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Re: [PATCH 0/3] Configure support for official CLooG versions.

On 11.08.2010 21:22, Andreas Simbuerger wrote:
On 08/11/2010 09:07 PM, Jack Howarth wrote:
On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 01:55:00PM -0500, Sebastian Pop wrote:
On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 13:30, Andreas Simbürger
<>  wrote:

this patch series adds configure support for upstream CLooG versions.
The official CLooG is able to use three different backends during
code generation. An ISL backend, a PPL backend and a PolyLib backend.

Furthermore the old CLooG-PPL (Legacy) fork used by graphite at the
moment is still supported.
While checking for the used CLooG version we check in the following
order: PPL (Legacy)>  ISL>  PPL>  PolyLib.

This means, we don't change the default behavior of CLooG yet.
As we still need to discuss some aspects of providing information
with upstream it is necessary to disable the cloog version check
(--disable-cloog-version-check) to use one of the upstream
CLooG versions for now.

After successfully completing all test suites we want to switch
to CLooG-ISL and abandon the legacy CLooG-PPL.

Seconded.  I intend to leave CLooG-PPL with no more changes
other than bug fixes, in particular I will not update CLooG-PPL
to configure with PPL-0.11 to incite people to use
My intent is to deprecate the use of CLooG-PPL, and remove
support of CLooG-PPL in GCC-4.7.
Hopefully the soversion in cloog 0.15 from will be bumped
from 0 to 1. Otherwise there will be packaging issues due to the
fact that two different cloog distributions (cloog-ppl and
claim the same soversion number. This will force all installed gcc's
to be rebuilt.
The versions use different sonames for the libraries, depending
on the backend:
  - (.0)
  - (.0)
  - (.0)

while CLooG-PPL uses ' (.0)'. This should avoid clashes
with soversions on existing installations.

except that the Debian package already uses (.0) for the patched CLooG-PPL :-/ A version bump would be appreciated. Sorry for addressing this in the distribution before upstream.


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