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Re: [RFC] Don't completely scalarize a record if it contains bit-field (PR tree-optimization/45144)

On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 6:09 PM, Jie Zhang <> wrote:
> PR tree-optimization/45144 shows an issue that SRA causes. I used
> arm-none-eabi target as an example in PR tree-optimization/45144. But the
> same issue can also been seen on x86_64-linux-gnu target using the same test
> case in the PR.
> SRA completely scalarizes a small record. But when the record is used later
> as a whole, GCC has to make the record out of the scalar parts. When the
> record contains bit-fields, GCC generates ugly code to assemble the scalar
> parts into a record.
> Until the aggregates copy propagation is implemented, I think it would
> better to disable full scalarization for such records. The patch is
> attached. It's bootstrapped on x86_64-linux-gnu and regression tested.
> Is it OK for now? We can remove it after aggregates copy propagation is
> implemented.
> Will it be better to add bit-field check in type_consists_of_records_p
> instead of using a new function "type_contains_bit_field_p"?

The patch looks like a hack.  Can you instead make SRA treat the
underlying type of bit-fields as the object for scalarization?
I'm not 100% familiar with the internals, but IIRC SRA builds an
access tree, so for each bitfield load/store the analysis phase should
record an access of the underlying field covering all bits and
a sub-access for the respective member.

Maybe Martin can weight in here.


> Regards,
> --
> Jie Zhang
> CodeSourcery

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