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Re: [PING, V850] Add support for V850E2 and V850E2V3

Hi Naveen,

Please consider this mail as a reminder to review the patch posted at
the following link:-

Sorry for taking so long to review this patch.

I had some problems with it however, and I do not think that it is ready for inclusion into the sources yet. In particular I found that:

* The v850e-elf target would not build.

    I think that you are missing a definition of "extra_modes" in the
    config.gcc file.

* No v850 executable would link.

There was always a complaint about a missing library: "-lsim".

* The patch introduces about 50 new unexpected failures into the gcc testsuite.

Here are a few of the tests that fail:


* The patch removes the v850ea target.

I see no particularly good reason for this.

* The patch removes perfectly good comments for no reason.

     Eg. In the comment describing the
     call_address_operand predicate is deleted.


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