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Re: [patch win32]: fix for PR target/41943

2010/7/21 Richard Henderson <>:
> On 07/21/2010 12:38 PM, Kai Tietz wrote:
>> +if test x"$user_headers_inc_next_pre" = x
>> +then user_headers_inc_next_pre=; fi
>> +
>> +if test x"$user_headers_inc_next_post" = x
>> +then user_headers_inc_next_post=; fi
> ...
>> +# Expand user_headers_inc_next_pre to user_headers_inc_next_pre_list
>> +for file in ${user_headers_inc_next_pre} ; do
>> + ?user_headers_inc_next_pre_list="${user_headers_inc_next_pre_list} ${file}"
>> +done
>> +
>> +# Expand user_headers_inc_next_post to user_headers_inc_next_post_list
>> +for file in ${user_headers_inc_next_post} ; do
>> + ?user_headers_inc_next_post_list="${user_headers_inc_next_post_list} ${file}"
>> +done
> I don't understand the point of these. ?As far as I can tell this
> just assigns the contents of foo to foo_list, but in a complicated
> and confusing way.
> This is unlike the code immediately above that creates extra_headers_list
> which in fact prepends a path to each of the entries in the list.

Thanks for the catch. I had in front a patch with folders and missed
to remove those unnecessary ..._list variables.

2010-07-21  Kai Tietz

	PR target/41943
	(stmp-int-hdrs): Prefix/postfix headers by include_next.
	* config.gcc (user_headers_inc_next_pre): New.
	(user_headers_inc_next_post): Likewise.
	(i[34567]86-*-mingw* | x86_64-*-mingw*): Use
	for float.h post, and for w64 targets stddef.h/stdarg.h pre
	fixing by include_next.
	* (user_headers_inc_next_post): New.
	(user_headers_inc_next_pre): New.
	* configure: Regenerated.

Updated and retested patch attached. Ok for apply?


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