[PATCH] [PATCH] Report LTO phase in lto1 process name v2

Re: [PATCH] Add -ftree-loop-distribute-patterns enabled at -O3.

[PATCH] Add -print-lto-plugin

[PATCH] Add a stride parameter to scop_do_strip_mine.

[PATCH] Add attribute((target("..."))) and pragma target to PowerPC

[PATCH] Add autovectorize_vector_sizes target hook

[PATCH] Add check-lto target to quite up make check

[patch] Add DW_AT_main_subprogram tag to Fortran main program

[PATCH] add find_fallthru_edge function

[PATCH] Add fma support to the middle end and powerpc

[PATCH] Add FMA_EXPR, un-cse multiplications before expansion

[PATCH] Add leaf attribute to some further builtins

[PATCH] Add Options TargetVariable, HeaderInclude, SourceInclude to global options processing

[PATCH] Add test case from PR c++/29571 in the test suite

[PATCH] Add VSX fmaxf/fminf optimization on rs6000

Re: [patch] Avoid stack protection when building libgcc

[PATCH] Backport darwin plugin support fixes to gcc 4.5.2

[PATCH] Backport fix for PR debug/42487

[PATCH] Backport fix for PR target/42070

[PATCH] backport PR java/43839 fix

[PATCH] Better error reporting for missing semicolons after a struct definition

[PATCH] Build compiler checksum from object files

[PATCH] Build compiler checksum from object files v2

[PATCH] Bump alignment for small loops on PowerPC

[patch] c++/42018 try to reject specialization re-declared in wrong namespace

Re: [patch] Cleanup and improvement of if-conversion for vectorization

[patch] config.gcc: Add newlib-stdint.h for bfin/lm32*rtems

Re: [PATCH] convert TREE_CHAIN to DECL_CHAIN where appropriate

Re: [PATCH] Debug info extensions to support optimized out parameters

[PATCH] Debug info extensions to support optimized out parameters (updated)

[PATCH] Debug info for vars set to unused parameters

[PATCH] Delegitimize TLS local-exec accesses on i?86/x86_64 (PR target/45870)

[PATCH] detect unknown type names in declaration

[patch] Do not generate debug info for compiler generated VLAs

[patch] Do not put location info on type expressions

[PATCH] Do not warn about C++ compatibility of casts to incomplete type

[PATCH] don't copy arguments when folding gimple stmts

[PATCH] Don't reset debug stmts in delete_trivially_dead_insns unnecessarily

[PATCH] Enable linker plugin for windows [was Re: Discussion about merging Go frontend]

Re: [patch] Factor common code for C-family and Fortran preprocessing (3rd try)

[PATCH] Fix *DIV_EXPR folding on 32-bit HWI (PR middle-end/46019)

[PATCH] Fix -ftree-parallelize-loops=N -g (PR tree-optimization/46066)

[PATCH] fix a couple of build errors for target pdp11

[PATCH] Fix a fallout of my BIT_AND_EXPR optimization patch (PR middle-end/45876)

[PATCH] Fix an --enable-checking=rtl issue in var-tracking (PR debug/45849)

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap on cygwin by finally removing -mno-cygwin.

[PATCH] Fix conditions in pdp11.md

[PATCH] Fix dead_debug_* ICE (PR debug/46171)

[PATCH] Fix fold_nonarray_ctor_reference for flexible array members (PR tree-optimization/45919)

[PATCH] fix fr30 libgcc build


Re: [PATCH] Fix handling of non-localized vars and remove_forwarder_block (PR debug/43329)

[Patch] Fix ICE (PR Tree-Vect/45847).

[patch] Fix ICE with dangling abnormal call edges

[PATCH] Fix ifcvt ICE

Re: [PATCH] Fix libffi x86-64 < 8 bytes last stack argument issue (PR libffi/45677)

[patch] Fix LTO compilation failure on Solaris 8

[PATCH] fix mcore-elf build

[PATCH] fix moxie-elf build

[PATCH] fix newly-introduced buglet in tree-ssa-sccvn.c

[PATCH] Fix parts of PR45720

[PATCH] Fix points-to sets for constants

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR bootstrap/35855: awk character classes.

[PATCH] Fix PR c/43384: Segmentation fault with invalid K&R-like code

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR driver/45703: let --help -v show linker help.

[PATCH] fix PR pch/45979 regression on recent ARM/Linux kernels

[patch] Fix PR tree-optimization/45612

[patch] Fix PR tree-optimization/45752

[patch] Fix PR tree-optimization/45902

[patch] Fix PR tree-optimization/46049 and tree-optimization/46052

[patch] Fix PR tree-optimization/46049 and tree-optimization/46052 - take 2

[patch] Fix PR tree-optimization/46126

[patch] Fix PR tree-optimization/46167

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR44284, missed vectorization of unsigned <-> signed conversions

[PATCH] Fix PR44913

[PATCH] Fix PR44950

[PATCH] Fix PR45352

[PATCH] Fix PR45570

[PATCH] Fix PR45667

[PATCH] Fix PR45764

[PATCH] Fix PR45788

[PATCH] Fix PR45854

[PATCH] Fix PR45860

[PATCH] Fix PR45869

[PATCH] Fix PR45874

[PATCH] Fix PR45877

[PATCH] Fix PR45878

[PATCH] Fix PR45914

[PATCH] Fix PR45945

[PATCH] Fix PR45947

[PATCH] Fix PR45956

[PATCH] Fix PR45957

[PATCH] Fix PR45967

[PATCH] Fix PR45970

[PATCH] Fix PR45982

[PATCH] Fix PR46021

[PATCH] Fix PR46041, define fma macros if -save-temps

[PATCH] Fix PR46081

[PATCH] Fix PR46111

[PATCH] Fix RTL patterns for NEON vmovn

[PATCH] fix rx-elf libgcc build

Re: [PATCH] fix target/44606, reload bug on SPE

[PATCH] Fix the most annoying LTO -g ICE in dwarf2out.c

[patch] fix the vcg dump bug

[PATCH] Fix typo in earlier checksum change

[Patch] Fix use of TARGET_VTABLE_USES_DESCRIPTORS in libgcov.c

[PATCH] Fixup fix for PR45957

[PATCH] Fixup regmove.o dependencies

[PATCH] FMA RTL simplifications

[PATCH] Fold integer divisions to arithmetic shifts

[PATCH] For GATHER_STATISTICS count individual tree codes




[patch] Implement -fcallgraph-info option

[PATCH] Implement lto-plugin for COFF on windows.

[PATCH] Improve handling of missing LTO input sections

[PATCH] Improve Powerpc (double)(int) rounding

Re: [PATCH] Improved folding of virtual calls (gimple and C++ review requested)

Re: [PATCH] Indirect inlining of virtual calls

[PATCH] introduce VEC_qsort


Re: [PATCH] Let IPA-CP make direct callgraph edges it can

Re: [PATCH] LTO plugin for coff, part 1: break out ELF-specific code and enable COFF builds

[PATCH] LTO plugin for coff, part 1: break out ELF-specific code and enable COFF builds

Re: [PATCH] Make C++ use TRANSLATION_UNIT_DECL for global entities

[PATCH] Make dwarf2out use DECL_FILE_SCOPE_P some more

[PATCH] make ifcvt try harder to use conditional moves

[PATCH] Make SRA produce less useless statements

[PATCH] Mark linker Makefile rules for job server build

[PATCH] MEM = "abcd" expansion improvements

[PATCH] merge {set,reset}_used_flags

Re: [PATCH] Modify TER to not propagate expressions across call

[PATCH] move DECLARE_LIBRARY_RENAMES to libgcc headers

[PATCH] Move targetm.units_per_simd_word to largest_simd_mode

[PATCH] n-th try: move profiling to SSA form

[patch] New loop flattening pass on tree-ssa

[PATCH] On targets without setup for cfa_base_rtx don't try to replace sp/hfp (PR target/45250)

[PATCH] On targets without setup for cfa_base_rtx don't try to replace sp/hfp (PR target/45250, take 2)

[PATCH] Optimize (subreg ([al]shiftrt (mem) (const_int N))) (PR tree-optimization/45903)

[PATCH] Optimize memcpy + memset (PR fortran/45636)


[PATCH] pdp11: correct trampoline


[PATCH] pdp11: fix a number of ICE

[PATCH] pdp11: fix float format definitions

[PATCH] pdp11: fix ICE

[PATCH] pdp11: fix ICE in movdi

[PATCH] pdp11: fix warnings in pdp11.md

[PATCH] pdp11: fix wrong assembly output

[PATCH] pdp11: make length attribute be in bytes

[PATCH] pdp11: stop using obsolete constraint macros

[PATCH] pdp11: use define_constants

[PATCH] picochip: simplify expression

[PATCH] PowerPC: Add msingle-pic-base option.

[PATCH] powerpc: Support -fpic too with mrelocatable

[PATCH] PR fortran/46152 -- fix namespace pollution in type-spec matching

[PATCH] PR/41822 pdp11: fix wrong code for and operation

[PATCH] PR/44970, fix broken fwprop incremental dataflow

[PATCH] PR45834: make restrict qualifier work for char pointer type.

[PATCH] Prefer packed attribute when conflicts with volatile

[PATCH] Profile on SSA


[PATCH] refactor functions in tree-ssa-sccvn.c

[PATCH] Remove dead code from recog.c

[PATCH] Remove default implementation of the PREFERRED_RELOAD_CLASS macro from back ends

[PATCH] Remove enum reg_class from rtl.h

[PATCH] Remove gccbug

[PATCH] Remove LEAF attribute from some OpenMP builtins, adjust Fortran FE builtin handling (PR middle-end/45838)




[PATCH] Report LTO phase in lto1 process name

[PATCH] RFC for patch to add C99 fma/fmaf/fmal builtins

[PATCH] RFC, start to add attribute target support to powerpc

[patch] Robustify configure test for .debug_line

[PATCH] Save checksum of compiler options in LTO files

[patch] Separate {OS,CPU}_CPP_BUILTINS macros into C-family and language-independent macros

[PATCH] share code between tree and gimple folders

[PATCH] Shrink .debug_loc section by ~ 9%

[PATCH] Small c-pragma.c cleanup

[PATCH] Small fix for ifcvt

[PATCH] Small SH fix

Re: [patch] sparc64, s390x - find 32bit system libraries

[PATCH] Support official CLooG.org versions.

[PATCH] Teach the vectorizer about multiple sizes

[PATCH] Testcase for PR45382

[PATCH] Testcase for PR45732

[PATCH] try_head_merge_bb: Fix live info for partial moves

[patch] Update MIPS DSP madd, maddu, msub, msubu, mult, multu

[PATCH] use __SIZEOF_DOUBLE__ in libgcc

[PATCH] use __SIZEOF_LONG_LONG__ when compiling libgcc

[PATCH] use bb_has_abnormal_pred in a few places

[PATCH] use build_function_type_list in the Java FE

[PATCH] use build_vector_from_val in more places

[PATCH] Use cygwin spawn functions

[PATCH] use gcc_checking_assert instead of ENABLE_CHECKING/gcc_assert

[PATCH] use immediate_operand in nonmemory_operand


[PATCH] var-tracking: Fix negative location ranges

[PATCH] Warn for each missing printf argument

[PATCH], RFC Add support for C99 fma/fmas/fmal builtins

Re: [patch]: Add support of new __int128 type for targets having 128-bit integer scalar support

[PATCH]: CSE some initializations in c-parser.c file.

[PATCH][ARM] Don't reject valid Thumb2 constants

[PATCH][ARM] Optimized 64-bit multiplication for THUMB-1

[PATCH][C++] Fix PR45959

[PATCH][C++] Free some NAMESPACE stuff in cp_free_lang_data

[PATCH][C++] Move decltype(nullptr) back to NULLPTR_TYPE tree code


[PATCH][LM32] Fix to allow gcc to be built for lm32-elf

[PATCH][LTO] Fix PR45586

[PATCH][LTO] More properly rebuild TYPE_CANONICAL

[PATCH][LTO] Stream BLOCK_VARS lazily

[PATCH][LTO] Stream BLOCKs lazily

[PATCH][RFC] 256bit AVX vectorization support


[pdp11] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[picochip] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.


[Ping 2] [patch, ARM] Fix PR45447

[Ping 2][patch, arm] Fix PR45701

[ping*2] fix restore of r30 on eh_return for ppc-aix / -mminimal-toc

[ping*3] add support for dwarf AT_GNU_descriptive_type

[PING*4] add support for dwarf AT_GNU_descriptive_type

[PING] [PATCH: ARM] VSHL, VSHR, VLSHR immediate values support

[ping] couple of fixes for DWARF2 EH on Win32

[PING] genattr: generate a mnemonic insn attribute

[ping] powerpc-aix - fix eh_return for r30 with -mminimal-toc

[Ping][patch, arm] Fix PR45701

Re: [PING][PATCH: ARM] PR 45335 Use ldrd and strd to access two consecutive words


[PowerPC] Fix setjmp test fails

[PR 46226] asm goto may leave stack pointer invalid

[PR debug/45656] Don't let BB-trailing debug insns break cc0 cse

[PR debug/45673] fix more MEM_REF -fcompare-debug lossage

Re: [PR44610] don't delegitimize MEM from base without offset

[RFA:] Stricter libstdc++ testsuite gate for working target file I/O

Re: [RFA] expand from SSA form (1/2)


[RFA] Generic stack alignment for user variables, v2

Re: [RFA] PR c++/37093

Re: [RFA][PR 41063] ICE in output_die

Re: [RFC - ARM] - Fix PR43440 - Fix Neon inline asm register aliasing issues.

Re: [RFC/CFT] Hookize TARGET_UNWIND_INFO and related macros

[RFC] Centralize knowledge of eh personality routines

[RFC] hot/cold attributes on labels

Re: [RFC] PR c++/44188

[RFC] Quad-float support in Fortran

[RFC] Win64 SEH support


Re: [RS6000] PR 45807 r2 eh_frame info error

[rx] Add builtin-decl support

[rx] add define for RX610

[rx] add register-specific constraints

[score] really delete FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[SPARC] Minor tweaks

[SPARC] Unwind through signal handler on newer Solaris 10

[spu, i386-qnx] Remove unnecessary uses of builtin_define_std

[spu, i386-qnx] Remove unnecessary uses of builtin_define_std (second try)

[spu] fix spu_function_arg thinkos

[stormy16] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[testsuite, lto] Allow target selector for dg-extra-ld-options (PR testsuite/45851)

[testsuite] Always pass -pthread for TLS tests on Tru64 UNIX (PR target/46131)

[testsuite] Improve LTO testing with -r

[testsuite] XFAIL gcc.dg/pragma-init-fini{,-2}.c on Solaris 8/x86

[v3] add 4.5 doc links


[v3] Add missing specializations for _Weak_result_type_impl and _Reference_wrapper_base

[v3] add tls symbols to abi checking

[v3] Add uses_allocator<packaged_task> specialization

[v3] backport r163282 to 4.5 branch to fix libstdc++/45999

[v3] Couple of small clean-ups (to forward_list::swap, in particular)

[v3] enable allocator support in <future>

[v3] First bits of libstdc++/44436

[v3] Fix default-constructed piecewise_linear_distribution

[v3] fix libstdc++/44647

[v3] fix libstdc++/45924

[v3] fix typo in comments for time_get

[v3] Implement LWG 1240

[v3] Improve a bit time_get error checking

[v3] libstdc++/43554

[v3] libstdc++/45403 support gdb 7.0 in std::string pretty printer

[v3] libstdc++/45866

[v3] Link libstdc++.so with -pthread on Tru64 UNIX (PR target/45693)

[v3] Minor function::swap clean up

[v3] Tweak _Result_alloc to exploit the Empty Base Optimization

[v3] Update forward_list::erase_after to return an iterator

[vax] hookize FUNCTION_ARG &co.

[vms] Add new translations

[withdrawn] Re: [PATCH,take2] Implement lto-plugin for COFF on windows.

[wwwdocs] Adjust 4.4 status on main page

[wwwdocs] Announce Bugzilla update

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.3

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.4

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.5

[wwwdocs] minor branching.html improvements

[wwwdocs] PATCH for -Wimplicit-double

[wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: [PATCH] Remove gccbug

Re: [wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: new mirror

Access --param values through gcc_options structure

Re: add --enable-gnu-indirect-function configure switch

Add LTO binutils wrappers

Add myself as VMS maintainer

Add read-md.c to po/EXCLUDES

Re: add support for dwarf AT_descriptive_type

address change

Avoid duplicate entries in the LTO symtab

Avoid option optimization hooks setting variables to 2

Re: backport blockers for in-tree build

Re: Bring function profiles to callgraph to make them WHOPR ready

C++ PATCH for another sfinae case

C++ PATCH for c++/45983 (-flto trying to emit template parm)

C++ PATCH for c++/45984 (canonical type ice with attributes)

C++ PATCH for lto/45959 (trying to stream template_type_parm)

C++ PATCH to add build_integral_nontype_arg_conv

C++ PATCH to add decl_storage_duration

C++ PATCH to use VEC_INIT_EXPR for array mem-initializers

C++0x constexpr PATCH #1: improve setting of CLASSTYPE_LITERAL_P

C++0x constexpr PATCH #2: improve type checking of constexpr declarations

C++0x constexpr patch #3: implicit constexpr

C++0x constexpr PATCH #4: is_literal_type

C++0x PATCH for c++/46103 (wrong implicit move of class with array member)

C++0x PATCH for c++/46129 (ICE with default argument in member class of template)

C/ObjC: Fast enumeration for Objective-C

Re: canonical condition branch

Clean up --param handling

combiner fix, PR45966

commit stale FUNCTION_ARG hookization patches

Committed: trunk merged into fortran-exp branch


Contents of PO file 'gcc-4.5.0.vi.po'

Re: Convert option variables to structure elements

Core 2/i7 tuning results and analysis

Core2 and Corei7 tuning patches for review

different impl. Re: [Patch darwin, debug] make debug section starts explicit.

Re: Discussion about merging Go frontend

Do not move frame related insns in selective scheduling

Don't combine instructions if they can't be copied

Don't include flags.h in tm.h

Don't use global_dc directly in opts-common.c

fix -fcompare-debug failure in libjava/javax/swing/plaf/basic

Fix -fwhopr testsuite failures

Fix 43603 and 44233

fix bootstrap on !altivec powerpc configurations

Re: Fix early inliner ICE

Fix exgettext Warn handling

Fix for equivalent register handling

Fix for objc/45925

Fix for PR c++/46170

Fix for PR objc++/23614

Fix g++.dg/debug/nullptr01.C on the SPARC

Fix gomp failures introduced by my prevoius patch

Fix ICE on dangling unreachable block

Fix integer undefined behavior in combine.c

Fix integer undefined behavior in simplify-rtx.c

Fix ipa-profile thinko

fix libstdc++/45990

Fix lto bootstrap

Fix minor WHOPR partitioning issue

Fix MIPS build after recent options changes

Fix Mozilla build at -O3 --param inline-unit-growth=5

Re: fix ppc-vxworks build failure on vxlib-tls for RTPs

Fix PR c++/45908

Fix PR c/45969 (excess precision regression)

Fix PR libobjc/23214

Re: Fix PR middle-end/44993

Fix PR rtl-optimization/45394

Fix PR/46200 -- ivopt bug in test condition cost computation

Fix pr45962 : fallout from stack alignment patch

Fix removal of ctors/dtors

Fix segfault on discriminated record type

Fix Solaris 2/SPARC bootstrap

Fix typo in --with-sysroot documentation

Fix VLAs documentation reference to non-conformance

Fix WHOPR partitioning WRT whole unit size

FRV cleanup (remove frv_option_optimization)

gengtype patch removing location_s

gengtype plugin improvement last2round - patch3 [inputfile]

gengtype plugin improvement last2round - patch 2 [verbosity]

Re: gengtype plugin improvement last2round - patch3 [inputfile]

Re: get_ref_base_and_extend based ctor folding

Re: Group static constructors and destructors in specific subsections

Group static constructors and destructors in specific subsections

Re: ifcvt/crossjump patch: Fix PR 42496, 21803

Improve handling of COMDAT vtables and virtual functoins

improve install-no-fixedincludes Makefile target

initialize incr in c-parser.c:c_parser_for_statement

Re: IVOPT improvement patch

re-jigged for lang independence, Re: [Patch, Darwin, c*, ObjC* 1/2] Implement Darwin CFStrings.

Re: Laurynas Biveinis now gengtype reviewer

libcpp - tiny speedup

libobjc - another small header update

libobjc - do not wait for NXConstantString to be registered before executing +load

libobjc - encoding tidyup

libobjc - fixed initializing protocols and tests for modern Objective-C API

libobjc - minor tidyups

libobjc - missing includes

libobjc - more header reorganization

libobjc - Protocol.m moved to modern API

libobjc - testcase for pr18255.m

libobjc - tiny header include fix

libstdc++/45893 [C++0x] [DR 817] Finish updating std::bind to rvalue refs

Re: Local noreturn discovery

LTO plugin and comdat symbols

Make -G handling use Var in g.opt

Make do_self_spec use common options machinery

Make max_issue honor issue_rate

Make options machinery track which options are explicitly used

Re: make recheck?

Make set_fast_math_flags and set_unsafe_math_optimizations_flags static

MeP: Use targetm.strip_name_encoding

Re: MicroBlaze port

Minor thunks tweak

Minor tweaks to RTL CSE

More cgraph_remove_unreachable_nodes fixes

More ObjC++ work on @encode in C++ templates

Re: Move SSA macros and declarations out of tree.h

Move unwind_info_type to coretypes.h

new sign/zero extension elimination pass

New Vietnamese PO file for 'gcc' (version 4.5.0)

Objc - merged classname hashtable patch from apple/trunk

ObjC - remove another obsolete comment

ObjC - use switch instead of sequences of ifs

ObjC @encode bugfix from apple/trunk

ObjC fast enumeration documentation

ObjC fast enumeration, take 2

ObjC++ - another small bugfix - do not confuse template names with ObjC class names

ObjC++ - another small parser bugfix merge from apple/trunk

ObjC++ bugfix for PR objc++/23707

ObjC++ bugfix for PR objc++/28050

ObjC++ bugfixes

ObjC++ merge patch - @encode in templates

ObjC/ObjC++ - @property parsing

Re: ObjC/ObjC++ - @property parsing (2)

ObjC/ObjC++ - another small merge from apple/trunk

ObjC/ObjC++ - demangling of method and function names

ObjC/ObjC++ - finish off method attributes

ObjC/ObjC++ - implementation of non-trivial property accessors

ObjC/ObjC++ - parse @synthesize and @dynamic

Re: ObjC/ObjC++ - remove objc_inherit_code

ObjC/ObjC++ - support for deprecating properties

ObjC/ObjC++ - testcase merge

ObjC/ObjC++ patch - implementation of Objective-C 2.0 @property/@synthesize/@dynamic

ObjC/ObjC++ volatilized merge from apple/trunk

ObjC/ObjC++: finished implementation of method parameter attributes, and cleanup of DECLs printable names

Options initialization rearrangement

PATCH COMMITTED: Add const qualifier

PATCH COMMITTED: Add space in libiberty to avoid makeinfo warning

Re: PATCH COMMITTED: Fix -fsplit-stack build with old binutils

PATCH COMMITTED: Mention -fplan9-extensions in changes file

PATCH COMMITTED: Mention -fsplit-stack on 4.6 changes page

PATCH COMMITTED: Only put split stack support in libgcc.a

PATCH COMMITTED: Remove extraneous blank line

PATCH COMMITTED: Update split branch description on web page

Patch for gcc.dg/builtin-apply4.c, looking for sh port help

PATCH for Re: -finline-functions default with -Os ?

PATCH RFA: Do not build java by default

PATCH RFA: Fix PR 45687

PATCH RFA: libstdc++ lives in src/.libs

Re: PATCH RFA: Support Plan 9 extensions in gcc


PATCH RFC: With -fnon-call-exceptions don't eliminate division by zero

Re: PATCH to fix NULLPTR_TYPE problems (bootstrap/44048, target/44099)

PATCH to gimplify_decl_expr for handling of undeclared anonymous variables

Patch to solve PR42169.

PATCH: Add a testcase for PR middle-end/44130

PATCH: Add a testcase for PR middle-end/44144

PATCH: Add another 256bit vectorizer test

PATCH: Add more 256bit AVX testcases

PATCH: Add testcases for 256bit AVX copysign.

PATCH: Add V8SI and V4DI to ssescalarmodesuffix

PATCH: Add vzeroupper optimization for AVX

Re: PATCH: Enable TARGET_HAS_SINCOS if x87 FPU fsincos is available

Re: Patch: Fix match_dup handling in web.c

PATCH: Fix split_stack_return

PATCH: PR bootstrap/45954: LTO isn't enabled in stage1 cc1 with --with-build-config=bootstrap-lto

PATCH: PR bootstrap/45958: --with-build-config=bootstrap-lto doesn't work

Patch: PR debug/45865

PATCH: PR libstdc++/45863: [4.6 regression] FAIL: libstdc++-abi/abi_check

Re: Fwd: PATCH: PR target/44948: -msse/-mavx change x86 ABI

PATCH: PR target/45913: [4.6 Regression] ICE: in insn_default_length, at config/i386/i386.md:584 with -fselective-scheduling2 -fsel-sched-pipelining -fsel-sched-pipelining-outer-loops

PATCH: PR target/45946: ICE: in extract_insn, at recog.c:2127 when using _Decimal128 with -Os -fno-omit-frame-pointer

PATCH: PR target/46051: [4.6 Regression] ICE: in extract_insn, at recog.c:2110 with -mavx -ftree-vectorize

PATCH: PR target/46085: [4..6 Regression] gcc.dg/vect/fast-math-vect-reduc-[57].c failed with -mavx -ffast-math -O3

Re:PATCH: PR target/46085: [4..6 Regression] gcc.dg/vect/fast-math-vect-reduc-[57].c failed with -mavx -ffast-math -O3

PATCH: PR target/46142: FMA test failures

PATCH: PR target/46144: [4.6 regression] gfortran.dg/vect/fast-math-vect-8.f90

PATCH: PR target/46195: r165965 regresses i386 darwin

PATCH: PR tree-optimization/45764: [4.6 Regression] wrong code -O2 vs -O3 (problem in vectorizer???)]

PATCH: Update -march=native for Cora e2 and Core i7

PATH: Add -mtune=generic to 256bit AVX tests

Ping ! gengtype plugin improvement last2round - patch 2 [verbosity]

Ping! gengtype plugin improvement last2round - patch 1 [declprog]

PING**2 (dwarf2out.c review) - Re: [patch] Add DW_AT_main_subprogram tag to Fortran main program

Re: Ping: [m68hc11] Hookize CLASS_LIKELY_SPILLED_P macro

PING: [PATCH] Alternative number in output_asm_name

Ping: [Patch] Fix use of TARGET_VTABLE_USES_DESCRIPTORS in libgcov.c

Ping: [PATCH] Support official CLooG.org versions.

PING: Default to -fstrict-volatile-bitfields for ARM EABI

PING: PATCH: PR bootstrap/45954: LTO isn't enabled in stage1 cc1 with --with-build-config=bootstrap-lto

PING: Patch: PR rtl-optimization/45865

Re: PING: PATCH: PR target/44948: -msse/-mavx change x86 ABI

Ping:[patch, ARM] Fix PR45447

PING^2 [m68hc11] Hookize CLASS_LIKELY_SPILLED_P macro

Re: PING^2: resubmitted IRA improvement patches

PR 23868 & gcc.dg/torture/stackalign/builtin-apply-4.c

PR 46030, powerpc -Os

PR binutils/12110 spaces in source path

Re: PR c/c++/16202 The -Wsequence-point warning misses many important instances

PR objc/23709

PR objc/24393

PR objc/28049

Re: PR objc/45735 (more testcases)

Re: PR testsuite/45621 (indirect inlining related cgraph verifier ICE)

PR testsuite/45621 (indirect inlining related cgraph verifier ICE)

Re: PR tree-optimization/45463 (cgraph verification ICE)

Re: PR tree-optimize/45085 (-fpartial-inlining miscompile)

pr44258.c failing on targets with padded structs


Re: predicate aware uninitialized variable analysis

Re: prevent REG_EQUAL on set-mem insns

Re: Quoting fixes in GLIBCXX_ENABLE

Recent commit causes incorrect compilation of boehm gc.

Re: Reduce inline-insns-auto


Re: Reorganizing -flto and -fwhopr command line options

Re: Reorganizing -flto and -fwhopr command line options (Was Re: WHOPR partitioning, take 2)

Reorganizing -flto and -fwhopr command line options (Was Re: WHOPR partitioning, take 2)

Re: Reorganizing -flto and -fwhopr command line options (Was Re: WHOPR partitioning, take 2)

Re: Require canonical type comparison for typedefs again.

Restore -fno-omit-frame-pointer default for x86 Solaris 2.10

restore powerpc AIX bootstrap

Re: Review of --enable-gold=both patch

Revision 165569 breaks LTO

RFA (c-family): PATCH to remove C++-specific code from c-family check_case_value

RFA: fairly mechanical PATCH for EXPR_LOC_OR_HERE macro

RFA: MN10300 Tidy patch

RFA: MN10300: Add AM34 target and scheduling

RFA: MN10300: Fix frame related notes and unwind info

RFA: MN10300: Replace cc0 with CC_REG

Re: RFA: PATCH to constructor_static_from_elts_p

RFA: PATCH to make fold_indirect_ref_1 fold more things

RFA: Testsuite: Fixes for PR44197.c

RFA; Add option to control combine-stack-adjustments pass

Re: RFC (gimple): PATCH to really avoid copying empty classes (c++/43787)

RFC: PATCH: PR rtl-optimization/45865: [4.6 Regression] ifcvt/crossjump failed to mark return jump

rs6000_option_optimization section anchors cleanup

RX cleanup rx_option_optimization

RX: Promote small integers to SImode

Small C++ PATCH to add context to error messages about invalid template arguments

Small tweak to gimplify_variable_sized_compare

Some small C++ cleanup PATCHes

stabilize switch labels for -fcompare-debug in vrp

SWITCH_TAKES_ARG etc. cleanup

Table-based default_options_optimization

Target hook for option initialization

target_mem_ref and memory/prefetch intrinsics

Teach SCCVN about constant meory accesses, take 2

Re: toplevel *again* out of sync

Tweaks to RTL locus preservation code

Tweaks to RTL locus preservation code (2)

Re: Unable to build --enable-build-with-cxx --enable-languages=c,c++ --with-gold

uninit var check enhancement patch

Re: Update ObjC/ObjC++ objc_finish_file to become objc_write_global_declarations

Updated slim-lto patchkit

Updated: [Patch, c* ,ObjC*] handle string objects in format checking.

use build_one_cst in tree-ssa-loop-im.c

Use resolution file, autoconf help needed

Various small C++ PATCHes

Re: Vector shifting patch

Vector subscription patch

Visibility cleanups

WHOPR partitioning, take 2


x86 testsuite fixes for -march= multilib testing

{patch testsuite gcc.dg]: Fix some failures about dfp printf and obious fallout for mingw targets

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