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Re: [build, doc, v3] Support Sun symbol versioning in libstdc++-v3, rev. 2

Paolo Bonzini <> writes:

>> Ok. ÂPerhaps it would be helpful to have a new toplevel directory for
>> stuff like this? Â I think aux is what several other projects use.
> build-aux usually.  But I won't have time to do that, so unless there's
> a volunteer I doubt it's a good idea to start a new directory for a single
> file.

Ok, incomplete transitions and such :-)  I may give it a try when I've
got some spare time.

> Pick your poison between toplevel and contrib. :)

I'll keep it in contrib for now, so there's no need to re-test.

> libtool m4 files should go in config (this is not so simple
> unfortunately because it will cause some projects to pick
> up config/override.m4 even though they're not using it
> yet; newlib especially).  Everything else is indeed good
> for build-aux.

I will keep that in mind if/when I get to this.

I don't think I need approval for the actual file, since
it's only used on Solaris.  So unless there are comments, I'll wait for
libstdc++-v3 approval.


Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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