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Re: [PATCH, ARM] soft/hard-float preprocessor symbol

Richard Earnshaw wrote:
> The tests should be on arm_pcs_default.  If that has the value
> ARM_PCS_AAPCS_VFP then __ARM_PCS_VFP should be defined.  If it has the
> value ARM_PCS_AAPCS, then __ARM_PCS should be defined.  In other cases,
> I think neither should be defined (leaving the option open to create new
> pre-processor defines in future).
> That does leave nothing defined for the IWMMXT variant.  I'm not
> entirely sure what to do about that.  It appears that this just follows
> the base standard for calling, in which case __ARM_PCS probably should
> be defined, but I want to think that case through further before making
> that decision: there may be a subtlety that I've missed.
> R.
Hi Richard, I have update the patch as you have suggested.
Please see if this is okay.


Index: arm.c
--- arm.c	(revision 162525)
+++ arm.c	(working copy)
@@ -711,7 +711,7 @@
    the next function.  */
 static int after_arm_reorg = 0;
-static enum arm_pcs arm_pcs_default;
+enum arm_pcs arm_pcs_default;
 /* For an explanation of these variables, see final_prescan_insn below.  */
 int arm_ccfsm_state;
Index: arm.h
--- arm.h	(revision 162525)
+++ arm.h	(working copy)
@@ -94,7 +94,13 @@
 	if (arm_arch_iwmmxt)				\
 	  builtin_define ("__IWMMXT__");		\
-	  builtin_define ("__ARM_EABI__");		\
+	  {						\
+	    if (arm_pcs_default == ARM_PCS_AAPCS_VFP)	\
+	      builtin_define ("__ARM_PCS_VFP");		\
+	    else if (arm_pcs_default == ARM_PCS_AAPCS)	\
+	      builtin_define ("__ARM_PCS");		\
+	    builtin_define ("__ARM_EABI__");		\
+	  }						\
     } while (0)
 /* The various ARM cores.  */
@@ -1641,6 +1647,9 @@
+/* Default procedure calling standard of current compilation unit. */
+extern enum arm_pcs arm_pcs_default;
 /* A C type for declaring a variable that is used as the first argument of
    `FUNCTION_ARG' and other related values.  */
 typedef struct

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