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Re: [gimple] assignments to volatile


On Mon, 21 Jun 2010, Richard Guenther wrote:

> > I've come across inconsistent and surprising behaviour when assigning 
> > to volatile lvalues.
> >
> > Sometimes we re-read the assigned-to object, and sometimes we do not. ÂFor
> > instance,
> > Â return vobj = data;
> > will cause a reread of vobj, IF data is not a constant.

I'd consider the latter condition a bug.  I.e. the rereading must happen 
in every case.  It must happen because in C the value of "lhs = rhs" is 
that of reading 'lhs' ("An assignment expression has the value of the left 
operand after the assignment, but is not an lvalue." 6.5.16), and if lhs 
happens to be volatile than the abstract machine implies two accesses to 
lhs, one write (of the assignment) and one read (to get to the value of 

> > or
> > Âcond ? vobj = data : 0
> > will cause a reread of vobj, even when we don't use the result of the
> > conditional expression -- unless data is a constant, in which case there is
> > no-reread. Â(And confusingly, if you put void casts inside the two
> > conditional sub-expressions, the re-reading goes away, but it doesn't even
> > when you explicitly cast the whole expression to void).
> >
> > In the attached testcase, test_1, test_6 and test_7 have this surprising
> > rereading behaviour.
> >
> > The fault appears to be in gimplify_modify_expr, where we return the LHS as
> > the value, if the caller wants the value. ÂThe attached patch changes that
> > routine when the target lvalue is volatile. ÂIn that case it will create a
> > temporary to hold the RHS value, assign that temporary to the LHS and then
> > return the temporary.

... which implies that I think that this is exactly the wrong solution.


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