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maintainer-scripts/gcc_release: add sha1 hash, formatting

In case you wanted to know what creates those new snapshot announcements
with more hashes, this is how.

Installed and also put in place on where it has created the
last couple of snapshots.


2010-08-23  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* gcc_release (snapshot_print): Also include an sha1 hash for
	every tarball.  Slightly tweak indentation.

Index: gcc_release
--- gcc_release	(revision 163482)
+++ gcc_release	(working copy)
@@ -386,9 +386,11 @@
 # Print description if snapshot exists.
 snapshot_print() {
   if [ -e ${RELEASE}/$1 ]; then
-     hash=`openssl md5 ${RELEASE}/$1 | sed -e 's#(.*)##' -e 's# *= *#=#'`
+    hash=`openssl  md5  ${RELEASE}/$1 | sed -e 's#(.*)##' -e 's# *= *#=#'`
+    hash2=`openssl sha1 ${RELEASE}/$1 | sed -e 's#(.*)##' -e 's# *= *#=#'`
-     printf "%-38s%s\n\n  %s\n\n" "$1" "$2" "$hash" >> ${SNAPSHOT_README}
+    printf " %-37s%s\n\n  %s\n  %s\n\n" "$1" "$2" "$hash" "$hash2" \
+      >> ${SNAPSHOT_README}
      echo "  <tr><td><a href=\"$1\">$1</a></td>" >> ${SNAPSHOT_INDEX}
      echo "      <td>$2</td></tr>" >> ${SNAPSHOT_INDEX}

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