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Re: Improvements to code hoisting

On 6/16/10 8:38 PM, Richard Guenther wrote:
On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 5:47 PM, Maxim Kuvyrkov<> wrote:
The following series of patches improves code hoisting and PRE RTL-level
optimizations.  The two threads of the patches correspond to
target-independent changes to gcse.c and to changes to ARM backend to make
it emit RTL that is better suited for optimizers.

Motivating examples for this work are ARM PRs
With the patches applied GCC produces perfect code for these examples.
What is the compile-time effect of the cummulative patch on GCSE time?

The compile-time effect on code hoisting is hard to measure reliably, on whole of SPEC2K code hoisting takes 1.3-2.6 seconds. In some cases compile time goes up on others it goes down. Generally, it seems that the patches make GCC a tiny bit faster, about 0.2%. I attribute this speedup to cleaning up VBEout sets.

There is no effect on PRE and other GCSE passes as the patches don't change anything for those.

As to the size reduction, the results are:

ARM non-PIC: -0.2%
ARM     PIC: -0.8%

x86 non-PIC: -0.0%
x86     PIC: -0.1%

x64 non-PIC: -0.1%
x64     PIC: -0.2%

The flags used are "-Os -fno-common {-m32/m64}" for x86[_64] and "-Os -fno-common -mthumb -march={armv5te/armv7-a}" for ARM.

The code size metric is geomean across all object files in SPEC2K.


Maxim Kuvyrkov
(650) 331-3385 x724

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