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Re: [Patch, Fortran] More clean-up with try-finally

Tobias Burnus wrote:
Daniel Kraft wrote:
I've marked two points in the patch with an XXX comment:  First, I
created a new global variable in trans-decl that keeps track of the
currently trans'ed procedure's gfc_symbol (instead of its return
label).  I did not find any existing feature to get it, although I may
well image there is one.  Did I miss it?

I think there is not yet such a variable.

Second, in gfc_trans_return, is added to the code after the
exit jump -- maybe I did completely misunderstand something, but to me
this makes no sense (as it will not be executed anyway); I guess that
this just never really mattered.  But I may be wrong -- so can this
line go?  And if so, why can we be sure that needs never be
handled? And if I'm wrong, why?

I think this line can go.

Ok for trunk once I can bootstrap again and there are no regressions?

OK. Thanks for the patch!

Committed as rev. 162373. Removed the comments and line as suggested.

Thanks for the review!

Done:  Arc-Bar-Cav-Ran-Rog-Sam-Tou-Val-Wiz
To go: Hea-Kni-Mon-Pri

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