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Re: [patch, fortran] Merge fortran-exp into trunk.

Tobias Burnus wrote:
The attached is the big patch of the merge of fortran-exp/gcc/fortran
into trunk/gcc/fortran. I am regression testing now. I need to
consolidate the Change logs and will do so before committing.
Much thanks to Daniel Franke.

OK for trunk if regression testing passes?

OK. Thanks to you and to Daniel F.

31 files changed, 2221 insertions(+), 2609 deletions(-)

What I like is that - additional to other advantages - the number of
lines actually was actually reduced!

Sending fortran/ChangeLog Sending fortran/ Sending fortran/arith.c Sending fortran/arith.h Sending fortran/array.c Sending fortran/check.c Adding fortran/constructor.c Adding fortran/constructor.h Sending fortran/data.c Sending fortran/decl.c Sending fortran/dependency.c Sending fortran/dump-parse-tree.c Sending fortran/expr.c Sending fortran/gfortran.h Sending fortran/io.c Sending fortran/iresolve.c Sending fortran/match.c Sending fortran/matchexp.c Sending fortran/module.c Sending fortran/primary.c Sending fortran/resolve.c Sending fortran/simplify.c Sending fortran/symbol.c Sending fortran/target-memory.c Sending fortran/trans-array.c Sending fortran/trans-array.h Sending fortran/trans-const.c Sending fortran/trans-decl.c Sending fortran/trans-expr.c Sending fortran/trans-intrinsic.c Sending fortran/trans-io.c Sending fortran/trans.h Transmitting file data ................................ Committed revision 158253.



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