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Re: [RFA patch i386]: Prepare x64 prologue using positive offsets for frame-pointer

2010/7/4 Kai Tietz <>:
> Hello,
> this patch prepares for x64 SEH, that frame-pointer points at end of
> stack-prologue. This is required for x64, because the SEH unwind
> information can't express negative offsets for stack.
> ChangeLog
> 2010-07-04 ?Kai Tietz
> ? ? ? ?* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_compute_frame_layout): Let frame's
> ? ? ? ?hard_frame_pointer_offset point to end of prologue.
> ? ? ? ?(ix86_expand_prologue): Handle x64 frame-pointer prologue.
> ? ? ? ?(ix86_expand_epilogue): Handle x64 frame-pointer epilogue.
> Tested for i686-pc-cygwin, x86_64-pc-mingw32. Ok for apply?
> Regards,
> Kai

This update patch avoids, that for profiling-built the x64
frame-layout gets used. It would lead to issues, caused by profiling
code, which assumes old stack-frame layout.


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